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Wonderfully Upcycled: DIY Paint Chip Creations  

When you’re renovating or redecorating your home, paint chips play a big role in the process. You heavily rely on them to choose the right color scheme for your interior, but once the renovation is complete, what are you to do with all the paint chips? The obvious answer is: get crafty! Check out some incredible DIY paint chip creations down below!

1. Paint Chip Wreath 


While everybody is busy making complex winter wreaths, you can quickly whip up this easy paint chip wreath by Style at Home that looks just as stunning! This is the perfect project for anyone who loves colorful handmade decor pieces, but is always running low on time!

2. Framed Paint Chips 


Colors have a very soothing effect and since the paint chips already represent your favorite color palettes, why don’t you frame them and turn them into art? We love the approach CRAFT has taken with this and think it’s a really unique way to repurpose paint chips!

3. Paint Chip Bookmarks


A bookworm can never have too many bookmarks, right? Little Lovelies shares a fun idea how you can use your paint chips to make gorgeous and unique bookmarks that are going to make the reading experience even better! You can also gift some of them to your friends, but make sure the paint chips reflect their favorite color palette!

4. Paint Chip Christmas Garland 


We can’t possibly get enough of Christmas garlands! We want to hang them in every single room of the house, giving the entire living space a proper holiday atmosphere! Did you know that paint chips can be turned into a colorful Christmas garland? A Girl & A Glue Gun shares the details!

5. Paint Chip Ombre Earrings 


Handmade accessories have a very special place in our heart. They are one-of-a-kind, personal and valuable beyond belief, solely because they were made with your time, love and dedication! Minted Strawberry shares a tutorial for gorgeous ombre earrings that you can make from paint chips!

6. Paint Chip Party Invitations 


Planning a party is a lot of work. You need to carefully plan every last detail of the celebration, starting with the invitations. How are you going to let people know that you’re having a party in style? Personally, we’re all hooked on So Festive‘s version of paint chip party invitations!

7. Paint Chip Coasters


Your home is now all painted to your favorite colors, but you still love looking at the paint chips and all of their color tones. There’s something about color palettes that feels so comforting! 645 Workshop will show you how you can hold onto your paint chips by upcycling them into coasters!

8. Paint Chip Christmas Tree


Who needs a traditional Christmas tree when you can make a super modern geometric one using only paint chips? While the traditionalists might be shivering at this idea, the modern folks recognize it as the future of holiday decor! You can find out more about it at We Are Scout.

9. Paint Chip Mobile 


Mobiles are one of the simplest and most beautiful decoration pieces! They are appropriate for any room of the house, but usually perform best in children’s rooms, nurseries or the part of your living room that needs livening up! Kirtsy shares a tutorial for a charming pink paint chip mobile.

10. Paint Chip Chevron Necklace 


Some accessory pieces are totally made to stand out! Their secret usually lies in a unique shape and noticeable coloring. Check out how By Wilma utilized both to create this outstanding necklace! The ombre coloring and chevron pattern make it eye-catching indeed, but its true charm lies in the fact that it’s made from paint chips!

11. Paint Chip Calendar 


One moment you’re living a carefree college life and the next you are running a household with three kids, wondering if it’s even possible to keep up with everyone’s schedules. Life happens! Check in with Lisa Loves John to see how paint chips can help you deal with your organization crisis once and for all!

12. Paint Chip Clock 


If you love going to home decor stores we bet you are familiar with the feeling of finding a decor piece that you really like, but you intuitively know you could give it a big makeover and make it even better! Kojo Designs had a similar thing happen with a plain Ikea clock and in the end, paint chips saved the day!