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Colorful and Playful: 15 Fun Bandana Crafts to Brighten Your Day

We’ve always used bandanas for all kinds of costume and crafting things, so we often find that we have a surplus of them lying around. Even if we don’t, we know they’re always just a short walk away at our dollar store or local crafting depot. This is convenient, because we absolutely love the way they look. Bandanas are versatile enough to be incorporated into all kinds of styles, from country to modern. They’re also useful for everything from decor to personal style projects, making them one of our favourite things to get creative with.

Check out these 15 awesome DIY bandana crafts that are sure to brighten up your day!

1. Bandana party bunting


Are you throwing the first big spring barbecue of the year and, even though you don’t really have a theme, you’re looking for some DIY decor that will actually suit the setting in your cute country backyard? Then bandanas are the perfect decor tool for you! Check out how Crafts Unleashed created this adorably colourful party bunting to hang all across their fence. We love the way they used simple pom pom trim to give the top some fancy detail.

2. Kids’ bandana skirt


Are you the kind of mom that just can’t help the urge to sew innumerable adorable outfits for your kids, particularly if they’re made out of unconventional supplies? Then we have a feeling you’ll appreciate this adorable bandana skirt from V and Co. more than a little bit! An elastic top makes it easy for your kids to get the skirt on and off, but it’s also surprisingly easy for you to make as well. We love the way they added a gingham hem along the bottom!

3. Bandana tote bags


Are you always on the lookout for new tote bag designs because you’re constantly finding yourself in need to extra bags? We find this too, but we firmly believe that if we’re going to carry extra things, we might as well make them cute and use them as an excuse for more crafting! That’s why we loved this cute bandana tote bag concept from Very Irie so much! We can’t get over how cute the ring handles are.

4. Apple pie bandana wrap


Are you an avid baker with a taste for simple aesthetic things that have a traditional country or vintage flair? Then it’s definitely high time that you learn to wrap your pies for carrying the old fashioned way; in a bandana! Two Shades of Pink shows you how to wrap it snugly and securely no matter what colour bandana you use.

5. Girl’s bandana dress


Did you love the idea of sewing your kids bandana clothing but they have quite enough skirts for now and you’d prefer to make them something else? Then check out this adorable dress design from Momtastic! Things like straps might look intimidating, but we think you’ll find this tutorial surprisingly easy, just like we did.

6. Bandana door wreath


Door wreaths are certainly common around the holidays, but we find that we actually like the designs most when we make them in all kinds of designs all year round! That’s why we’re always on the lookout for unconventional wreaths made from just about anything we can get our hands on. Bandanas are no exception! Check out how Girl in The Garage made this cute bandana door wreath using a simple wrap and loop technique around a crafting hoop.

7. Bandana bowl covers


Did you love the bandana apple pie wrap idea so much that now you’re tempted to cover all of the food you make in bandanas while you transport it from luncheons and dinner parties? Well, Sadie Seasongoods is here to show you how to make that totally possible! Check how how they added elastic thread to the edge of bandanas cut in a circle to make these snug little bowl covers that won’t slip off when you move your dish.

8. Bandana napkins


Making your very own homemade napkins is on the of the best ways to reuse fabric scraps and make sure your material ends don’t go to waste. Sometimes, however, we like to make DIY napkins that actually match as a set, which isn’t always a possibility when you’re using small scraps. That’s where bandanas make great material! Two Shades of Pink shows you how to make napkins that are absolutely perfect for a cute springtime picnic, and that also make a great beginning project for brand new sewing enthusiasts.

9. No-sew bandana and denim patch tablecloth


Have you been chomping at the bit to try your hand at quilting, but you’re fairly new to the game and therefore hesitant to use expensive fabrics and very nice materials, just in case? Well, cheap bandanas and old denim scraps from upcycled clothes are an awesome way to start without much cost! Besides being affordable and great for beginners, this easily sewn patch tablecloth from Instructables is also completely adorable and great for throwing down-home style picnics or parties.

10. Bandana apron


Here’s another sewing project that’s great for beginners but cute enough that we’d probably sew one for ourselves at any level of experience! Crafts by Cori guides you through the process of creating a cute little DIY half apron, complete with useful pockets, from a series of simple bandanas. This project would also make a great gift!

11. Simple no-sew bandana bracelets


Are you very into the idea of crafting with bandanas but your personal style is a little more modern-reclaimed and a little less explicitly country? Then add just a little bit of down-home aesthetic to your otherwise contemporary look by making cute bandana bangles like these ones from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom! Their tutorial shows you how to strip the bandana and use simple fabric wrapping techniques.

12. Bandana camera strap


One of our favourite ways to use bandanas is to add them as a subtle detail to simple things where decor isn’t always expected. This DIY camera strap idea from One Good Thing by Jillee is the perfect example of what we mean! Using a dark coloured bandana keeps the look subtle but jazzes your aesthetic up while you’re shooting just ever so slightly. If you’d rather be more flashy, try using a more brightly coloured bandana instead!

13. Bandana hairband


If you’re anything like us, you learned how to roll a bandana and wrap it around your hair like Rosie the Riveter at an early age. depending on your hair texture and head size, however, that technique doesn’t actually always stay on without a lot of inconvenient pinning, and we definitely fall into the “slips off” category in that regard. That’s why we were so excited to find this adorable bandana hairband tutorial by Shannon Makes Stuff! They show you the steps for putting in a simple elastic at the back to make sure the bandana fits a little better and stays on more effectively.

14. Multi-bandana quilt


Did you like the idea we talked about above of quilting with bandanas but you’re not sure you really need a table cloth right now, even if it’s good practice and an easy project? Then check out this bandana quilted blanket alternative instead! Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom guides you through the process of creating a small blanket that’s perfect for picnics, laying under Baby during tummy time, or throwing over the back of your couch for a bit of a country decor touch.

15. Bandana wall art


Perhaps you love the paisley patterns that bandanas are covered in and you can’t get enough of the wide range of colours they come in, but you’re really rather avoid projects that involve sewing? Then use them to create simple but eye catching wall art instead! Blitsy Crafts suggests buying embroidery hoops in all different sizes and stretching coloured bandanas through them the way you would with embroidery or cross stitching cloth. Trim the edges and hang them up however you please!