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15 DIY Chocolate Making Ideas That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Just about everyone loves the feeling of treating themselves a little bit of chocolate, but do you know what feels even better than eating chocolate from the store? Eating delicious chocolate that you made yourself, of course! That’s the beauty of being a DIY enthusiast or cooking and baking buff.

Check out these 15 delicious homemade chocolate recipes that are so hard to choose between that you’ll probably end up making all of them!

1. Ice cream tray pomegranate chocolates

VIEW IN GALLERYIce cream tray pomegranate chocolates

Chocolate Covered Katie shows you how to use a simple ice cube tray to make miniature pomegranate chocolates! We love that the size of each ice cube cup pretty much gives you the perfect proportions when it comes to filling them with chocolate and pomegranate seeds.

2. Three-ingredient chocolate coconut balls

VIEW IN GALLERYThree-ingredient choclate coconut balls

Coconut flakes, condensed milk, and melted semi-sweet chocolate are all you need to make these delicious little tropical truffles! If you prefer your chocolate with an extra kick of sweet flavour, consider adding vanilla extract. Get the recipe on Forks N Knives.

3. Cookies n’ cream cups

VIEW IN GALLERYCookies n' cream cups

If you’re a big fan of cookies n’ cream flavoured chocolate bars or ice cream them you’ll love having this recipe in your back pocket every time a craving for those hits you at home!  Kirbie’s Cravings shows you how to make them step by step.

4. Easy homemade English toffee

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy homemade English toffee

For some people, nuts, texture, and flavour are just as important as chocolate flavour! Le Creme de la Crumb‘s English toffee recipe is absolutely perfect for you if that’s how you feel about your sweet treats.

5. Slow cooker chocolate clusters

VIEW IN GALLERYSlow cooker chocolate clusters

We love slow cooker recipes because they’re easy and low maintenance, which makes them perfect for busy or beginner cooks. We also love clusters because they’re a nut-lovers dream! These ones from Vegan in the Freezer are friendly for any friend with any diet.

6. No-bake cookie dough chocolate cups

VIEW IN GALLERYNo-bake cookie dough chocolate cups

If you’re anything like us, the term “no-bake” is a winner every time. These delicious little treats by The Recipe Critic are a cookie lover’s version of Reese’s peanut butter cups and we just can’t get enough of them.

7. Homemade chocolate covered cherries

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade chocolate covered cherries

Mom Luck reminds you that classic chocolates like chocolate covered cherries, which are easy to find in stores, are just as good (if not better) when you make them at home! These ones are so delicious and simple to make that we’re almost wondering why we haven’t been making them on a weekly basis all this time.

8. Four-ingredient Samoa truffles

VIEW IN GALLERYFour-ingredient Samoa truffles

I Wash, You Dry gives you a chocolate treat recipe that’s almost insanely simple even though it still has all the deliciousness of a chocolate caramel samoa cookie. You definitely won’t be able to eat just one of these.

9. Galaxy bark


If you’re looking for something totally fun and a little weird to make with the kids, then look no further! Life With the Crust Cut Off shows you how to make this colourful, star-filled chocolate bark that hardly looks like a snack at all but tastes completely awesome!

10. Dark chocolate covered sea salt almonds

VIEW IN GALLERYDark chocolate covered sea salt almonds

If you’re the kind of person who loves a little salty with your sweet, then you’re going to adore this sea salt chocolate covered almond recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction! It’s surprisingly easy to make for a snack that packs so many flavours at once.

11. Avocado truffle chocolates

VIEW IN GALLERYAvocado truffle chocolates

Yummy, Healthy, Easy shows you how delicious sweets made with avocado can be. These chocolate truffles, for example, are extra chewy and good because of their unique ingredient! They’re also healthier than some other chocolate snacks.

12. Chocolate-covered potato chips

VIEW IN GALLERYChocolate-covered potato chips

Okay, so you like salty and sweet tastes together, but are you looking for a little bit of novelty too? Then check out these chocolate covered potato chips by Brown-Eyed Baker immediately! What more could a junk food lover want in one place?

13. Caramel and chocolate dipped pretzel sticks

VIEW IN GALLERYCaramel and chocolate dipped pretzel sticks

Here’s another one for the sweet and salty books. All these pretzel sticks need is a simple dip in caramel and then straight into melted chocolate, and voila! Completely scrumptious. Check out how Tastes Better From Scratch did these ones!

14. Three-ingredient chocolate orange truffles

VIEW IN GALLERYThree-ingredient chocolate orange truffles

Chocolate and orange together in one place makes for a unique, sweet-but-fruity flavour that we just can’t resist. If you feel the same, then you should definitely take a look at the tutorial for making your own chocolate orange truffles on Crunchy, Creamy, Sweet!

15. Peanut butter banana bonbons

VIEW IN GALLERYPeanut butter banana bonbons

Joy the Baker

Oranges and cherries aren’t the only fruits that taste great covered in chocolate! Bananas are also completely delicious if you dip them in melted milk or dark chocolate and sprinkle them with nuts. Poking them onto a cocktail stick makes them easier to both make and eat!

Have another favorite homemade chocolate recipe that you don’t see here? Share it with us in the comments section!