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Wonderful Wedding Dress Cupcakes with Free Tutorial

What’s the very best cake in the world for a wedding, wedding shower or any other event for a bride-to-be?

The answer – a cake you put your heart into making yourself!

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Anyone can head out to a store a buy a cake, but it takes someone really special to bake and decorate a genuinely impressive cake from scratch. And when it comes to impressive, how about this awesome wedding dress cupcake?

Genius in its simplicity, what you’re looking at is a bunch of luxury cupcakes arranged in the shape of a wedding dress and decorated with colorful frosting and a few added extras. You simply won’t believe how easy it is to come up with something so beautiful at home – even if you’ve never made a cake in your life, you’ll have no trouble putting this little beauty together!



Of course, it’s up to you whether you go the whole hog and bake the cupcakes from scratch, but if you’re really going for that ‘wow’ factor, you’ll want to put your name to the whole thing! And what’s more, home-baked always tastes a million-times better than the store-bought variety!

What You’ll Need

In order to make this masterpiece of modern marvelousness, you’ll need:

  • 27 Cupcakes (Home Baked, Of Course!)
  • A Large Cake Board
  • Decorative Cake Board Covering
  • Plenty of Frosting or Cream Topping
  • Piping Bag for Decoration
  • Flowers, Beads, Colorful Extras for Embellishment

What’s great about this project is how it’s the kind of thing the whole family can get involved in, or why not get a group of friends in on the action?

You’ll find everything you could ever need to know in the video tutorial on this page, along with a bunch of inspirational ideas for colors and finishes.

YouTube video

However you go about it, the results will blow you away … not to mention the taste!

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