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How to Grow Rose On Potatoes from Cutting

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Here is a great tip for growing propagate roses by sticking them into potatoes. It looks crazy but seems it works really well.Before planting rose cutting, push the bottom end into a small potato, which keeps the cuttings moist as they develop roots. If you are looking to expand your rose garden on a budget , this is worthy a try !

    1. Dig a trench 6in (15cm) deep; place an inch or two of sharp sand in the bottom.
    2. Choose a stem – about the thickness of a pencil – from the rose you wish to propagate.
    3. The cutting should be about 9in (23cm) long. Cut just below a bud at the base.
    4. Insert each cutting so that it is two-thirds buried, making sure that its base is well into the sharp sand. Firm the sand around the base, to exclude as much air as possible. Cuttings should be set about 6in (15cm) apart.
    5. Replace soil into the trench and firm it in place; don’t damage the cuttings as you do this. Keep the cuttings watered throughout summer. By November they should have rooted well and be ready for transplanting.VIEW IN GALLERYhow to plant-rose-from-cuttings
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