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Customize Your Ride: DIY Mirror Charms for Your Car

Getting a new car is an exciting experience. As time goes on, car manufacturers release more and more ways to customize your vehicle when you purchase it. This is exciting as well (and a whole lot of fun) but, being the DIY enthusiasts that we are, we always find ourselves wanting to add even more personality to our rides. In fact, we find ourselves tempted to decorate our older cars as well! After well, you spend a lot of time in your car, so you might as well feel at home there and have it represent you, right?

One of our favourite ways to customize our cars is with rear view mirror charms. You can buy some pretty cute charms in stores and online, but why not try making your own first? Check out these 15 adorable DIY car charm ideas that we can’t wait to try ourselves!

1. Bohemian mirror charms


Are you all about the “Boho chic” aesthetic lately? We’ve been pretty obsessed with it as well! The more feathers and natural looking gem stones involved, the better. Craft, Paper, Scissors shows you how they made a few different styles of Bohemian looking charms that catch the sun in a perfectly relaxing way as you cruise down the street.

2. Hemp friendship bracelet danglers


Do you remember making friendship bracelets as a kid? We used to spend hours and hours every summer tying, knotting, and weaving bracelets and anklets from coloured embroidery floss and natural hemp, just like these ones from Deviant Art are made out of. Add some beads and hand a string (or a few of them) from your mirror for another sort of Bohemian alternative charm.

3. Beads and seashells


Have you always loved going to the seaside more than just about any other place? Then why not make yourself a car charm that makes you feel like you’re always headed to the beach, even if you’re just driving to work? BubblgegumGraffiti suggests usung colourful crafting cord, beads, gem stones, and seashells to really transform your car (or at least the rear view mirror) into a seaside haven.

4. Feathered and beaded dream catchers


Have you always been intrigued by the concept of dream catchers taking negative thoughts away so that you’re left with nothing but positive feelings and inspirational dreams? Perhaps they’re even part of your family heritage and you’d like to display that proudly? Then check out how DeiDreamCatchers made this simple, adorably small dream catcher that will look darling hanging from your mirror.

5. Stones and fringe


Perhaps fringe and tassels are more your style because they give some texture and glamour and look awesome swaying and moving? Then think how neat they’ll look as you drive! We love the way ZenDeLux combined purple tassels with an eye catching gem stone to really take things to the next level in the glamour department.

6. Sea glass charms


Perhaps your favourite kind of art, embellishment, or decor is one that repurposes simple things in a beautiful way? Our trash to treasure tool is sea glass because it’s so interesting to see how jagged shards can become so soft and pretty over time. Zibbet shows you how to make a rear view mirror charm full of lovely sea glass that will catch the light and cast pretty colours.

7. Turquoise and peacock feathers


Perhaps you’re still stuck on the idea of Bohemian chic charms but you just haven’t found the one that quite does it for you yet? Well, here’s another gorgeous alternative! Check out how TheBadaBling created a pretty and natural looking charm using strips of jewelry leather, turquoise beads, and breathtakingly pretty peacock feathers that ruffle lightly in the wind when you open your windows.

8. Mirror cover with a bow


Are you a sewing enthusiast who would love to put your skills to work in making yourself some custom car decor? Then check out this funny little mirror cover design by BeauFleurs and use it as inspiration to make a simple cover of your own! We think the bow is an adorable idea and we can’t wait to get creative with patterns and colours when we sit down to make our own versions.

9. Needle felted bumblebee charms


It’s amazing the number of different DIY skills you can put to good use while making yourself new car decor! Even needle felters can get in on the game. FelThink shows you how to felt these adorable little bumblebees and it’s very simple to add a string to the top so they can “fly” underneath your rear view mirror as your drive to work and home again.

10. Flower and pearl charms


Maybe you’re looking for a something a little more glamorous, with perhaps a touch of old vintage class? Then follow in Carsoda‘s footsteps and put your crafting stash of pearl beads, delicate jewelry chain, and silk or material flowers to good use! We love this idea because you can make the design as understated or eye catching as you please.

11. Leather and feathers


Maybe you love the natural, feathery, and Bohemian idea we’ve been talking about all throughout this post, but the other designs we showed you were a little too much for your simple, understated personal style? Then keep things minimalist but still harness the aesthetic you enjoy most! Limmsandneedles suggests wrapping a few naturally coloured feathers with leather thong and fastening them in place with a single wooden bead; nice and easy.

12. Miniature macrame plant hanger


Is your favourite thing about your apartment or home the lovely array of plants and indoor greenery you’ve built yourself? Then consider extending that even further into your car as well! That is, after all, part of your personal space, right? We love the way TheVintageLoop potted a tiny, resilient succulent and wrapped the pot in delicate macrame to add a little zen to the rear view mirror.

13. Purler beaded charms


Perhaps you’ve been reading this post hoping for a fun, simple option that your kids can help you make and enjoy in the car as well? Then classic perler beads are definitely your answer! There’s no limit to the shapes, characters, and designs you can create with these awesome little plastic beads, and Imgrum is just one place where you can seek a little bit of inspiration and guidance in that department.