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Get Party Ready: Cool Hairstyles for Halloween

Whether we’re trying to style our hair to match an outfit or costume, or whether we’re just making the hair the centrepiece of the whole look because we got invited to the party last minute, hairstyling is a huge part of Halloween for us! We think our hair is just another opportunity to get creative during the spookiest month of the year, so we always have our eyes peeled for new styles and ideas that will help us look our best and most unique, in or out of costume.

Just in case you love fun, Halloween inspired hairstyles just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the best inspirational photos and spooky tutorials that we’ve come across this year so far!

1. Harley Quinn pigtails


Harley Quinn costumes have been pretty popular in recent years, and for good reason, but we’re the kind of thorough costume makers that just don’t think an outfit is complete unless the hair is accurate tot he character! That’s why we loved this full dual coloured Harley pigtails tutorial featured step by step on Cute Girls Hairstyles.

2. Pipe cleaner spider and web hair


Perhaps your kids are the kinds of Halloween lovers that wish they could dress up in costumes every single day of Halloween week at school, but you know their teachers won’t appreciate it until the day that everyone comes dressed up? Then perhaps you can circumvent the rules and let the kids have a bit of fun by giving them an awesomely spooky hairstyle instead! Check out how Babes in Hairland made this spider web hair, for example, using braiding skills, pipe cleaners, and plastic beads.

3.  Maleficent hair horns


Have you actually worked very hard indeed on a Maleficent costume and you’re committed to every detail, so you want to go all out in the hair department and as far as her headpiece is concerned? Well, if your hair is very long, then you can actually marry the two concepts and follow this mind blowing hair horns tutorial outlined carefully and clearly on Makeup Artist Nicole Fae!

4. Medusa hair


Just in case you’d rather look like a slightly more glamorous version of the snake-haired legend, here’s a simple tutorial from The Joy of Fashion that shows you how to weave plastic tow snakes into a hairstyle that’s accurate in style for the period! Sure, you could make a headpiece that has bigger snakes like in the story, but sometimes it’s nice to be spooky and classy looking.

5. Braided hair cat ears


Perhaps you actually didn’t have time to pick up or make yourself a set of cat ears for your black cat costume later in the week so now you’re scrambling for alternative ideas? Then we have a feeling you’ll get a huge kick out of the way Gina Michele made some pointy little eats by braiding and pinning their own hair!

6. Unicorn buns


We’ve long been obsessed with unicorns and we’ve been known to break out a unicorn inspired look for parties just about any time of year, but we’re particularly excited about how many people dress as unicorns around Halloween! That’s why we simply couldn’t resist including this fantastic unicorn buns hair idea from Cute Girls Hairstyles on our list.

7. Faux bangs for vintage costumes


Have you been hoping to do something that’s a little more vintage or pinup inspired this Halloween but you’re just not sure you have the style for it because you like to keep your bangs long on a regular day? Well, you’re right that many of the classic vintage styles use short bangs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t temporarily make from! See how it’s done on The Freckled Fox.

8. Spider bun


Were you a huge fan of the idea of making themed pipe cleaner hairstyles for your kids to wear to school during Halloween week but you’re not confident enough in your braiding skills for the web idea we showed you earlier on our list? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Simple As That turned a simple bun into a spider instead! Pin a pom pom with some googly eyes on it into the middle to make the body.

9. Bride of Frankenstein hair


Are you actually going all out this Halloween and intentionally choosing a costume that you know is quite hair heavy in order to get the look right? Well, if that costume happens to be the Bride of Frankenstein, then Iris on YouTube has just the resource you’re looking for. Their tutorial gets you the right shapes and colours without being too hard for the average person.

10. Beehive hair


Would you rather create some kind of hairstyle for your child that’s wacky and impressive enough for Halloween but that’s not spooky, since that’s just not their personality even though they adore wearing costumes? Then we’d suggest trying something like this cute, colour sprayed beehive hair instead! So long as they have enough hair to braid and coil, this tutorial from Martha Stewart will work for you.

11. Troll doll hair


Ever since The Trolls movie came out a few years back, kids everywhere have been wanting to dress as Poppy, but wigs aren’t very comfortable for little kids to wear and styling them into the right colour and shape for that look isn’t easy. That’s why we were so pleased to come across this step by step tutorial from Brit + Co. that shows you how to do it with your child’s actual hair in a way that’s quite easy and won’t leave the hair damaged!

12. Cave woman hair


Would you or your daughter really like to let out their inner wild woman this Halloween by dressing like a prehistoric cave woman? Well, we doubt hairstyles really went in and out of trend back then, but that doesn’t mean you can’t muss yours up a little to look the part! Check out how Cute Girls Hairstyles wrapped their messy half ponytail around a bone for character!

13. Glitter part mermaid hair


Just in case you loved the colours and flitter than went into the unicorn buns but you’d rather leave your hair long and flowing because you’re proud of its length or volume, here’s another sparkly idea that’s a little more fit for a mermaid! Check out how Tasha Leelyn created a glitter part by carefully using hair gel to stick sparkles all along the roots of the hair. The way they catch the light will make you feel magical!

14. DIY cat ear buns


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about how you can make funny little cat ears by styling your own hair, but the braided triangles idea just didn’t appeal to you? Then here’s an alternative for your consideration instead! Check out how Babes in Hairland made little kitty ears by wrapping their hair into tiny pointed buns, one on each side.

15. Mummy wrapped skeleton ponytail


Just in case you’re still in the market for fun, Halloween inspired ideas that can be worn to school without putting your child in full costume, here’s one more from Princess Piggies. They suggest getting a skeleton from the dollar store’s spooky decor section and wrapping the hair around it from neck to ankles so the ponytail becomes almost like a mummy encasing!