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How To Grow A Kiwi Plant From Seed

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Kiwifruit is so tasty, it’s intoxicating and you can use in plenty of healthy recipes, from salads to desserts . Kiwifruit is fast-growing, climbing vines that produce fruit rich in vitamin C. The kiwi plant has a life expectancy of 50 years , you can grow a kiwi plant from the seeds of a kiwi fruit. With a small container or even mug at your disposal, turning a simple kiwi fruit into a ripe kiwi tree is kind of an easy task. Some paper towels, potting soil and maybe a 2-inch deep pot will help you grow the seed into a strong small tree. (image source: Pinterest)

What you’ll need:

A kiwi
A cup
A paper towel
A clear plastic container
Potting soil

Directions :
1. Remove seeds from Kiwi fruit.
2. Place kiwi seeds and water in small blender to separate gooey membrane from seeds.
3. Wash seeds in sink using colander.
4. Places seeds on damp paper towel and insert into a plastic ziploc.
5. Place in a warm spot.
6. Check daily until you see that the seeds have sprouted. Make sure the paper towel stays moist at all times.
7. Tear paper towel into small pieces and plant a couple of the sprouted seedlings that are stuck to it into a small pot. Here is a video tutorial from Youtube .

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