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Every Parent’s Must-Have: DIY Wet Bags

When the clothes get soaked in orange juice because your kid just squeezed the juice box a bit too hard while on your way to preschool, there’s nothing you need more than a wet bag at hand to store the wet clothes in and not worry about them making an even bigger mess! Not to mention their usefulness for pee-accidents! They make parenting a whole lot easier, so check out these DIY wet bags and never worry about soaked clothes again!

Cartoon Wet Bags


Easily sewn and cartoonish-looking, these wet bags will be your child’s favorite! They will always want to make sure their favorite baggie is with you wherever you go; a neat parenting trick so you’ll never forget it! You will find the simple tutorial for these cartoon wet bags at Sew Can Do!

Cloth Diaper Wet Bag

VIEW IN GALLERYCloth Diaper Wet Bag

Cloth diapers are useful all around, so if you have one that you can bear to miss, here’s a very lucrative way of repurposing it! You can make a lovely little wet bag! It will soon become the item without which you won’t dare to leave the house if you have children aged under 9! Find the tutorial at 2 Little Hooligans!

20 Minute Wet Bag

VIEW IN GALLERY20 minute wet bag

In desperate need of a wet bag but really short on time? We got your back! Parenting can get so busy every minute of free time is valuable! If you can find 20 minutes for crafting while your little ones are napping, it’s just enough time to make this wet bag by Thinking About Cloth Diaper!

Wet Bag With A Pocket

VIEW IN GALLERYWet bag with a pocket

One thing that we’re always needing must be pockets! There’s never too much storage space! If you can already predict that your wet bag could do with some pockets, this project by If Only They Would Nap is perfect for you! Never miss a pocket again!

Hanging Wet Bag

VIEW IN GALLERYHanging wet bag

Hanging a wet bag inside of your home, to always have it ready when needed, doesn’t have to mess up your interior one bit. This hanging wet bag we that we found at Moms Eat Cold Food is all the proof you need! Say yes to this chic and handy wet bag!

Dinosaur Wet Bag

VIEW IN GALLERYDinosaur wet bag

If you have a dinosaur lover at home who likes to wet their clothes in milk that’s supposed to be mixed with cereal, this dinosaur wet bag is something that you both need! Doing Domestic will show you how to make it and contribute to stress-free mornings! No need to fuss over spilt milk, right?

Wet Swimsuit Bag

VIEW IN GALLERYWet swimsuit bag

If you love the look of a classic lunch box, these wet bags will really appeal to you! They are perfect for storing swimsuits and the rest of the gear that comes along with it! You can bet that your trips to the pool will be much easier now that they won’t result in a soaked gym bag! Get the tutorial at Alice and Lois!

Mama Cloth Wet Bag

VIEW IN GALLERYMama cloth wet bag

Sometimes you don’t want your wet bag to look like a wet bag. In this case, here’s one that looks almost like a makeup bag and its bright colors make it look very trendy! Nobody has to know you’re transporting wet clothes! Mabe With Love shares the how-to and keeps your secrets!

Drawstring Wet Bag

VIEW IN GALLERYDrawstring wet bag

Drawstring is always a good idea! It keeps your clothes safe inside the bag but is easy to manage if you quickly need to add some more. If zippers tend to infuriate you, go with this drawstring wet bag for calmer nerves! We found the perfect tutorial at Haberdashery Fun!

Zipper Wet Bag

VIEW IN GALLERYZipper wet bag

Opposite to the drawstring we have a zipper! This monkey-themed zipper wet bag looks absolutely adorable! Even if there are no wet clothes to temporarily store inside, you’ll still want to use it just because of how cute it looks! We can’t hold that against you, and neither can All About Cloth Diapers!

Never leave the house without a wet bag again!