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13 Great Hair Bow Pictures That Will Inspire Your Own Hairstyles

For a number of years now, hair bows have been trendy for whimsical, playful looks. As time goes on, however, variations on the trend have popped up and we’ve loved each one as much as the original! Regular hair bows are cute too, of course, but there’s something so novel about making the bow out of the hair as part of the style itself.

Check out these 15 creative ways to wear hair bows, each ones as cute as the last!

1. High up hair bow

VIEW IN GALLERYHigh up hair bow

Howcast reminds you how cute the classic, simple hair bow is, but makes it even perkier by placing it as high as possible on the crown of the head so it really grabs peoples’ attention!

2. Hair bow with a hair band

VIEW IN GALLERYHair bow with a hair band

A Beautiful Mess adds an extra layer of whimsy to an already fun look by pairing a hair bow with a pretty little hair band. Whether yours features flowers like this one, little rhinestones, or something else, the two creative a complement.

3. half up, half down hair bow

VIEW IN GALLERYhalf up, half down hair bow

Perhaps you’re going for a more relaxed look than pulling all your hair back into one place? Creating a hair bow with half the hair but leaving the rest hanging down appears a little more relaxed. Check out how it’s done on Craft Hubs.

4. Hair bow with curled ends

VIEW IN GALLERYHair bow with curled ends

If you like the half up, half down style but you’re looking for a little more flare, try pulling down to sections to look like the ends of a ribbon. If you really want the look to seem delicate and feminine, curl those ends into little ringlets! Bebexo  shows you how to do it.

5. Hair bow with a low chignon

VIEW IN GALLERYHair bow with a low chignon

A low, smooth bun looks formal and neat, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Adding an equally neat hair bow to the top of the bun makes a chignon a little more fun. See how it’s done on Womenbeauty1.

6. Hair bow and swooping bangs

VIEW IN GALLERYHair bow and swooping bangs style

Bebexo shows you how a hair bow can be made to look even cuter than usual by pairing it with a swooping bang that hangs gently to the side.

7. Hald up hair bow with loose curls

VIEW IN GALLERYHald up hair bow with loose curls

Rather than just leaving your hair to hang loosely below a hair bow, try curling the part you’ve left down to give it a little extra style. We like this style from Hairpedia Club for a look that combines flashy and formal.

8. Low hair bow


Your hair bow doesn’t always have to sit high on your head! Incorporate that style you love in a subtler way by creating it lower on your head but with lots of body instead, like this one from Style Onsite.

9. High side hair bow

VIEW IN GALLERYNeat High side hair bow

This post from Pinterest shows you one super simple way of changing up the average hair bow while still keeping it perky and high up in the hair. Try placing it off to the side or on an angle just to keep things interesting.

10. Upward French braid hair bow

VIEW IN GALLERYUpward French braid hair bow

Brit + Co. reminds you how beautiful it can be to combine braids with other styles! We love the way this French braid leads the way up to a fun, highly placed hair bow for a little extra detail in the style.

11. Fishtail braid with mini hair bows

VIEW IN GALLERYFishtail braid with mini hair bows

Do you love the idea of incorporating braids and hair bows but hope for something a little more unique than a single big bow? Brit + Co. has you covered again! We love how unique these multiple smaller bows look placed along a beautiful fishtail braid.

12. Ponytail with a hair bow

VIEW IN GALLERYPonytail with a hair bow

Perhaps you like combining styles but a braid and a bow in one place is a little too much? Brit + Co. saves the day once again with this little hair bow at the top of a simple ponytail.

13. Smooth hair bow and tight ringlets

VIEW IN GALLERYFashionable smooth hair bow and tight ringlets

If you’re looking to incorporate your favourite hair bow into a formal style for a wedding or your prom, consider pairing it with tight, neat ringlets on the bottom and a super smooth bouffant on the top, just like this style from The Whoot.