15 Delicious Valentine’s Day Cupcake Ideas

If we had to pick one kind of classic sweet to be the only one we could eat for the rest of our days, we’re pretty sure that we’d choose cupcakes without much hesitation. There are just so many different kinds, shapes, and flavours that we feel like we’d never get bored, even if they were the only option!

Even now when we can choose to make or eat anything we want, we’ll usually choose cupcakes, especially around a holiday or any time we want to make a treat that’s themed. Valentine’s Day is coming, so we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled lately for delicious kinds of festive, love themed cupcakes that we’ve never tried before!

Are you feeling just as enthusiastic about finding some new Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes to try as we are, if not more?

Check out these 15 mouthwatering ideas, recipes, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration and guidance.

1. Heart shaped raspberry beet Valentine’s Day cupcakes


Have you always adored the look of red cupcakes for seasonal things like Christmas and Valentine’s Day but you’re not a huge fan of the way many red velvet recipes only have that colour because of food colouring? We know that some people are allergic to food dyes, so we were pretty excited when we came across this alternative cake dying suggestion on Cooking on The Weekends! They show you how to make heart shaped raspberry beet Valentine’s Day cupcakes, where the beets give the batter a hearty red flavour without actually being detectable in the taste over the flavour of sugar and raspberries.

2. Iced cutout cupcakes


If you’ve never made cutout cupcakes then we’re sorry to tell you that you’re missing out on something very fun indeed! The concept is simple, but we found that we were glad to have a bit of guidance the first time we ever tried them. Remedy your situation by giving these delicious heart shaped cutout cupcakes from Lady Behind the Curtain, filling the cutout centre piece with icing and sprinkles as you see fit!

3. Hugs and kisses cupcakes


If you’re going to put in the time and effort it takes to make yourself a homemade batch of themed cupcakes, would you rather go all out and make them the brightest, sweetest darn things your sweetheart has ever gotten to enjoy? Then we think you’ll get a real kick out of the way Simply Southern Mom made these lovely “hugs and kisses” cupcakes in a surprisingly easy way! They’re awesome for more than just the way they look; they also have a surprise bite of caramel in the centre.

4. Candy topped Rice Krispy treat cupcakes


Are you the kind of experimental treat lover who adores combination recipes that merge the best parts of two different kinds of dessert together into one, just like us? Well, if you also enjoy Rice Krispy treats just about as much as you love cupcakes then we think you might find this recipe and tutorial from Life, Love, and Sugar just as interesting as we did! They show you step by step how to make candy top Rice Krispy treat cupcakes in a way that’s very fun indeed.

5. Brownie heart cupcakes


Do you actually like the sponge of your cake to be so incredibly dense that it’s hardly cake anymore? Maybe you’re just a huge lover of fudgy chocolate recipes over essentially anything else. Either way, we’d be willing to bet that you’ll have a lot of success with a recipe like this one from Martha Stewart that shows you how to make brownie heart cupcakes that are, quite literally, cupcakes made in the classic way but using brownie mix instead of the traditional cake batter.

6. Strawberry M&Ms cupcakes


Did we almost have your attention when we started talking about berry flavoured cupcakes at the very beginning of our post but raspberries have actually just never been your favourite kind? In that case, we have a feeling something like these deliciously fruity strawberry M&Ms cupcakes featured in step by step detail on Scrappy Greek might be right up your alley!

7. Chocolate and strawberry cupcakes


Did we almost have your mind all made up when we started talking about strawberry flavoured cupcakes but the thought of those chocolate recipes we talked about are also still tugging at the back of your mind a little? Well, luckily for all of us, Cake and Allie has a fantastic way for your to combine the two in one place! Check out their page to learn more about how these simple but delicious Valentine’s Day appropriate strawberry and chocolate recipes are made nice and easily.

8. Red hot cupcakes


Has one of your very favourite parts of Valentine’s season actually always been the slightly hot cinnamon kick you get from eating a handful of cinnamon hearts? In that case, we have a feeling this next recipe and full tutorial from Sweet Pennies From Heaven is going to be right up your alley! They show you step by step how to make “red hot” Valentine’s Day cupcakes that harness that same kind of cinnamon kick from the classic candy.

9. Chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes


Do we actually still have you thinking about how much you love the idea of a cupcake recipe that involves both strawberries and chocolate but you’re just not feeling quite sold on the recipe we showed you before? Then maybe you’d prefer something that actually contains fresh fruit! Take a better look at this awesome recipe and tutorial from A Turtle’s Life for Me to see how they made these chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes that are simply divine.

10. Dark chocolate cupcakes with red velvet frosting and chocolate quotes


If you’re going to put in all the time and effort it takes to make Valentine’s Day cupcakes, would you actually rather create something that’s quite simple but rich in its flavour and mixture but has some kind of special flair to it when it comes to careful decor, since you’re feeling up for a challenge? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest practicing your chocolate and iced lettering technique by making these dark chocolate cupcakes with red velvet frosting that are topped with chocolate quotes! Get the full details for making them happen on A Spicy Perspective.

11. Pink velvet cupcakes


Have red velvet cupcakes actually always felt a little bit too rich and heavy for you with each bite so you’re hoping to find something equally delicious but just a touch lighter? Perhaps you’re just the kind of pink lover who adores Valentine’s Day for the way it splashes your favourite colour all over. Either way, we think you’ll get along quite well indeed with these smooth pink velvet cupcakes outlined in nice, clear detail on I Heart Naptime.

12. Strawberry banana cupcakes


Are you actually still feeling like your interest is most piqued by the recipes you’ve seen involving strawberries but you’re just not sure chocolate is the way you want to go in terms of mixing another flavour in? Well, if you’d rather keep things within the fruit realm, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog made these scrumptious strawberry banana cupcakes instead!

13. Bleeding heart cupcakes


Are you the kind of candy lover who will absolutely, happily involve just about as many different sweet treat elements in one dessert as you can? Well, if you’re also the kind of candy lover who can’t get enough of marshmallow hearts around this time of year then we think you just might find what you’re looking for on Frosted Petticoat! They show you how to make “bleeding heart” cupcakes that have a sugared marshmallow heart nestled right into the centre of each one in the batch.

14. Chocolate ganache cupcakes with cherry buttercream frosting and maraschino cherries


Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to find a recipe that will help you make something just a little bit more gourmet? In that case, we would strongly encourage you to take a look at the way Live, Love, Texas outlines the steps for making these decadent chocolate ganache cupcakes with cherry buttercream frosting, topped with maraschino cherries!

15. Nuts for you cupcakes


Have you actually been looking for a cupcake recipe that’s still sweet enough to taste like a treat, but that’s a little less overwhelmingly rich and maybe even a little more calorie-wise? Well, just because you’re toning down the cupcake itself doesn’t mean you can’t still add a little Valentine’s Day charm! We’d suggest checking out this crumbled nut recipe from Cupcakes Projects, as well as how they made their punny, customized “nuts for you” decorative topper.

Do you have another favourite kind of Valentine’s Day cupcakes that you make every year and it’s always a huge hit, but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about how they’re made or link us to recipes and photos of your finished cupcakes in the comments section!

