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Perfectly Pretty DIY Crochet Flower Blanket

Would you believe us if we told you that this amazing crochet flower blanket is a perfect project for beginners? We didn’t believe it either – until we tried it out for ourselves and discovered just how incredibly easy it is to make. It may look complicated and of a professional standard, but really it’s a case of using just a few simple stitches to create a final result that’s way beyond the efforts required.

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The creative types behind this amazing crochet creation called it a baby blanket, but to be honest we think it’s quite simply a stunning piece of art for any purpose or occasion. Not only would it make the perfect blanket for a newborn, but we really can’t think of anything more fantastic for adding a splash of color to a bed, a couch or even a table. What’s so incredible is the way in which just a few of the most basic crochet stiches are needed to come up with these amazing results, which means that even if you’re still something of a beginner, this really could be just the project for you!

Crochet Keepsakes for Life

One of the things we adore about projects like these is the way in which the results represent genuinely important and treasured keepsakes for life. Whether given as gifts or kept within the family, these are far from just the standard throwaway blankets bought for next to nothing in stores. Every crochet flower blanket you make is a genuine labor of love which is guaranteed to inspire and enchant anyone lucky enough to receive one.

Just as soon as you get an idea for the basic stitches and techniques involved, you’ll have a fantastic time getting creative with your own choices of colors and added decorative touches. The example you see here is undoubtedly one of the prettiest, but there’s nothing quite like a wholly unique creation that’s unlike any other.

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It’s what great craft projects are all about!