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Live Like Royalty With These DIY Serving Trays

Why not treat yourself and your guests like the royalty that you are? Eat like the kings and the queens; serve the food on trays! They are chic, useful and make us feel like we’re living a glamorous life. Whether our significant other surprises us with breakfast in bed or we surprise our guests when they come for a house visit – a tray says that we care; We care about the presentation and we care about the person we’re serving!

Here are some lovely, chic and totally unique DIY trays that everyone will fall in love with!

Farmhouse Tray


Let’s start with the simplest idea! Sometimes it’s the simplicity and minimalism that make the biggest impact. All you need for this classic farmhouse tray is a big cutting board and some door handles! We couldn’t believe it’s this simple either, but Sadie Seasongoods sure had us convinced!

Decorative Mosaic Tray


This tray is definitely one of a kind. When it comes to mosaics, you have a million options; just pick your favorite pattern and you’re all set! It is also a nice way to bring some color into your living space and make it look livelier. See how Reality Daydream made it happen!

Industrial Tray


This wooden tray with industrial pipe-looking handles is perfect if you like rustic things but also like to keep up with the latest trends. Industrial pipes are becoming a very popular decoration, so it’s about time you try them out! Find the tutorial at How To Nest For Less!

Picture Frame Tray


If you possess an old picture frame and have no idea what to do with it – how about a tray?! You can upcycle it in just a few short minutes and get it to serve a new purpose, quite literally. The end result looks chic, modern and most of all, totally new! You can send your thank you notes to the Place of my Taste.

Marble Tray


Whenever you’re looking for something elegant and sophisticated, marble is always there for you. A marble tray is a décor element in and of itself, but you can also put it to a good use! We’re in love with this idea by The House Of Wood!

Confetti Tray


Don’t let the everyday routine get the best of you. Remind yourself that life itself is a celebration! With this DIY confetti tray (that looks like it just escaped from a parade) you will always have a reason for celebrating! Delineate Your Dwelling has the instructions!

Bathtub Tray


Three words: relax in style! Don’t be afraid of your book falling into the water or your hair catching on fire because the candles are right behind your head. With this simple bathtub tray you will finally be able to relax properly and have all of your bathtub essentials right at your reach! Find the details at Ella Claire.

Watermelon Tray


It’s safe to say that watermelon is the food of gods. Serve it up on this matching tray on hot summer days and use it as a regular (but incredibly fun and mouthwatering) serving tray in all the other seasons! Visit Oh So Beautiful Paper to see how you can make your own!

Rustic Tray


This rustic tray will fool everyone! It looks like it came straight out of an antique store! We love projects that look incredibly authentic, so much so that you can’t even tell they’re DIY. See how Simply Designing made it look so genuine!

Wood Slice Tray


Everyone deserves a breakfast in bed, every now and again. Whether you’ll surprise your loved ones with it or just make it for yourself, with this tray you can also add a cute, personalized message for special occasions! Not only will it look good, it will also hold an extra amount of love! You can find the how-to at Project Nursery.

We hope these ideas served you well and you’re all equipped now to live and eat like royalty!