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Santa Claus Is Coming To Town: Alternative DIY Christmas Trees

Here’s a challenge for you: skip the traditional Christmas tree and make an alternative one instead! Get your whole family to sign up and turn it into a family holiday DIY project! It will give you the opportunity to bond and create something 100% unique together! If you’re still doubting whether this is a good idea, we’ll let these alternative DIY Christmas trees speak for themselves!

Honeycomb Christmas Tree

VIEW IN GALLERYHoneycomb christmas tree

This is a cute and quick one! Bring an explosion of colors to your Christmas tree and have the bubbliest Christmas ever! We heard it through the grapevine that Santa is giving away extra gifts for creativity this year! Better make sure you get your instructions at Studio DIY.

Book Page Christmas Tree

VIEW IN GALLERYBook Page Christmas Tree

Our dearest book lovers, here’s something that will make you so happy! Sacrifice an old book that you’re still holding on to as if you knew there was a special purpose for it. This is it, this is the purpose! Let the book serve as a Christmas tree as you live out your own stories! We snatched this idea from HomeTalk!

Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree

VIEW IN GALLERYWrapping paper christmas tree

One thing we always have leftover: wrapping paper! Here’s a great idea by Brit + Co on how you can use that extra wrapping paper to make an unconventional Christmas tree that will immediately catch the eye of your holiday visitors!

Favorite Books Christmas Tree

VIEW IN GALLERYFavorite books christmas tree

Another idea for the book lovers because we have a soft spot for people who devour books! This is a great idea to pile up your absolute favorite books, wrap them into Christmas lights and just admire the enchanting library Christmas tree! Hypable gets all the credits for this one!

String Christmas Tree

VIEW IN GALLERYString christmas tree

String art is tugging on our heartstrings! This one will definitely appeal to those of you who live to think outside of the box! Get creative with some string and make this Christmas tree that you can totally leave on your wall way past Christmas Day! Peek at My Poppet to find out more!

Pallet Christmas Tree

VIEW IN GALLERYPallet christmas tree

So you forgot to pick up your Christmas tree and the kids will be upset unless you figure something out that looks way better that a normal jolly tree! Do you have an old pallet at hand? Rejoice, for your troubles will soon be gone! Redhead Can Decorate will reveal how you can make a pallet Christmas tree that will keep the kids happy and your living room clean!

Geometric Christmas Tree

VIEW IN GALLERYGeometric christmas tree

Geometric shapes are the thing! Spend your Christmas surrounded by the latest wall art trends and have Santa leave the gifts underneath this unique geometric Christmas tree! If you’ve always wanted to ditch the classic ornaments for something more modern, here’s your chance! We Are Scout will show you how!

Glitter Christmas Tree

VIEW IN GALLERYGlitter christmas tree

Where there’s glitter, there’s magic! Wrap your alternative Christmas tree in shades of gold and watch it sparkle as you sip on some delicious eggnog! We found this enchanting way to set up a Christmas tree at BLDG 25 and for once we don’t mind that we’ll be finding glitter in our hair even weeks from now!

Rustic Christmas Tree

VIEW IN GALLERYRustic christmas tree

Children always love to assist with setting up the tree, so here’s a project that will totally make them feel like they’ve done most of the job while you get to take a bit of a breather! Set up this incredibly simplistic rustic Christmas tree and let the toddlers paint away! East Coast Creative has the tutorial!

Washi Tape Christmas Tree

VIEW IN GALLERYWashi tape christmas tree

It’s official: you can really make anything if you have washi tape at hand. If you’re not into Christmas trees, but get last-minute unexpected guests, all you have to do is get some washi tape from your arts & crafts toolbox and boom – there’s your Christmas tree! Um, what? We know, we didn’t believe it either until we saw it at Brit + Co!

Hanging Ornament Christmas Tree

VIEW IN GALLERYHanging ornament christmas tree

Love ornaments but don’t like the mess that the tree makes? (Honestly, the last thing we want to do is sweep the floor every day!). Not Martha got creative and made an alternative Christmas tree by only using ornaments! This year, let the ornaments steal the spotlight!

Tiny Wooden Christmas Tree

VIEW IN GALLERYTiny wooden christmas tree

If you live in a small apartment or just prefer tiny projects, Live Your Style has a Christmas gift for you! Here’s a tiny wooden Christmas tree that will make your dog very jealous because how dare you bring all those sticks into the house and not let him play with them?! Joke aside, you will love the look of this one!