15 Delicious Christmas Cupcake Ideas and Recipes

In our family, and several of our friends’ families, it’s a Christmas morning tradition to make cupcakes together. We make them in all kinds of Christmas and holiday designs, icing and embellishing them in the afternoon, and eating them nice and fresh in the evening after dinner. We’ve been doing the same thing for so long, though, that this year we started feeling like we’d tried every Christmas design in the book! That’s why we started combing the Internet for inspiration. We didn’t expect, however, to find quite so many amazing ideas still left that we wanted to try! We came to a decision in the end, but we won’t pretend it wasn’t hard to choose.

Just in case you’ve also been on the lookout for winter, Christmas, and holiday-themed cupcakes to make over what’s left in the holidays before school and work start up again, here are 15 amazing Christmas cupcake designs that will help you celebrate the season in a sweet, fun way!

1. Pom pom and sprinkle Christmas ornament cupcakes


Are you pretty experienced in cupcake decorating and baking and you’re feeling up to a challenge this Christmas because you’d like to create something really beautiful? Then these stunning metallic iced Christmas bobble cupcakes from Pop Sugar are just the thing for you! They’re rounded like a large cake pop and they’re made with special icing and edible glitter, so they’re basically a party on a baked good.

2. Christmas wreath cupcakes


Are you looking for an idea that’s adorable, kitschy, and Christmas-y but you still want to keep things somewhat simple? Then maybe you should stick to working with just icing and candies that are easy to come across. We love the way Your Cup of Cake created a simple wreath on top of the cupcake using green icing, used miniature M&Ms to look like bobbles, and cut pieces of Fruit By the Foot to tie a “bow”.

3. Marshmallow snowman cupcakes


If you’re going to make cupcakes for your kids, do you really want to give them a treat? Then building a Christmas character on top with some of their favourite candies is a great way to amp up the sweetness of your delicious baked goods! We love the way Catch My Party covered their vanilla icing with shredded coconut to look like snow and then made snowmen from marshmallows, pretzels, Oreos, and fruit leathers.

4. Winter Wonderland cupcakes


Maybe you’re just looking for a classically pretty design that will remind everyone how lovely winter can be, even when it’s very cold outside, as long as you’re all together for the holidays? Then check out how Mommy Moment made use of pretty blue icing, fondant cut in the shape of delicate snowflakes, and metallic silver ball sprinkles to make a pretty winter scene.

5. Fruit by The Foot bows for cupcake decorating


So far in your scrolling, has the thing that caught your eye most actually been the delicate embellishments that you’ve seen on the cupcakes, regardless of the scene on top or the design the cupcake features? We were quite taken with those details too but the things we liked best were the little bows made from chewy fruit candies! Just in case you agree with us, here’s a tutorial for how to make them from pieces of Fruit By the Foot on Your Cup of Cake.

6. Snow-banked Santa cupcakes


Would you prefer that the cupcakes you make with your family make your kids giggle when they eat them? Then we have a feeling these funny little snow-banked Santa treats will be right up your alley! Check out how Sugar Siren Cakes Mackay shows you how to make a pair of legs and shoes sticking out of the icing using jujubes. We love the way they added fine clear sprinkles to the white icing to give it a sparkle just like snow!

7. Fancy Christmas bow cupcakes


If you’re going to put a bow on your cupcake, would you rather put a really exciting looking bow  right on top that makes your cupcake look just like a fancy Christmas present sitting under the tree on Christmas morning? Then we definitely think you should take a look at how My House and Home turned some Christmas ribbons into cupcake toppers in just a few simple steps.

8. Christmas bobble cupcakes with mini Rolos and Smarties


We know we already showed you one way of turning a batch of cupcakes into round Christmas bobble style ornaments, but that way certainly takes some dedication and patience. That’s why we thought we’d give you this simpler candy alternative too! Your Cup of Cake guides you through the process of using miniature M&Ms and miniature Rolos laid out strategically on top of simple vanilla icing.

9. Mini marshmallow Santa beard cupcakes


Rather than making a Santa in a snowbank on top of your cupcake, would you rather just make the whole cupcake actually look like Santa himself? Then here’s a simple idea that’s perfect for decorating with kids because it’s simple but also a lot of fun! Take a look at how Frugal Coupon Living used sprinkles, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and M&Ms to create a friendly face and a snowy beard.

10. Elegant fondant cut-out Christmas cupcakes


Are you still thinking about how pretty the winter scene cupcakes we showed you earlier were and how much you loved the idea of laying down a heavenly bed of icing and simply resting some beautiful sugared snowflakes on top? Then here’s another idea that might give you some inspiration for making your own winter wonderland cupcakes! We adore the way Home and Heavens wrapped their cupcakes in a pretty, intricate laser cut liner. You could design your own if you have a Cricut or a Silhouette!

11. Candy cane cupcakes


Are you actually a little bit pressed for time but you’re still intent on making delicious cupcakes with your family to keep up tradition? Then perhaps all you need to do is nestle a simple miniature candy cane on top of your icing, just like Wedding Dinner did here! We personally think this chocolate cupcake and vanilla icing combination would taste best, but you can really do any kind of cake and icing flavouring you like best!

12. Christmas tree cupcakes


Maybe the supplies you have to work with when it comes to decorating are a little bit limited this year because you didn’t have much time to shop but you’re still determined to make your cupcakes look like wondrous winter snacks? In that case, reach for the nearest tube of green icing (or make it yourself and add a little bit of food colouring) and use mini M&Ms to act as Christmas bobbles dotted all over the place, just like Your Cup of Cake did here.

13. Mason jar cupcake Christmas gift


Perhaps you have some guests coming that are traveling a couple hours to get to your house for dinner but you know, because it happens every year, that everyone will probably eat so much that they won’t even make it to dessert before they have to go? Rather than trying to package up cupcakes to go without having them tip over or and having the icing sticking to the side of the box you put them in, try making a mason jar cupcake for each guest just like this one from Emmaline Bride instead! They’re quicker to make than you think.

14. Red velvet mistletoe cupcakes


So far we’ve shown you how to decorate your cupcakes for Christmas in many different ways, but we haven’t actually shown you that many Christmas specific recipes for cupcakes that taste a particular way for the holidays, rather than just looking like a holiday treat. We wanted to make sure we included at least one option that was a little bit different! We’ve made these lovely holly inspired red velvet cupcakes from Chef Tia several times now and they’re always a huge hit.

15. Pretzel and mini cookie reindeer cupcakes


Have your family members always been big fans of treats that involve both a sweet and a salty taste to them so that you get the best of both worlds? Then we have a feeling you’ll be big fans of these funny little reindeer cupcakes too! Check out how Your Cup of Cake made them from M&Ms, sprinkles, mini cookies, and pretzels for the antlers.

Have you made other adorably delicious Christmas cupcake designs before that were a big hit with your family but that you don’t see on our list? Tell us all about how you decorated them or link us to pictures of your finished cupcakes in the comments section!

