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Got Tissue Paper? Check Out 12 Things You Can DIY Today! 

Tissue paper is such a fun crafting material. It comes in a variety of colors and it’s often a saving grace in so many DIY projects. Tissue paper can help you create just about anything you can imagine, either by serving as decoration or a main material for the project. If you’ve stockpiled tissue paper in your home and are now looking for creative ideas to use it up, you’re going to love our selection of 12 DIY tissue paper crafts!

1. Mint and Silver Tissue Paper Tassel Garland 


Garlands are perhaps one of the simplest and easiest ways to decorate a wall, whether you’re prepping for a party or just want to give some character to your living space. Pennies for a Fortune features a super special garland that is made of tissue paper tassels. The most mesmerizing feature? The mint and silver color palette, of course!

2. Tissue Paper Honeycomb Pom Poms 


The decorative and festive impact of tissue paper is impossible to overlook. The colors alone bring so much liveliness into the room! Mr. Printables shares a tutorial for cute and colorful tissue paper pom poms with a unique honeycomb look!

3. Tissue Paper Wisteria 


Do you love having flowers in your home but regret how fast they always wilt? Replace them with tissue paper flowers! Their major upside is that they’re practically eternal and you can also customize them as you wish – it’s almost as if you’re playing the part of mother nature! Find out how Honest to Nod made these stunning tissue paper wisterias!

4. Tissue Paper Fringe Garland 


You love garlands without a doubt, but you’re still striving for something more innovative and less predictable; a garland with a playful and unexpected look. Lorrie Everitt Studio has the answer to your party prayers with this colorful tissue paper fringe garland!

5. Tissue Paper Wreath 


Wreaths are a very popular decor option, especially during the cozy months of fall. People honor fall and all of its color in the form of a wreath that is most often displayed upon the front doors. In the New House Designs brings you a fantastic idea for an alternative wreath that is made only from tissue paper and a paper plate!

6. Tissue Paper Flowers 


The next time you’re in charge of organizing a party you’ll want to remember the giant tissue paper flowers we found at Project Nursery. They are the most noticeable decor element that defines the mood of the space, especially if you’re hosting a garden party on a warm and sunny day!

7. Tissue Paper Pineapple 


The joy of using tissue paper as a craft material of choice is that you can create something that’s totally outside of the box – a yellow paper pineapple, for example! It’s a fun project that will bring a vibrant color into your home. Who could say no to that?! You’ll get the instructions at Frog Prince Paperie.

8. Tissue Paper Decoupage 


Do you have a really boring plate hiding in your kitchen that you’ve been meaning to update forever? A decorative tissue paper and a simple decoupage technique are all you need to turn your dining plate from cheap to chic! Spy the whole process at The Graphics Fairy.

9. Tissue Paper Turtle 


When a rainy day hits the town and you need something simple but creative to occupy your toddlers with, Fireflies + Mud Pies has an amazing idea for a DIY turtle! Stock up on tissue paper in all of the colors available, get some paper plates and prepare to soon host a family of colorful turtles in your home!

10. Tissue Paper Rainbow Heart Suncatchers 


Stick with Fireflies + Mud Pies for one more project: tissue paper suncatchers! While your kids are making the turtles you can steal a few minutes for yourself to create mesmerizing heart-shaped suncatchers that glisten in warm colors as the sun rays shine though their rainbow core.

11. Tissue Paper Art 


Are you always looking for art pieces that could become a part of your carefully curated interior? There are countless artists out there with exceptional work, but don’t forget about the artists living right under your own roof – your little kids and yourself! Follow It’s Always Autumn‘s tutorial to create this outstanding watercolor-inspired tissue paper art piece!

12. Tissue Paper Pumpkin Favors 


October is Halloween month and before the last day of the month finally arrives with the promise of the spookiest night of the year, you need to prepare for the celebrations and the trick-or-treaters! One Little Project made the cutest tissue paper pumpkins that are hiding some yummy candy within. The kids will love them!