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13 Adorable DIY Pin Cushions

My favourite kind of craft is the kind that, once it’s finished, will help you in the future when you make other crafts and DIY projects! I’ve been learning to sew lately, so even though my skills are limited, I’ve had my eyes peeled for simple little sewing projects. When I came across the idea of DIY pin cushions, it was like heaven because it merges the two things.

Check out these 15 adorable and totally creative pin cushion ideas that you can make yourself and then use later on when you make other things!

1. Button storage and pin cushion jars

VIEW IN GALLERYButton storage and pin cushion jars

What’s better than a multipurpose craft that will help you with several things at once as soon as it’s finished? I love this button storage pin cushion jar because it gives you a secure little space to keep little sewing essentials contained it, but also somewhere to stick your pins while you work. Yumiko Higuchi shows you how to make a simple little pin cushion that fits right into the top of a glass jar filled with things like small buttons.

2. Framed pin cushion

VIEW IN GALLERYFramed pin cushion

What’s better than upcycling something vintage into something you’ll actually use, but that preserves the vintage character of the original piece? I can hardly think of anything! Check out how Sweet Living Magazine made this adorable framed pin cushion from an old handkerchief. Stand it in the corner of your sewing station where you can reach it easily as you sew.

3. Strawberry pin cushions

VIEW IN GALLERYStrawberry pin cushions

These adorable little strawberries are easy to make and they also make great gifts for any friends or family members you know who like sewing just as much as you do! Adventures in Making shows you the basic technique for making them and you’ll be able to create as many as you want in whatever pretty patterns and materials you please!

4. Mountain pin cushion

VIEW IN GALLERYMountain pin cushion

When you’re not at home sewing for yourself, your friends, and your family, are you a really outdoorsy person who loves nothing more than a refreshing hike? Merge your two hobbies and passions by making yourself this hilarious plush mountain range to hold your pins. Every time you reach for one, you’ll be reminded of the fresh mountain air. See how it’s done on Always Rooney.

5. Doughnut pin cushion

VIEW IN GALLERYDonut pin cushion

Are you a big fan of anything cute, pink, and food themed? I sure am! If that’s what you like, why not incorporate that into your sewing room to keep things cheerful while you work? Wrapped Up in Rainbows shows you step by step how to make your own plush doughnut, which will look much cuter holding your pins than a plastic container.

6. DIY button pin cushion

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY button pin cushion

Are you just looking for something simple to make that will help you practice various sewing techniques so you can finesse your skills? Maybe you just really need a pin cushion but you’re firm on making things yourself when you can? Then this easy design with a buttoned centre is probably just what you’re looking for! Style Novice shows you the steps for making your own in whatever colour or pattern you please.

7. Turtle pin cushion and sewing pack

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY turtle pin cushion and sewing pack

If you’re a little more experienced at sewing and you’ve been practicing making little characters or toys, then this fancier pin cushion shaped like a tortoise is a great project for you! Besides being a good plush to hold your pins, it’s also secretly a complete mini sewing case that opens up for you can store spare thread, miniature scissors, and space needles under the shell. I’m crazy about the little turtle baby that sits on top! Get the full instructions on Craft Passion.

8. Little house pin cushion

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY little house pin cushion

My Bear Paw shows you how to make a little house or cottage to hold your different sewing pins and needles between uses, and I’m a huge fan of how eclectic the design is. This is a perfect way to use up fun yarn scraps that you’ve been wanting to use but hadn’t found quite the right project for.

9. Retro wristband pin cushion

VIEW IN GALLERYRetro wristband pin cushion

Are you a seamstress who often has to do fittings and move around while you work with pins, gathering fabric around people and hemming garment edges? Then you’ll definitely benefit more from making yourself a pin cushion wristband than you would from a stationary one that you have to carry or walk back and forth too! Smashed Peas and Carrots shows you the steps for making this cute stars and stripes design.

10. Tuna can pin cushion

VIEW IN GALLERYTuna can pin cushion

Many sewing enthusiasts enjoy having a pin cushion with a solid base rather than just a slippery plush that might move around on the table. Make your DIY process a recycling project by using a tuna can as the base, decorating it prettily like Creations by Kara did here and setting the material pin cushion in the top of the tin.

11. Tiny bottle cap pin cushions

VIEW IN GALLERYTiny bottle cap pin cushions

Are you having a party and you know just about everyone you invited is also a seamstress or sewing enthusiast to some level? Then include something they’ll actually use when you make up your party favour bags! These miniature pin cushions are the perfect idea because they can be made from things you probably already have: scrap material and bottle caps.

12. Sewing caddy with detachable pin cushion

VIEW IN GALLERYSewing caddy with detachable pin cushion

Maybe a pin cushion is just one of the things you need and you’re actually looking for a whole case that will help you keep your supplies organized and move them quickly if you need to? How Joyful has you covered with this adorable sewing caddy design that will hang over the back of a chair where you can reach it easily.

13. Tomato pin cushion

VIEW IN GALLERYTomato pin cushion

Did you love the idea of making little strawberry pin cushions but you’ve made so many now that you need another little food idea instead? Maybe tomatoes are the next step for you! If you ask me, this idea is just plain cute, especially with the little stem at the top. All Free Sewing shows you how to make one.