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10 Must-Have DIY Beauty Products with Aloe 

Homemade beauty products are one of our favorite things to use in our daily beauty routine. The liberty of mixing together your favorite natural ingredients and creating your very own products is something we should celebrate more often. One of the very popular ingredients that people use when making most important beauty products is definitely aloe vera, for all its amazing benefits. Jump onto the bandwagon and check out these 10 DIY aloe beauty products! 

1. Aloe Green Tea Face Scrub 


Taking care of our face should be the number one priority of every morning and evening routine. The skin on our face is so sensitive and always affected by the changes in the weather that we must give it some extra care. Sweet Simple Living has a great recipe for a green tea face scrub with magical aloe!

2. Aloe Acne Gel 


Having acne can really affect one’s self-esteem and it’s an indication that the skin needs a little bit of special treatment. If you have already spent so much money on anti-acne serums and nothing seems to help, give Alluring Soul‘s aloe acne gel a try!

3. Rose Aloe Vera Toner 


Rose is becoming a very popular ingredient in many beauty products lately and if you’ve been meaning to try how it affects your skin, the Womanatics has a fantastic recipe for a rose toner that you’ll definitely fall in love with. It’s also full of aloe vera and therefore even more powerful!

4. Aloe Vera Shaving Cream 


Are you tired of store-bought shaving creams that are full of chemicals and only irritate your sensitive skin? Go to Zero Waste Nerd to get the recipe for a homemade aloe-based shaving cream that is completely natural and doesn’t require more than three ingredients!

5. Aloe Hand Lotion 


If you religiously keep a hand cream in your purse at all times, you know how annoying dry hands can be! Just like the skin on our face and body, the hands need moisturizing too – perhaps even more so, given that they’re always exposed and being used! Check in with Lia Griffith for an aloe hand lotion how-to.

6. Aloe Mint Body Lotion 


The number one thing that usually draws us to a certain beauty product is the scent. If we think it smells nice we’ll be more likely to buy it. With a little help from Get Inspired Everyday you can make aloe body lotion that has the refreshing scent of mint!

7. Aloe Beeswax Lotion 


Combine the benefits of beeswax and aloe to make Jenni Raincloud‘s DIY lotion! It’s going to become one of those products you’ll always want to have in stock and once your closest friends see how soft your skin is, they’ll want to make a couple of jars for themselves too!

8. Aloe Vera Soothing Cubes 


Your ice cube tray can have many different uses and one of them is the creation of these skin soothing cubes by Soap Queen! They are full of aloe vera and lavender, giving your skin the necessary special treatment alongside the rejuvenating feeling caused by the coldness of the cubes.

9. Aloe Hand Sanitizer 


Colder months always indicate that a season of germs and viruses is coming. It really pays off to have a good hand sanitizer always with you, both at home and when you’re out and about. Craft Your Happiness will show you how to make your very own homemade line of aloe hand sanitizer!

10. Aloe Vera Deodorant 


Deodorant is something we use every single day and if we’re using one that is full of chemicals, our skin tends to absorb so much of it. Why don’t you try making a DIY deodorant instead? Farm Girl Inspirations shares a great idea for an aloe vera roll-on deodorant!