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For The Love Of Geometry: 9 DIY Triangle Projects

Geometric shapes are very trendy and as such, favored by many! Whether it’s in fashion or home décor, they seem to hold the future. One that is surely standing out is the triangle – it is currently the most popular among geometric shapes and you will see it dominating the social media pictures! Here are just a few ways that you can incorporate some triangles into your house, life and style!

For the love of geometry, check out these 9 DIY triangle projects!

1. Photo Frames


It’s time to ditch the ordinary photo frames and upgrade to triangle ones! Not only do they add a touch of dynamic to the room, they get to hold your favorite captured memories and make them stand out! Hello Happy Studio even added some neon to them and the end result is stunning!

2. Succulent Holders

VIEW IN GALLERYsucculent holders

Make those plants stand out! Regular plant holders can be very basic, but if your household décor is really charismatic, you’ll want something different. These triangle succulent holders are quite fabulous and you can make them yourself by visiting I Spy Diy!

3. Triangle Bookends


In order to have a really good book display, one that you can literally set up anywhere, you need quality bookends! These wooden triangle bookends are sleek and neat, making you the king-or-queen of book displays! If you like them, visit Make And Tell for the details!

4. Wooden Shelves

VIEW IN GALLERYtriangle shelves

Not only do these look super epic, they are also far more useful than the typical flat shelves! You can really store an abundance of things onto them! They would look like an epic wall art just by itself, but their usefulness makes them a must have item! Happy Looks Good On You has the tutorial!

5. Leather Pouch

VIEW IN GALLERYfaux leather

This leather pouch is incredibly convenient, because it’s so small it really gets to come everywhere with you! It’s perfect for storing little items you’re always afraid of losing and it adds a triangle touch to your daily life! Use faux leather to make it animal friendly, just like Almost Makes Perfect did!

6. Necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYtriangle necklace

Ready to meet your new companion? Seriously, you won’t be able to part from this one! It is simple to make and you can have so much fun with picking out the colors. You can choose some really bright ones or follow Sincerely Kinsey’s lead and opt for subtler ones. Either way, it’s an eye catcher!

7. Clay Necklace Hooks


Speaking of necklaces, have you thought of where you will store them? This idea by I Spy DIY is a great way to incorporate the triangles into your necklace organization! Anyone who has a thing for black and white things will totally want to get their hands on these!

8. Triangle Mobile


The more triangles, the better! This one will take some time, but once it’s done it will be a cherry on top of any room you place it in! Mobiles aren’t just for babies anymore; adults can happily enjoy them too! Find all the instructions you need at Bless’er House.

9. Wall Art

VIEW IN GALLERYTriangle wall art

Wall art deserves all the appreciation! It breathes life into the room and sets its energy. If you’re ready for some trendy, modern wall art, this project by Made In A Day is so worth checking out! Turn your living space into a little modern gallery and never look back!

How are you including geometric shapes into your style and home? Share it with us in the comments!