Absolutely Awesome: 15 Holiday Themed Cupcakes to Make on The Christmas Break

Few things make us feel quite as cheerful as making, decorating, and eating cupcakes. That’s especially true around the holidays! Don’t get us wrong; we make cupcakes all year around (probably more often than we should, if we’re being honest), but Christmas time gives us an awesome excuse to get particularly creative with the flavours, ingredients, and designs.

Just in case you love the idea of making creatively delicious and festive looking Christmas cupcakes just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best recipes we’ve seen so far this season!

1. Gingerbread cupcakes with cream cheese frosting


What could sound better than a cupcake that comes with another bonus treat on top? Nothing we can think of! That’s why we’ve actually already made these fantastic gingerbread cupcakes with cream cheese frosting outlined step by step on Cooking Classy once this season. The spice of the gingerbread and the creaminess of the frosting contrast perfectly… plus cake!

2. Chocolate covered pretzel cupcakes


If you’re going to create a flavour contrast, would you rather include a salty element with your sweet, rather than a spiced one? In that case, we’d suggest taking a look at how The Cake Blog created these mouthwatering chocolate covered pretzel cupcakes instead! Bonus points for the fact that pretzels sold around this time of year are shaped like Christmas trees so they look holiday themed too.

3. Polar bear cupcakes


White chocolate lovers rejoice, there’s a decadent option on our list for you as well! We’re completely in love with the way Hungry Happenings made these adorable polar bear themed cupcakes using vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream frosting, and white chocolate cups in different sizes to make the bear itself on top.

4. Reindeer cupcakes


Are you absolutely enticed by the idea of making a cupcake that has chocolate and salted pretzels but you haven’t found the tree shaped ones in stores so you’re looking for a different cupcake topper concept to make sure things still look Christmassy? In that case, we think you’ll get along a little better with something like these pretzel and Nilla cookie reindeer instead! See how they’re made in more detail on Your Cup of Cake.

5. Eggnog latte cupcakes


Rather than just piling flavour combination elements onto the tops of your cupcakes, would you rather actually make a cupcake and frosting recipe that has unique holiday flavour built right in? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Life, Love, and Sugar made these flavoruful cupcakes that don’t just taste like eggnog but more specifically (and more deliciously) eggnog lattes!

6. White chocolate peppermint cupcakes


Are you still thinking about how much you love the idea of making cupcakes that taste like white chocolate but you think you’d actually prefer to combine the flavour with another taste, just for a bite of more intense tasting holiday contrast? In that case, we have a feeling you might get along a little better with something like these refreshing white chocolate peppermint cupcakes featured on The Cake Blog!

7. Hot cocoa cupcakes


Now, these hot cocoa cupcakes featured on Baker by Nature aren’t just any old hot cocoa inspired, chocolate flavoured cupcakes. These are taken to the next level! Check out their tutorial to learn how they made absolutely perfect chocolate sponge and topped it with smooth chocolate icing, a layer of holiday sprinkled and dried chocolate syrup, and even a toasted marshmallow on top!

8. Candy cane Oreo cupcakes


Maybe you’re feeling pretty intrigued by the idea of making cupcakes that taste like holiday peppermint but white chocolate really isn’t your favourite flavour? In that case, we think you’ll be pleased to learn about this alternative mint recipe from Your Cup of Cake that combines Oreo cookies and crushed peppermint instead!

9. Mini Christmas tree cupcakes


Are you actually a little bit practiced in cupcake decorating and you’re feeling quite confident in your icing skills? Then perhaps you’d rather use those to create a design yourself instead of just placing things on top to make a theme! We love this very simple cupcake decorating idea from Lydia Bakes that’s great for beginners and teaches you how to make an adorable iced Christmas tree complete with sprinkle ornaments.

10. DIY snowman cupcakes


If icing the decor right to your cupcake and just embellishing the design from there sounds like the best idea for you, here are some adorable frosted snowmen outlined step by step on Beyond Frosting! Make their arms from pretzel sticks and their hats from halved Oreos and a bit of red icing too.

11. Christmas light cupcakes


Even though we love getting very fancy indeed with our cupcake designs, sometimes the best ones we make are the ones that keep things a little simpler. These fantastic Christmas lights cupcakes featured on Baked Bree are the perfect example of what we mean! Ice then in vanilla frosting, pipe a thing spiral around in black, and use M&Ms as coloured Christmas lights!

12. Peppermint mocha cupcake


Have you been scrolling through our list and realizing that you’re torn between the latte recipe and the peppermint flavours we’ve shown you? Well, who says you have to choose between the two? Instead, try your hand at making these delicious peppermint mocha cupcakes featured on Baker by Nature! We love that the crumbled candy cane gives them a bit of a crunch.

13. Chocolate cherry amaretto cupcakes


Maybe you’re looking for a flavour of cupcake that might appeal a little more to adults than kids since that’s who you’ll mostly be hosting over this holiday season, even though you still want delicious Christmassy flavours? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how The Sprinkle Factory made these fragrant chocolate cherry amaretto cupcakes in surprisingly few simple steps!

14. Santa hat cupcakes with marshmallows


Have you actually been thinking about how cute the idea of Santa hat cupcakes might be ever since you saw the miniature frosted Santa hats on the snowman cupcakes we showed you earlier? Then we think you’ll be pleased to hear that Frugal Mom Eh! is here to make your day! We love the way they used marshmallows to add all the hat’s pom pom and trim.

15. Christmas wreath cupcake


Just in case you’re new to the world of icing and piping but still determined to learn, here’s a design that will get you doing some simple techniques in that regard but also still embellishing with other delicious tidbits! Your Cup of Cake guides you step by step through the process of making a Christmas wreath cupcake using a piping star tip, pieces of fruit leather, and some M&Ms.

Holiday Deliciousness: Christmas Cupcakes That Are Perfect for the Christmas Eve 

Christmas Eve is easily one of the most delicious evenings in the entire year. As the whole family is gathered together to celebrate, most of the bonding happens over food. Sometimes it’s hard to find a dish that would make every family member happy, especially when it comes to dessert. Kids love one thing and adults another, but it’s safe to say that cupcakes are usually the common ground. Roll up your sleeves and put on your baking hat – it’s time to make Christmas cupcakes! 

1. Eggnog Cupcakes


Eggnog is a big part of Christmas! Not only can you drink it, there are also countless holiday eggnog recipes you can try! If you want to offer your family members a dessert they won’t be able to refuse, the eggnog cupcakes by My Organized Chaos are the winning ticket!

2. Gingerbread Cupcakes


If you’ve already started with your holiday baking, gingerbread cookies are undoubtedly a part of it! They are such a big holiday tradition we can barely imagine a festive table without it. Take the gingerbread lovin’ to a new level this year with Cooking Classy‘s epic gingerbread cupcakes!

3. Snowman Cupcakes


When the kids are playing in the backyard and making a snowman, you can secretly make snowman cupcakes in the kitchen, to surprise them when they come back indoors from their snowy adventure! Little Sunny Kitchen makes it all possible!

4. Reindeer Cupcakes 


Reindeer are the superstars of Christmas! Without them, how could Santa ever visit all of us and leave his presents under the tree? Honor the magical animals by making these reindeer cupcakes together with your kids! They will be so excited to bake with you! Your Cup of Cake shares the recipe and decoration tips.

