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Unique and Refreshing Bath: Awesome DIY Shower Curtains!

When it comes to home decor, we’re the kind of over enthusiastic DIY lovers who will make just about anything ourselves, no matter how simple, even when we know we could buy the same thing in stores to save time. That’s how we fell down an Internet black hole of DIY shower curtain tutorials! We’re happy to report that there are plenty of awesome instructions and totally unique ideas out there that will help you jazz up your bathroom in a really fun way.

Just in case you’re as weirdly intrigued by the idea of making your very own shower curtain as we were, here are 15 awesome designs, ideas, and tutorials to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Macrame shower curtain


Have your primary DIY and crafting skills always lied in things like knitting, bracelet making, and weaving? Well, despite the fact that those skills might not sound like something that will help you make a shower curtain, we’re here to tell you that they actually are! This awesome macrame shower curtain outlined clearly and concisely on A Beautiful Mess is the perfect example of what we mean.

2. Vintage bed sheet shower curtain


If you’re going to go to the trouble of making a home ware of some kind from scratch, would you prefer to make it from upcycled goods so that you’re also benefitting you’re home elsewhere? We think that’s basically the best idea ever, which is why we actually did make ourselves a version of this awesome vintage bed sheet curtain featured on Hometalk! Ours is actually floral and looks straight out of the 1970s just like theirs and we couldn’t love it more.

3. DIY multi-patterned ruffle shower curtain


Perhaps you’re a sewing enthusiast with a huge collection of fabric, meaning you’re always looking for unique and useful ways to use up your scraps pile? Well, we’ve long known that adding ruffles to anything is a great way to use strange lengths of patterned fabric, even when they don’t match each other, but we’d never thought to do it on a shower curtain before! That’s why we were so glad to come across this adorable ruffly DIY shower curtain tutorial from Spoonful of Imagination

4. DIY grain sack inspired shower curtain


Have you been carefully cultivating a vintage and rustic inspired sort of chic throughout your house for the last few years and you’re feeling quite content with it but now you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to smaller details in certain rooms, like the shower curtain? Then we have a feeling you might appreciate this vintage grain sack curtain idea outlined step by step on The Graphics Fairy!

5. Pretty ombre shower curtain


Do you actually have a perfectly good store bought shower curtain already that you don’t feel the need to replace entirely because it’s working just fine but it’s too plain for you because it’s just white? Then maybe reaching for the fabric dyes if the best idea for you! We can’t get over how gorgeous (and simple) this hand dyed ombre shower curtain idea from DIY Network is. They show you how to dip dye the curtain so that the colour saturates the darkest at the bottom and lightens towards the top to get that true ombre colour change effect.

6. Dip-dyed quote shower curtain


Did we really catch your attention with the dip dyed ombre design we showed you above but your personal tastes, even when it comes to home decor, are actually a little on the wild side, so you can’t help but wonder if even that idea just needs a little something more? Then we’ve found the perfect tutorial for you! A Beautiful Mess guides you through the process of dip dying your plain white shower curtain but then also applying a quote of your choice for complete customizability.

7. Custom stenciled shower curtain


Have you always loved the aesthetic of those all-over printed full pattern shower curtains that are often found in homes that have a very mod decor scheme but you’ve just never found one in stores that has the precise colour or pattern that you’re looking for? Then why not make one of your very own? We love the way Jenna Burger created a custom stencil with a pattern of their choosing and then outlined how they created a neat, solid repeat of that shape all across the curtain using a paint colour that worked for their decor scheme.

8. No-sew striped shower curtain using drapery panels


Do you have a beautifully redone bathroom that you designed yourself to be very unique, rather than looking like every other cookie cutter bathroom on the street? Well, that’s an absolutely stunning thing to have, but we know many people who have trouble finding simple things like curtains in the right size from stores because of how they changed the proportions of things to fit their tastes. That’s why it’s so neat to learn how to make your own things! HGTV, for example, has a whole tutorial that teaches you how to make a longer-than-usual shower curtain from the panels of window drapes. We love the colour blocking effect of the stripes!

9. Loose polka dots shower curtain


We’re sure you can already tell by now that we love the look of a shower curtain that has a lot of visual texture, but have you ever thought of making one that has actual texture as well, just to amp things up a little bit? Then we have a feeling you’ll be very intrigued by this loose polka dots idea from DIY Kraken! They show you how to attach columns of brightly coloured polka dots by just sewing down the middles of the circles, leaving the edges to move freely in the hustle and bustle of the day.

10. Pop art sticker plastic shower curtain


Pop art is something we’ve always loved, even though we don’t have very large elements of it in our home right now. It’s the kind of thing we like to splash here and there like an accent detail, which is probably why the idea of making a simple pop art inspired shower curtain caught our eyes so well! The bathroom is the perfect place to add quirky pieces that you might not necessarily think would be fitting in, say, the family room. Check out how A Beautiful Mess made it happen using a clear plastic curtain and some monochrome fruit stickers.

11. Beaded outer shower curtain


Are you the kind of person who prefers cleaning the bathroom a lot more when there’s no soft fabric or material shower curtain involved because getting those wet and waiting for them to dry can be such a hassle? Well, just because you’d rather keep just a plastic curtain doesn’t have to mean that you have to settle for something very plain. Try jazzing up the outer side of your shower a little bit by adding a plastic beaded curtain, just like Kishani Perera did here.

12. Stretched shower curtain canvas art


Okay, we know we said this post was going to be how to make a shower curtain, and technically this particular tutorial actually outlines how to make something out of a shower curtain, but it’s so awesome looking when it’s finished that we don’t think you’ll blame us for including it! Check out how House of Jade Interiors stretched this awesome graphic printed shower curtain out over a large canvas to create some unique, eye catching all art in surprisingly few (and awesome simple) steps.

13. Colourful tassels shower curtain


Are you the kind of person who’s personal style is actually a little more subtle but you’re still a big fan of colour in the details? In that case, why not consider adding just a few small pops of colour in your bathroom instead of large statement pieces? We love the way Breezy Cheetah Pop did just that by making several little tassels (you could use yarn, embroidery thread, or whatever you have available) and sewing them in simple staggered rows along the top half of their otherwise plain white shower curtain.

14. Chevron stripe shower curtain


Were you feeling pretty enamoured after all with the idea of bold colours alternating with white in an awesomely graphic repeating pattern but you’re just not sure that an intricate stencil is the idea for you? Then perhaps you’ve prefer a simple chunky shape pattern instead! We’ve always been big appreciators of chevron so it’ll come as no surprise to you that we included this awesome chunky alternating chevrons idea from Tasha Wiginton on our list. You could even do each chevron stripe in another colour if you really wanted to get extra bold about it!

15. DIY flower pouf shower curtain


Perhaps you’re still thinking about how cool the textured curtain idea was that we talked about a little higher on our list but you’re more of a flouncy personality when it comes to home decor so you’ve been scrolling through hoping to find a similar but alternative idea? Then we think this flouncy florals idea outlined step by step on Stir By Still might be a little more up your alley!