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Awesome Home Office DIY Projects Maximize Productivity and Comfort

If you’ve been to our site before, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of what we write about are things we’ve actually made and tried in real life, which makes it sound like we do a lot of crafting. It would follow, then, that we have a lot of spare time on our hands. In reality, however, our ability to make the things we write about results from great time management skills because we work from home! On days that we’re very productive in our writing in the morning, for example, we’re left with more time for crafting at night because the only commute we have to make is the one from the home office on the top floor to the crafting studio in the basement.

Imagine how exciting it was for us, then, when we realized just how useful our DIY skills can be for enabling us to be even more productive during our home office hours! There are plenty of ways that any crafting enthusiast can build themselves their very own fantastic home office for actual business or even just the running of household affairs. Check out these DIY office projects that will transform your spare room into a perfect work space (or even spruce up your actual office if you do work elsewhere).

1. Hanging note pad branch


Do you find that you get weary of being indoors on long days when you’re stuck inside working all day? Would you rather be outside in the sunshine enjoying nature? Well, we can certainly related to you there and we’re no stranger to midday walks around lunch, but some days we just can’t spare the time. To compromise, we decided to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside! You might find it sufficient to do this with houseplants, but we’re not the best at taking care of those effectively, so instead, we built a tree branch notepad that’s both decorative and functional. See how it’s made on Design Sponge!

2. Painted cork mouse pad


Many people have switched to using Apple style magic pads or simply the finger pad on their laptop, but when we’re working at the computer desk for many hours at a time, we find that it’s most comfortable to use an actual computer mouse. Believe it or not, even with modern laser mouses, your technology will stay cleaner and work faster if you put it on a mousepad rather than just setting it on and moving it around the top of your desk. A Bubbly Life suggests making your own fun mousepad design from painted cork board!

3. Chalkboard calendar


If there’s one thing we absolutely must have in our home office to refer back to at all times, it’s a calendar Because out appointments and deadlines shift around so often, however, having a customizable erase calendar is way more effective for us than a paper one. Naturally, we prefer this adjustable DIY framed chalkboard design to anything store bought because we can make it look as creative as we please, just like Stamp camp did here.

4. Reupholstered desk chair


Are you the kind of person who really loves getting true use out of things, meaning you’ll keep them long after they’ve started to look a little worn as long as they’re still in good working order? We can certainly related to you there! That’s why we loved this easy reupholstered desk chair idea from Simply Living Our Life. Besides the fact that it improves how the chair looks, it’s a great opportunity to make your working room look a little more exciting, which will keep you feeling awake and motivated while you work.

5. chalkboard paper weights


Does the nature of your work involve stacks of incoming and outgoing mail or papers of some kind and you’re always worried that they’ll get scattered or ruffled as your family comes in and out, since you do work from home? Then paper weights are definitely a useful thing for you to keep around! Why have plain old boring paper weights, though, when you can follow Assemble‘s lead and make fun customizable chalkboard ones instead? Then you can label your piles instead of guessing where you put things!

6. Cross stitch organizers


Whether you’re organizing mail, stationery, cards, photos, or supplies for your handcrafted wares business, small wire desktop organizers are a useful thing to have around to keep your space uncluttered and ready to work at. Just because they come quite plain looking from the store, however, doesn’t mean they need to stay that way! Check out how Camille Styles used embroidery floss to add some personality and flair to their wire organizers using the same needlepoint techniques you’d use in cross stitching!

7. Painted embroidery ring cork boards


Speaking of needlepoint and cross stitching, check out these adorable rounded cork boards made with cut pieces of cork and embroidery hoops in different sizes! We love the way Paint Me Plaid painted bright colour blocking shapes at geometric angles across the boards and hoops to keep things lively, even if the things you’re tacking up aren’t the most exciting.

8. Bright mini home office in a closet


Perhaps you’re reading this and thinking about all the things you’d like to make for your own home office some day, but you don’t actually have one yet because your home is very small and you’re concerned about space? Well, then perhaps you’d be more interested in seeing a tutorial that actually teaches you how to make an entire home office in a space efficient way- inside a closet! Design Sponge shows you how they did theirs and also shows you how fun and bright you can make the room because the space is small and you can always close the door to stop a clashing of aesthetics when you have visitors.

 9. DIY patterned desk pad


When you’re working form home, do you do a lot of note taking and writing on your desktop but you’re always a little concerned that your pen will go through onto the nice wooden top of your old antique desk? Then a desktop pad is definitely what you need! Instead of buying one from the store that’s produced en masse, however, we suggest making your how so it can be whatever pattern or colour you like. See how A Little Tipsy made this one!

10. Decorated tin can caddy


Perhaps your version of “working from home” is a little bit more hands on because you’re an artist who works with your hands and tools of many different kinds? Then keep your office and studio space organized with a simple tool caddy! We love the way Cynthia Shaffer created this caddy for paintbrushes, pens, or whatever you please from upcycled and decorated tin cans.

11. Gemstone shaped push pins


Have you been a huge fan of all the organizational cork board ideas you’ve seen here so far and you’re all set to make some, but you can’t help but think about how boring your regular old store bought thumb tacks are going to look up there on your excitingly decorated cork design? Then take a leaf out of Design Sponge‘s book and make yourself some decorative push pins to match! We simply adore the ones in the picture that are designed to look like different gemstones.

12. Washi tape magazine organizer


Washi tape is already a useful thing to have around your home for both practical and decorative reasons, but there are some especially useful ways to put it to use in a home office. We love the way Washi Tape Crafts spiffed up some simple, plain magazine organizers that you can use to hold all kinds of things.

13. Resin flower tacks


Do you love the idea of making your own customizable tacks for your cork boards because you have many reminders and inspiration pieces to hang over your work, but you’d rather have something cute and pretty instead of the more modern looking gemstones? Then get out the resin and your favourite mould and see how Stars & Sunshine made their own little blue flowers!

14. Wood and scrap letter paper organizers


Perhaps you’ve been browsing this list in hopes of finding a project that lets you get a little more handy with your DIY skills before you sit down to write reports for the day? Then check out this wood and leather design that will help you get organized when you’re all finished! We love the more natural, almost rustic chic look it provides. See the whole concept in more detail on Design Sponge.