5. Christmas Tree Cupcakes 


Make a smaller version of your Christmas tree and offer it to your guests as a snack! Preppy Kitchen made the tiniest, most realistic Christmas tree cupcakes that are going to make everyone do a double-take to make sure they are genuinely edible!

6. Polar Bear Cupcakes 


Santa and his reindeer fly to our homes all the way from the North Pole, but every year they forget to bring the polar bears along. Invite your kids to help you make these incredibly adorable polar bear cupcakes from Tesco Real Food and encourage them to share the cupcakes with their animal-loving friends!

7. Peppermint Mocha Cupcakes 


To tell you the truth, we can never resist anything that tastes like an expensive cup of coffee. If you want to recreate the classic peppermint mocha but give it a twist and capture the flavor within a cupcake, Baker by Nature is where you need to report for duty!

8. Tricolor Christmas Cupcakes 


Green, red and white – the colors that make the Christmas! When you love colors and try your best to incorporate them into your every creation, it’s hard not to make use of all the colors that are associated with a certain holiday. Luckily, you won’t need to give anything up if you make the tricolor Christmas cupcakes we found at Tidy Mom!

9. Festive Cupcakes 


Most cupcakes that are baked over the Christmas holidays have a purpose of being festive. The regular icing just won’t do – you have to go out of your way to decorate the cupcakes in a way that writes Christmas all over them. Learn the skills from Baking Mad!

10. Wreath Cupcakes 


What’s the one thing that can’t be missing from your holiday decorations? That’s right, a Christmas wreath! You know how much we love featuring classic recipes with special twists and we can’t deny that this wreath cupcake by Your Cup of Cake is one of our all-time favorites!

11. Red Velvet Cupcakes 


Maybe you swear by tradition and want your Christmas guests to enjoy in the classic Christmas atmosphere and food. You planned to make a proper red velvet cake, but now the lack of time has gotten the best of you. Keep calm and make Baker by Nature‘s exceptional red velvet cupcakes instead!

12. Snowflake Cupcakes 


Biting into a really good cupcake feels like your tastebuds are transported into a sweet wonderland. Why don’t you make cupcakes that feel like they truly are a part of the winter wonderland? Crafty Morning put giant snowflakes onto the cupcakes, making sure nobody overlooks them!

Adorable Valentine’s Day Cupcake Designs

We’ve talked a lot about what a great opportunity for baking Valentine’s Day is but, I mean, can you blame us? Anyone who has ever enjoyed a delicious seasonal baked good at work or at school around the holiday knows exactly why we’re so obsessed with Valentine’s Day themed desserts! There are plenty of different kinds you can make, but when it comes to getting the perfect combination of delicious flavour and adorable presentation, few things are better than cupcakes.

Check out these 15 mouthwatering cupcake flavours, ideas, and designs that make the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day; whether you make them with your kids, take them to work, or eat them all yourself!

1. Gluten free Valentine’s funfetti cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYGluten free Valentine's funfetti cupcakes

For some people, cupcakes, though delicious, are really just a big excuse to use, look at, and eat tiny sugary sprinkles in all shapes, sizes, and colours. We love sprinkles too, and possibly our favourite kind of cupcake to enjoy them with is funfetti! You’ll get to find new colours, especially red and pink for Valentine’s Day, with each bite. Check the recipe out on Girl Cooks World.

2. Vegan red velvet cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYVegan red velvet cupcakes

Red velvet cupcakes are great any time of year, with their rich texture, irresistible cream cheese icing, and novelty colour, but they’re particularly seasonal looking on Valentine’s Day! Much like Cinnamon Girl Delights, who has one of our very favourite red velvet cupcake recipes around, we’ll take just about any excuse to make these treats for ourselves and everyone around us. As an added bonus, these ones are vegan!

3. Gluten free vanilla raspberry swirl cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYGluten free vanilla raspberry swirl cupcakes

Maybe you don’t need a fully vegan recipe but you do need it to be gluten free? Then you’ll be please to know that these vanilla raspberry swirl cupcakes are not only gluten free and perfectly coloured for the season, but also totally delicious! Gluten Free Canteen guides you through the process of making them. We love the little heart-shaped sprinkles on top!

4. Vegan chocolate cherry cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYVegan chocolate cherry cupcakes

Valentine’s Day is one of the best excuses we’ve ever known for enjoying cherry flavoured things in mass quantities and cupcakes are no exception! We were pretty excited when we stumbled across this chocolate cherry cupcake recipe by Namely Marly because we have a lot of vegan friends, family, and coworkers and we love that we can all enjoy the same delicious batch together.

5. Mini cupcake ombre heart

VIEW IN GALLERYMini cupcake ombre heart

Have you always been one to emphasize presentation when it comes to adorable baked goods? Are you throwing a Valentine’s Day party that you hope will rival the one you through last year? Then this ombre cupcake heart by Martha Stewart might be exactly what you’re looking for! We feel pretty confident in saying that it’ll be a wonderfully unique thing to see for most of your guests.

6. Red velvet Cupid’s arrow cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYRed velvet Cupid's arrow cupcakes

One of our very favourite things about Valentine’s Day is how many people pull cute little Cupid gimmicks featuring arrows when they decorate or bake for parties. No matter how the arrow theme is used, we’re always huge fans of the idea. That’s why we fell so in love with these cute little Cupid’s arrow cupcakes from Bakerella! Sprinkle them with a few tiny hearts to really drive the theme home.

7. Heart stencil brownie cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYHeart stencil brownie cupcakes

In case you’ve never visited our site before, let us tell you right now: we are huge fans of recipes that combine one delicious treat with another. That’s why we got so excited when we  found this delicious recipe on Rise and Shine Catering for brownie cupcakes! You read that right- these are literally little cupcakes made with brownie batter, giving them a chewier, more fudgy texture than most recipes. As if that’s not awesome enough, the tutorial even teaches you how to stencil and negative stencil icing sugar hearts on top!

8. Sweetheart rose cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYSweetheart rose cupcakes

Have you joined the trend yet when it comes to floral foods? We’ve been pretty big fans of recipes made with edible flowers lately too, but nothing else we’ve tried so far compares to these amazingly fragrant and deliciously sweet cupcakes made with rosewater! Joy the Baker shows you how to make the cupcakes and decorate them so they’re totally Valentine’s Day appropriate.

9. Sweet cherry chip cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYSweet cherry chip cupcakes

You’ve definitely had chocolate chips before and you’ve probably had caramel chips or Skor chips too, but have you ever tried how delicious cherry chips are? If the answer was yes, then we’ve found the recipe for you. If the answer was no then you’re missing out on a whole world of Valentine’s Day flavour (even though we’d totally indulge in these any time of year). Check the whole recipe out on Bakingdom!

10. Red-hot velvet cupcakes with cinnamon frosting

VIEW IN GALLERYRed-hot velvet cupcakes with cinnamon frosting

Have you always liked baked goods, but sometimes you crave something with a little more unique twist to it? Do you like flavourful spices in the rest of your diet but you don’t always see recipes that will incorporate that into sweet things? Well, Food Network is here to fix that for you! When we say these cupcakes are smothered in hot cinnamon icing, we don’t mean the sweet, calm cinnamon taste you’d find in a morning bun. We mean fiery hot cinnamon like cinnamon heart candies!

