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Celebrating Every Occasion: 15 Beautiful DIY Corsages

Pre-planning around this time of year is especially useful and smart to do if you’re a DIY enthusiast like us because, even though it’s definitely more fun and certainly a lot more satisfying, making your own things rather than buying them in store. When we made our own corsages (once for our own high school graduation and a couple times for years when we went as dates), we made sure to give ourselves enough time to try our a few different styles and create a couple different designs so we could make sure we got to wear one we really liked!

Because we were a little bit indecisive about it, however, we ended up saving way more tutorials and design ideas than we needed in the end. That’s why we’ve decided to gather them all up in one place and post them for other people to enjoy and consider, just like we did. Check out these 15 beautiful DIY corsages that will look absolutely stunning on your big day no matter which ones you choose!

1. Pink blossom bunches wrist corsage


Whether you’re the kind of pink lover who plans on dressing in the colour head to toe or you’ve gone with something a little simpler and more neutral and you’re thinking pink might make a great contrast, this adorable pink blossom idea from Flower Moxie will really pop! We really appreciate the way they added a lighter colour bloom for visual balance, letting us see how bright the pretty pink blooms really are.

2. Baby’s breath ribbon wrist corsage


Do you like the idea of adding a little something extra visually for balance but you’re not sure including another colour besides stark white and the natural green leaves that come with your blossoms will look quite right with your dress? In that case, we think your best bet is to add a lovely spray of baby’s breath! We really enjoy the way ChristineMyLinh spread them pretty evenly around the outside like a halo.

3. Rose buds and dried berries with a lace tie


We’re a huge fan of the idea of including roses in your corsage, but we’ve always been partial to the way they look when they’re only half bloomed, rather than being tightly closed blossoms or fully opened layers of petals. That’s what originally drew our eye to this beautiful design from The Bijou Bride. What kept our attention, however, was the fact that it included berries and lace! The pretty black berries bring a lovely natural element into the mix and the beautiful lace adds a bit of decor to the look as well.

4. Lace flower applique and chiffon


Have you actually been hoping to stay away from designs involving real blossoms, whether it’s because you want to make your corsage well in advance and you don’t want it to wilt or simply because you’re allergic to flowers? Well, you could use silk or fabric flowers if you’d prefer, but we actually fell in love with this beautiful flower applique design from Martha Stewart Weddings the moment we saw it! There’s something abstract and stunning about the way they nestled a flat, lacy flower applique into layers of chiffon to create a bouquet effect and also to curve the applique upward a little so it looks like an actual blossom rather than just laying flat.

5. Faux flower bunches


Did we catch your attention when we started talking about silk or faux flowers and you couldn’t help picturing the design possibilities because you know there’s a huge wall of options at the local craft store down the street? Then perhaps you can take some inspiration from the way Lovely, Crafty Home gathered roses together and held them in place by wrapping ribbon around the stems. We love the way it looks where they tied a bow at the top to fasten the ribbon and add a bit of pretty detail!

6. Stunning wrist corsage from simple grocery store flowers


When you got it in your mind that you wanted to make a corsage from real flowers, were you pretty intent on using the expensive kind from the local florist because you want to invest in the details of your look and you firmly believe that no detail is too small? Well, we think that’s a fantastic idea, but we also know that we were very happy to have had a few practice rounds on making our final design before we invested in the expensive things. That’s why we used grocery store flowers, just like Sand and Sisal did here! Their tutorial shows you how to make something beautiful from flowers of any quality.

7. Quick and simple wrist corsage with lovely leaves


Are you actually slightly down to the wire in your timing because your graduation is held much earlier than the average ceremony, so you’re looking for a design that’s a little simpler and quicker to make than some fo the designs we’ve shown you so far? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at how ChristineMyLinh made this adorable, easy wrist corsage! We like that this same design, which lets the pretty green leaves have a prominent place rather than leaving them out, could be made with natural or faux blossoms, depending on which you have the budget or patience to work with.

8. Easy corsage from dollar store flowers and gift ribbon


If you ask us, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using fake flowers to create your corsage. In fact, we’ve actually taken it one step further before and used super affordable foam flowers from the dollar store to make corsages that turned out just as lovely as ones we’ve created with real petals! That’s originally why this design from Tchia Thao caught our eye, but what really made us take a look in more detail was their idea for adding gift ribbon to create lovely loops that sit lightly at your wrist.

9. Pretty corsage in a pin case


Are you intent on making your corsage with real flowers but you’re looking for a way to hold the stems together more easily than the wire and ribbon wrapping techniques that we’ve shown you so far on our list? Then perhaps you’d have an easier time basing your flowers in a simple pin case like the kind that are usually used to make men’s boutonnieres! Riannstar shows you how to use ribbon lopped through the space between the case and the pin to make a type or bracelet that will help you turn that de facto boutonniere into the corsage you’ve been aiming for!

10. Elastic band wrist corsage


Perhaps you’ve already made your corsage out of faux flowers and the wire wrapping wasn’t a challenge at all so you even covered it in green painter’s tape to make it blend, but now you’re looking for a way to keep it on your wrist just a little bit better than a ribbon might allow for? We’ll admit that we made ours with a ribbon as a tie and, because of the slippery texture of the pretty silk ribbons we chose, it loosened up over the night thanks to how heavy the flowers were. That’s why we think this elastic band bracelet idea featured on Confetti Casserole is worth considering!

11. Single blossom and ribbon corsage


Have we really caught your eye with these different blossom and ribbon designs but you’re just not sure that the idea of adding all these extras around the edges and under the layers is quite right for you? In that case, we think perhaps you’d have a better time both making and wearing this single blossom design outlined on The Casual Craftlete! They suggest using a flower so big that it will cover your whole wrist on its own and pairing that with a ribbon in a lovely contrasting colour.

12. Matching DIY corsage and boutonniere


We’ve mentioned boutonnieres a couple times now, but we know we haven’t actually given you an outline of how to make one of those specifically since we said this post would concentrate on corsages. Then we found this combo tutorial, however, and we thought it was the perfect idea! If you want to make only a pretty corsage that features one or two bigger flowers with smaller contrast petals around it then you can totally still use this as a guide, but it gives you the option of making a boutonniere for your date too! Get the full details of both on Everyday Shortcuts.

13. Silk flower and ribbon strip corsage


Just because you’re making a corsage, which is a classic accessory for prom and graduation, doesn’t mean you have to create the kind where the flowers are concentrated primarily on the back of the wrist in one bunch. If you’d rather something a little more unique, we definitely think you should take a look at how Green Wedding Shoes created a horizontal design along a piece of ribbon so that the flowers wrap all the way around your wrist!

14. Fabric flower wrist corsage and pretty gift box


When we started mentioning fabric flowers above, did your mind go somewhere other than the silk or chiffon flowers you can buy at the store? Well, if you started thinking about the kind of fabric flowers that you’ve made yourself before by bunching silk or chiffon together, then we think you’ll really appreciate these DIY fabric corsages outlined on Sparkling Charm! We love that they also teach you how to make an adorable gift box as well, just in case you’re making them for friends or presenting one to your date when you pick them up on the big day.

15. Pretty twisted branch and foam flower bracelet corsage


Have you actually decided to go with a look that’s a little more “Boho chic” for your prom, so you’ve chose a dress, accessories, and a hairstyle that are a little more casual that some people’s but that have a stunning natural beauty about them? In that case, we think perhaps you’d prefer this lovely twisted branch and foam flower design outlined on My Little Secrets! They show you how to make a pretty corsage that fits and wears a little more like a bracelet than a traditional corsage but that’s equally as beautiful.