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Moon Child’s Paradise: 9 DIY Projects That Honor the Moon

Every night we look up at the sky and see the moon lighting it up. Somehow the moon has always inspired wonder and naturally that reflects in many DIY projects. Whether we’re trying to capture the glow of the full moon or the flow of the moon cycles, having the moon represented as art in our home is a beautiful decoration idea. If you’re wondering where to start, take a look at these 10 brilliant DIY moon crafts! 

1. Moon Phases Wall Hanging 


The moon phases remind us that everything is always changing and that there is immense beauty is that. The phases itself can be turned into a marvelous art piece, the instructions for which are waiting for you at Common Canopy! You can use different colors and motives for different phases to create variety!

2. Button Moon 


You can store the buttons in a big jar or you can turn them into a piece of art – the choice is yours, but the art definitely gets our vote! Adventure in a Box has a great tutorial for a beautiful crescent moon made from buttons, which gives it a special glow and a hint of color!

3. Moon Dream Catcher 


If you feel inspired by both the dream catchers and the moon, you will fall in love with this project by Mapote! It’s a dream catcher full of natural elements that resembles the moon’s silver surface, bringing a certain gentleness to the entire organic piece!

4. Chalkboard Moon 


Sometimes all you need for an amazing DIY art piece is a big chalkboard and a white chalk! There is no limit to what you can create but we do hope one of your creations can be inspired by Cloverkate; visit them to learn how to draw a beautiful and radiant full moon!

5. Moon Mobile 


If you are currently in the process of decorating a nursery, make sure to include this moon mobile into it! It’s such a bright and cheerful piece, ideal to hang into your baby’s first room! In the company of the vibrant yellow stars it truly is eye-catching! Visit Fantastic Fun and Learning to learn the details!

6. Moon Piñata


Does your party have a celestial theme? A moon piñata will totally steal the show! It’s such a noticeable element that on the first look doesn’t even look like a piñata, so imagine the surprise on your guests’ faces once you ask them to smash it and the candy starts falling out! Oh Happy Day will teach you how to make it!

7. Moon Ornament 


This little moon ornament is a subtle piece with immense beauty! It’s a great craft to make together with your little toddlers on a rainy day! Kids love the moon and Emma Owl‘s salt dough version of a moon crescent ornament is such a fun project to conquer as a family!

8. Mosaic Moon 


Making mosaics really encourages creativity, especially with children! All the little pieces create one marvelous big piece and with it a stunning and uplifting decor element! In the Playroom has the tutorial for a mosaic moon and it’s a really cute way of bringing a shiny moon into your kids’ bedroom!

9. Marble Moon Hanging 


Almost Makes Perfect has the tutorial for an exceptionally elegant moon hanging with a marbled look that will spark the envy of many who enter your home and instantly fall in love with the piece! The black and white look is classy and calming, quite like the moon itself!

We’d love to know how you will include the beauty of the moon in your home. Tell us in the comments below!