11. Alphabet cookie message cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYAlphabet cookie message cupcakes

Are you making enough cupcakes for a big group, like your kids’ school classes, your office, or a group of party guests? Then you’re probably making enough cupcakes to spell out a message too! We love the way BHG used little cookies that have been iced and sprinkled to spell Valentine’s Day messages like “Be Mine” by pressing the letters into the icing on top of their cupcakes!

12. Conversation heart cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYConversation heart cupcakes

Do you love the Valentine’s message idea but you’d rather something cute a kitschy rather than adding an entire cookie on top of your cupcakes? Then consider making these adorable like conversation heart cupcakes instead! They look like the classic candy and all you need to do is practice your icing lettering skills just a bit before you start. Get the full details on Buzzfeed.

13. Dark chocolate raspberry buttercream cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYDark chocolate raspberry buttercream cupcakes

Did you love the sound of the raspberry cupcakes we talked about earlier on this list but you weren’t enthused by the fact that they were vanilla cupcakes? Well, in case your tastes are a little richer than subtle vanilla cake will give you, here’s a dark chocolate version that still looks like a Valentine’s Day extravaganza and is borderline decadent in taste. Check out the recipe on Sweetapolita.

14. Red velvet pomegranate rose cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYRed velvet pomegranate rose cupcakes

We love simple, classic red velvet cupcakes any time of year, like we’ve told you about eight times already in this post alone, but sometimes it’s nice to put a little spin on your favourite things. Buttercream Chantilly did that to these red velvet cupcakes by adding pomegranate to the list of flavours and we’re so grateful for it! We also love the idea of icing them to look like little roses.

15. Heart in a cupcake

VIEW IN GALLERYHeart in a cupcake

What’s even more of a fun Valentine’s Day novelty than a cupcake with little heart shaped sprinkles or stencils on top? Well, a cupcake  with a surprise heart inside is a pretty good guess! Bake It In a Cake guides you through the process of creating two different colours of batter and working a little bit of baking magic to make the heart inside.

It is time for some sweet love!

Cute Homemade Treats: Adorable Winter Cupcake Ideas

We love baking all year round but there’s just something extra special about making sweet treats around the holidays! Our absolute favourite type of Holiday Season baking is, of course, cupcakes, just like it is throughout the year. Besides being completely delicious and versatile when it comes to flavour options, cupcakes are a great opportunity to get creative with your kids.

Check out these adorable and super scrumptious cupcakes that will keep your kids busy and their tummies happy at the same time!

1. Reindeer cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYReindeer cupcakes

Have you always been a big fan of sweet and salty flavours together? Then adding pretzels to a chocolate cupcake is definitely the way to go. Snapping the pretzel in half so you have two arching pieces and dipping them in chocolate like Half Baked Harvest did here makes for an absolutely delicious snack.

2. Marshmallow snowman cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYMarshmallow snowman cupcakes

Are you the kind of person who enjoys a lot of sweetness and thinks there can never be enough icing and sugar to go around? We don’t blame you! Cupcakes are always a sweet treat but you can take that to the next level and also make them a fun little craft by building a snowman made of marshmallows on top. Cooking Classy shows you how it’s done.

3. Hot chocolate cupcakes with toasted marshmallows

VIEW IN GALLERYHot chocolate cupcakes with toasted marshmallows

If you’re a big fan of regular chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing then we’re about to show you how to take that idea to the next level of flavour in a way that will totally blow your mind. Instead of plain chocolate, this cupcake recipe by Bakerita is made with hot chocolate mix. Instead of just plain vanilla icing, the recipe shows you how to toast marshmallow fluff on top!

4. Muddy buddies cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYMuddy buddies cupcakes

Are you a huge fan of puppy chow and all the different flavours of it that you can make? Then you’ll love the topper on this delicious coffee cupcake! Besides getting that dark, rich java flavour, you’ll also get a sweetly sugared crunch from the homemade puppy chow pieces resting in the icing. Find out how it’s done on Chelsea’s Messy Apron.

5. Nutter butter cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYNutter butter cupcakes

What’s better than making yourself one delicious treat? Making yourself a something that has two treats in one, of course! These hilarious little character cupcakes by Five Heart Home are made by dressing Nutter Butter cookies up like reindeer, snowmen, or Santa using icing, candies, and coconut shavings or sprinkles! We love the extra flavour it adds to an already awesome sweet snack.

6. Gingerbread cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYGingerbread cupcakes

Do you love the flavour of gingerbread cookies but you actually prefer the consistency of baked goods like cupcakes to things like cookies and biscuits? Then Sally’s Baking Addiction‘s is here to save your day! These moist, spongy cupcakes are spiced perfectly to taste just like your favourite Christmas gingerbread flavour, with a cute little novelty cinnamon cake topper shaped like a gingerbread man.

7. Eggnog cupcakes with spiced rum frosting

VIEW IN GALLERYEggnog cupcakes with spiced rum frosting

Are you looking for a flavour of cupcake that’s a little more adult and a little less super sweet like the ones your kids love best? Then we definitely suggest checking out these eggnog cupcakes by Baker’s Royale! As if that’s not enough, the icing recipe they give you is for spiced rum frosting and it balances the flavour of the cake perfectly.

8. Sweet snowman cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYSweet snowman cupcakes

Bakerella guides you through the process of making not just a cupcake, but a cupcake that is literally a tiny “snow” man. Their baking tutorial shows you how to mold the body and head out of icing, powdered sugar, and cake balls, topping the whole thing off with some gumdrop buttons and a wafer hat!

9. Peppermint mocha cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYPeppermint mocha cupcakes

As if chocolate mint cupcakes weren’t already a great enough idea, Sally’s Baking Addiction has taken things to the next level once more. Their version is chocolate mint mocha for a bit of extra flavour! Besides the delicious coffee taste in the cake mix, their baking tutorial shows you how to add mint to a delicious vanilla icing and top everything off with crushed candy cane.

10. Polar bear paw cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYPolar bear paw cupcakes

Is your absolute favourite kind of cupcake a coconut recipe, even though it’s not a classically “winter” flavour? Well, lucky for us all, One Little Project has found a way to make even summery tasting coconut shreds fit into a holiday theme! Make whatever kind of cupcake you like best, top it with your favourite white icing, and cover the icing with coconut. Use a chocolate biscuit to made the pad of a polar bear paw and chocolate covered coffee beans or raisins to look like toes!

11. Cranberry vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate frosting

VIEW IN GALLERYCranberry vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate frosting

The Recipe Rebel

Sometimes the fun is in the flavour rather than the way the cupcake looks. If you’d rather make classic, simply iced cupcakes rather than something wacky, check out this holiday cranberry vanilla recipe! Between the cranberry jam filling and the white chocolate icing, these are completely decadent, if you ask us.

Do you know someone who loves cupcakes as much as we do? Share this post with them for a little bit of seasonal baking inspiration!

Cute and Delicious Fall Cupcakes to Keep You Cheerful in Chilly Weather

We’ve been posting a lot about delicious fall treats lately, but who could blame us? Few things are better than treating yourself to a scrumptious, sugary snack on a chilly night to keep your spirits up when daylight hours are few. We find that we hosts guests in our home a lot more as fall and winter approach because it’s nice to hunker down together and really enjoy each other’s company, but a get together is always better when you have something good to share. What’s our favorite treat to make for friends, you ask? Cupcakes, of course! We admit that we’re apt to whipping up a batch of cupcakes all year round and not just in the fall but, because they’re so versatile when it comes to decor and flavor, we adore making them an opportunity to enjoy some very specific fall tastes that make us feel seasonal and festive.

Check out these 15 absolutely mouthwatering cupcake recipes that your guests will thank you for all night and probably sweep clean before they leave for home!

1. Pecan pie filled chocolate cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYPecan pie filled chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes are a classic. We will never say no to a good, spongy chocolate cupcake. We’ll especially never say no if they feature a completely delicious filling! This particular recipe from Betty Crocker had us practically jumping out of our seat when we saw it because, with each bite, a sweet pecan pie filling pours out from the chocolatey crumbs. We love the idea of topping it with a sugar glazed pecan nested in the icing!

2. Pumpkin spice hi-hat cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin spice hi-hat cupcakes

As if the return of your favourite pumpkin spice latte flavour in basically any food or drink wasn’t enough around this time of year, Beyond Frosting has found a way to incorporate it into classic chocolate cupcakes too! They’ve got a hint of zesty pumpkin, a hint of nutmeg, and a hint of cinnamon within them in the form of a delicious pumpkin dough centre. In case that’s not enough, it’s also topped with a pumpkin dipped vanilla buttercream icing!

3. Apple beer cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYApple beer cupcakes

We don’t know about you, but whenever we see a dessert recipe that combines unconventional flavours that wouldn’t normally go together, we jump at the chance to try it. Cupcakes are no exception! That’s how we felt about this apple beer recipe from Brown Sugar Mama and we can’t wait to try it. We love the idea of topping it with crumbled pecan pieces for a little extra crunch!

4. Pumpkin cupcakes with browned butter cream cheese frosting and sugar pecans

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin cupcakes with browned butter cream cheese frosting and sugar pecans

Do you like the idea of a pumpkin cupcake but you’re not sure you want quite so much of the trendy “spice” part? Perhaps you like some flavour in the cake part but the aspect of cupcakes you really enjoy most is the icing? Then we think this recipe might be the one for you! Yammie’s Noshery guides you through the process of making a pumpkin cupcake that’s perfectly subtly spiced, mixing the richest buttercream icing you’ll ever try, and accenting it all with fragrantly sugar glazed pecans.

5. Pumpkin spice latte cupcake

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin spice latte cupcake

Okay, we understand the magnetic draw to the illustrious PSL. Pumpkin spice lattes are basically an autumn staple now and we’re not upset about that one bit! We’ve talked about a few pumpkin recipes here, but this one from Your Cup of Cake tastes exactly like a pumpkin spice latte (and trust us, we would know).

6. Apple pie cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream frosting

VIEW IN GALLERYApple pie cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream frosting

One of the most beautiful things about making cupcakes is that you can make the cupcake itself one flavour and the icing and topping combination another flavour, creating the perfect taste blend for your sweet tooth. This recipe from Life Made Sweeter gives you the fresh spice of apple pie and the rich sweetness of salted caramel at the same time thanks to ingenious cake and icing innovation.

7. Maple cupcakes with pumpkin pie frosting

VIEW IN GALLERYMaple cupcakes with pumpkin pie frosting

When you think of fall flavours, do you actually think more of maple fudge and maple syrup candies than you do about pumpkin spice, even though you like both? Then why not choose a cupcake recipe that actually lets you combine the two? That’s exactly what Amy’s Healthy Baking did here! We like that this cupcake puts the emphasis of the actual cake on the maple syrup flavour for a change, typing the pumpkin goodness in through the icing. This lets you control how much pumpkin is involved so it doesn’t overpower the syrupy goodness!

8. Cinnamon swirl pumpkin cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYCinnamon swirl pumpkin cupcakes

Surprise! We’ve got another pumpkin recipe for you! We’re pretty sure you won’t be upset about that, though, especially when you learn that this one from Sally’s Baking Addiction is a little bit different. Maybe your favourite part of any pumpkin spice recipe is actually the essence of cinnamon, rather than the pumpkin itself? Well, that’s why we’re including this one for you! It’s got a great, full flavour, but it’s mostly just a cinnamon lover’s dream.

9. Apple pie cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting

VIEW IN GALLERYApple pie cupcakes with vanilla butterceam frosting

We’ve already talked about a couple of apple based recipes, but this one (pun warning) takes the cake! Sure, the actual cake in this dessert is fluffy and delicious and the vanilla bean buttercream frosting is rich, creamy, and practically to die for, but you can probably already tell just from the picture which part of Spoonful of Flavour‘s recipe is the real star here. There’s a dollop of deliciously classic apple pie filling in the middle of each one of these gorgeous cakes!

10. Pumpkin maple cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin maple cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting

The Novice Chef takes a couple of the other recipes you’ve seen on this list and mashes them together into one great tasting dessert. You’ve got your pumpkin cupcake, your maple flavours, and your cinnamon spice, all mixed together and featuring one of the fluffiest cream cheese icings you’ll ever taste!

11. Caramel pecan carrot cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYCaramel pecan carrot cupcakes

Do you love any recipe that has even a hint of pecan in it? We don’t blame you and, besides pumpkin, we can hardly think of a flavour that screams “autumn” more. This recipe from Garnish and Glaze combines pecans with the classic taste of spiced carrot cake, all drizzled in thick, sticky caramel to tie the flavours together perfectly.

12. Speculos pecan cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYSpeculos pecan cupcakes

If you’ve never tried speculos, then you need to immediately. We’re not even joking. Open your Google page right now and find the nearest place to your house that sells it. We’ll wait. When you’re done, though, take a look at this mouthwatering, perfectly fall seasoned speculos and pecan recipe from Your Cup of Cake.

13. Pumpkin carrot cake cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin carrot cake cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting

In the interest of finding you as many combinations of your favourite fall flavours as possible, here’s another pumpkin option for you! This one combines fall’s most classic flavour with the delicious chase of carrot cake and the creamy texture of maple cream cheese frosting. It’s a rich taste, but it’s absolutely worth it. Check out the full ingredients on Mom on Timeout!

14. Pumpkin S’more cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin S'more cupcakes

Remember what we said about novelty treat combinations to make one awesome super dessert? Well, here’s one that’s so sweet and delicious that it almost doesn’t make sense! Here, once again, is your classic pumpkin cupcake but instead of just being finished with flavoured icing, you’re getting an entire S’more on top! See how the whole delicious concoction is created by Something Swanky.

14 Adorably Sweet Cupcake Themed DIY Projects

We all know that cupcakes are one of the most delicious baked treats you could ask for. Besides being scrumptious, they’re also completely adorable! Some people think cupcakes are so cheerful that they almost prefer the way they look to how sweet they taste. If that’s you, why not use your DIY skills to keep enjoying cupcakes even if they’re not your favorite snack?

Check out these 14 fun DIY projects that are inspired by (or involve) delicious, adorable cupcakes

1. Cupcake crayons

VIEW IN GALLERYCupcake crayons

The Krauska Family shows you how to melt down differently coloured crayons and pour them into shaped candy moulds in order to make super fun 3D crayons! As if regular cupcakes weren’t cute enough, these adorable little crayons are like an extra bright miniature version!

2. Easy mini cupcake stands

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy cupcake stands

Modern Moments Designs guides you through the process of creating these adorable little cupcake stands for individual mini cupcakes! We love how cute each one looks resting on its own pedestal. For how nice they look, you’d never guess how easy they are.

3. Cupcake pin cushion

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Cupcake pin cushion

If you’re a sewing enthusiast, then this is the cupcake for you. Besides looking very sweet, this little plush cupcake makes a great pin cushion for other future sewing projects. Get the pattern on You Can Make This.

4. Clay cupcake magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYColorful clay cupcake magnets

Crafting clay is a great way to mould whatever shapes you like in order to make custom trinkets, figurines, and so on. We like to use it for magnets! These miniature cupcake magnets by Know and Tell Crafts are the perfect example of how clay can create great and totally adorable things!

5. Crocheted cupcake garland

VIEW IN GALLERYCrocheted cupcake garland

Do you love to crochet just as much as you love really cute baked goods? Then we definitely suggest this cupcake garland crochet pattern from Rock n’ Roll Bride! Whether you put them up just for special occasions or leave them up all the time, the cute little cherries and eye catching beaded “sprinkles” will cheer you right up every time you walk by.

6. Stencilled cupcake stand

VIEW IN GALLERYStencilled cupcake stand

Did you like the idea of making a little cupcake stand but you’re not sure about the individual design? Try making one that holds many cupcakes at once, just like this one by The House of Smiths! Make it your own or match it to your existing decor scheme by stencilling it.

7. Cupcake birthday card

VIEW IN GALLERYCupcake birthday card DIY

Cupcakes can be incorporated into even the simplest crafts and projects! We love the idea of creating party invites or birthday cards using textured crafting paper for the icing and little buttons for the sprinkles and cherries! Get some inspiration on Debbie Hodge.

8. Lace paper cupcake doilies

VIEW IN GALLERYLace paper cupcake doilies

When it comes to making real cupcakes, you can still get creative with their presentation beyond just how you decorate or ice them! Get creative by wrapping each one in a single layer of lace paper, like the pattern around the edge of a paper doily. We love how these ones featured on Intimate Weddings look!

9. Cupcake chalkboard frame

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Cupcake chalkboard frame

Plaid Online guides you through the process of creating a framed chalkboard that features a scrumptious cupcake in the corner! We love the cheerful way that the polka dots contrast with the cherry on top of the cupcake!

10. Wavy cupcake flags

VIEW IN GALLERYCupcake flags

Crafting for cupcakes is just about as fun as crafting faux cupcakes and cupcake shaped things. These wavy little flags will catch the eye of any guest walking in across the room and suddenly all your cupcakes will be eaten right up! One Charming Party shows you how they’re made.

11. Felt cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt cupcakes

Alpha Mom reminds you that crafting with felt is an easy way to get creative with your kids! Cutting small pieces and shapes, choosing colours, and gluing them all in combination will keep them busy. We love the idea of creating little felt cupcakes that you can turn into just about anything, like cute fridge magnets!

12. Washcloth cupcake

VIEW IN GALLERYWashcloth cupcake

Popsugar has the perfect idea for shower favours or party gifts! Twist a brightly coloured wash cloth into a plastic cupcake cup and top it off with a pom pom “cherry”!

13. Oversized dollar store cupcake

VIEW IN GALLERYDollar store oversized cupcake

We love going to the dollar store and we adore making projects entirely from dollar store supplies. It’s the perfect place to pick up things for making this hilarious little decorative foam cupcake! Get the instructions for making it on Dollar Store Crafts.

14. Needle felted cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYNeedle felted cupcakes

Needle felted projects are a great way to recreated your favourite real life things. We’re particular fans of needle felted food because they’re always miniature and simply adorable. Get the instructions for these irresistibly cute felted cupcakes from All Things Cupcake.

With fall parties and Holiday Season not too far away, these cupcake theme crafts would surely come in handy!

8 Amazing DIY Cupcake Stands Made Out of Various Materials

Are you planning a party soon? Planning to get the party decorations in order? A big part of planning for a gala party is the food you serve and how it is presented. And those serving a cupcake definitely need a cupcake stand that looks as amazing as the delicious treats on offer! But something even better is a gorgeous cupcake stand that you can make yourself from things that are easily available. To make a personalized cupcake stand for your party, is easier than you think and the smart ideas showcased today should get you started in the right direction.

1. Mini Cupcake Stands

VIEW IN GALLERYMini Cupcake Stands

Give your cupcakes something that they can stand on with pride and watch as people ask you where you bought your stands from! These cute looking cupcake stands will make delightful additions to your party. Head over to Blitsy and they will guide you through the easy DIY process.

2. Butterfly Cake Stand

VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly Stand

Add some spring cheer to your cupcakes this year by making this wonderful butterfly cake stand that is sure to impress anyone who sees it. To make your own delightful cake stand, check out Design Improvised for more information. You’ll be glad that you did!

3. Candlestick Cupcake Stand

VIEW IN GALLERYCandlestick Cupcake Stand

Wherever you look there are plenty of things that you can use to make cupcake stands. This is what Bayside Bride seem to profess as they turned a candlestick into a unique looking cupcake holder. Perfect if you are on a budget, but want a cupcake holder that will make an great impression.

4. Elegant Cupcake Stand

VIEW IN GALLERYElegant Cupcake Stand

For a classy look at your next party, why not make an elegant cupcake stand that you will enjoy showing off? This creation from Simply Belle is the perfect design. Easy to craft and affordable, it barely takes any time to get this one done.

5. 3-Tier Cupcake Stand

VIEW IN GALLERY3-Tier Cupcake Stand

If you’ve always wanted to make a glass tiered cupcake, but have never managed to get around to making your own or do not know how to get it done, now is the time to consider making one. This glass tier cupcake stand from Wandering Chopsticks is incredibly easy to make and can be done in a jiffy.

6. Glitter Cupcake Stand

VIEW IN GALLERYGlitter Cupcake Stand

For a bit of sparkle, why not make a dashing and glitter cupcake stand? This nifty glitter cupcake stand from We Are Not Martha is sure to dazzle and delight those who see it firsthand.

7. Wooden Play Dessert

VIEW IN GALLERYWooden Play Dessert

While you might not be able to eat this wooden play dessert set, this will serve as a wonderful play set for your child to enjoy. As it is made out of wood, it’s easy to create and will give them endless hours of fun. Plenty of Paprika has the lowdown on how to make one of these.

8. Simple Cake Stand

VIEW IN GALLERYSimple Cake Stand

For a simple cake stand that you can use for any occasion, check out this smart and savvy stand from Julie Ann Art. Sometimes a simple design can make a bigger impact than a more ornate creation.

Beautiful Ballerina Cupcakes, Quick Recipe

Would you ever believe that results like these were actually easy to come up with at home? We were skeptical too, but trust us when we say that the first time you try out these ballerina cupcakes for yourself, you might not look the same way at your local bakery ever again.

VIEW IN GALLERYballerina-cupcakes F

Whether looking to knock up a few individual cakes for a group of individuals or perhaps one huge offering for a special event or occasion, you’ll find it an absolute breeze with these free guides and tutorials. Of course, you could always buy the cakes in and take control of the decorating alone, but we always think it’s better to go the whole hog and bake your own.

Trust us – you’ll taste the difference!

Ballerina Cupcakes, What You’ll Need

VIEW IN GALLERYballerina cupcake2

VIEW IN GALLERYballerina cupcake

How to make them

  1. Prepare the fondant as instructed or buy the fondant ready to use.
  2. When ready, roll the fondant out to around 5mm in thickness to be used for the top part of the dress. Cut our heart shapes using the cookie cutter and then use a knife to cut off the heart’s bottom part (as pictured).
  3. For the skirt, roll fondant much thinner and then use the frilled-edge cookie cutter to cut it out. Make indents along the edge use the tooth pick.
  4. Take the skirt part and drape it over the top of the cupcake. If necessary, you can add a little icing or cram to hold it in place.
  5. You’ll then want to make a second layer for the skirt as pictured using the same technique, though with a slightly smaller diameter. Stick this on top of the first layer.
  6. Add the heart-shaped bustier to the top using another blob of icing or cream to hold it in place.
  7. Decorate the waist area of the dress using any edible gems or balls of your choosing to hide the connecting lines.

VIEW IN GALLERY540934_456179914455044_1572114934_n

Check the video for a more detailed tutorial.

YouTube video

The Cutest Caterpillar Cupcakes – Free Guide and Recipe

Trust us when we say that once you’ve made your first cupcake caterpillar, chances are you’ll never choose a store-bought celebration cake again!

Brilliant for kids’ parties and really for any kind of special occasion across the board, you’ll save time and money by whipping up your own culinary masterpiece with just a few simple ingredients! Guaranteed to steal the show at any event, you can make the caterpillar pretty much any size, shape and overall design of your choosing to best-suit the lucky recipients!

VIEW IN GALLERYCaterpillar Cupcakes F

A delicious dessert that’s a work of art in its own right, your family and friends simply will not believe it’s 100% homemade!


You can of course buy the cupcakes in from a bakery and just take care of the decorating, but probably you know by now that homemade always tastes best! In which case you’ll need:

VIEW IN GALLERYCaterpillar cupcake cake VIEW IN GALLERYCaterpilla cupcake recipe

Caterpillar Cupcakes Recipe

For another idea, you can go ahead and say thank you to Lyndsay from Coco Cake Land, for the amazing caterpillar cupcake cake below. It’s so amazing.

VIEW IN GALLERYCaterpillar - cake VIEW IN GALLERYCaterpillar cake - detail

Wonderful DIY Unique Couture Cupcake Stand

VIEW IN GALLERYCouture-Cupcake-StandThese beautiful Couture Cupcake Stands will set you apart and add style and WOW to your event: Bridal showers, quinceaneras, weddings or even a birthday.If you are planning to serve cupcakes for an upcoming party or wedding then present your cupcakes in such a unique way that they will be remembered for years to come …

VIEW IN GALLERYCouture-Cupcake-Stand-2-550x479

 Couture Cupcake Tables , you can purchase one via Etsy, or watch the video below to create it by yourself.

YouTube video

Here are more cupcake stands ideas, which one do you like ?

VIEW IN GALLERYCouture-Cupcake-Stand-51. A simple pink cupcake stand is given a tutu makeover at the lowest tier along with sequined lace trim at the edges of the tiers. Image via: Create Bake Love .VIEW IN GALLERYCouture-Cupcake-Stand-2

2. Cute tree cupcake stand . It is made with leaf covered discs of cardboard supported through pillars made with salt filled cylindrical containers.Image via: Create Share Repeat.

VIEW IN GALLERYCouture-Cupcake-Stand-33. Display your cupcakes in a rustic way with this rustic wooden cupcake stand ,  Image via: Roxy Heart Vintage via Etsy.

VIEW IN GALLERYCouture-Cupcake-Stand-4Make a fairy tutu light table skirt  :

VIEW IN GALLERYFairy Light Tutu Table Skirt- wonderful diy.Click here for the tutorial

Wonderful DIY Cute Marshmallow Sheep Cupcake

VIEW IN GALLERYMarshmallow Sheep Cupcakes FThese extremely simple sheep cupcakes are so adorable ! They are made from frosted white icing and marshmallows then iced with a chubby sheep face.These are so simple and fun to make that you can enlist your kids to help! They are perfect for baby shower or birthday party !

Ingredients —

1 (15.25- to 16.5-ounce) package white cake mix
1 cup milk
1/2 cup Land O Lakes® Butter, softened
3 Land O Lakes® Eggs
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed orange juice
2 teaspoons freshly grated orange zest
1 (1.5-ounce) bottle flower-shaped cake sprinkles

1 1/2 cups Land O Lakes® Butter, softened
2 cups powdered sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 (7-ounce) jars marshmallow crème

Decorations :
1 (10.5-ounce) package miniature marshmallows
24 black gumdrops
Decorator candy eyes
Licorice pieces or licorice nibs

VIEW IN GALLERYMarshmallow Sheep Cupcakes1

YouTube video

VIEW IN GALLERYgorgeous Marshmallow Sheep

Click here for Recipe from “Landolakes”

VIEW IN GALLERYmarshmallow sheep9

 Marshmallow Sheep Cupcakes via Cincy Shopper

VIEW IN GALLERYmarshmallow sheep7
Marshmallow Sheep Cupcakes Tutorial via Bake for Happy Kids
VIEW IN GALLERYmarshmallow sheep8
Marshmallow Sheep Cupcakes Tutorial via Repeat Crafter

VIEW IN GALLERYmarshmallow sheep5Marshmallow Sheep Cupcakes Tutorial via Raining Hot CouponsVIEW IN GALLERYmarshmallow sheep6

Shaun The Sheep Cake Tutorial via Smartmama

VIEW IN GALLERYmarshmallow sheep11

Marshmallow Sheep Cake Tutorial by Makeaamurmelintaydelta

VIEW IN GALLERYmarshmallow sheep12

 Lamb Cake Tutorial via ‘Handmade Charlotte’
VIEW IN GALLERYCaterpillar Cupcakes F

More wonderful cupcake ideas and tutorials Here

Wonderful DIY Marshmallow Flower Shaped Cupcake Topper (Video)

VIEW IN GALLERYmarshmallow flower cupcake topper-wonderfuldiyShe sliced the marshmallow, what happen ? Please watch the video tutorial to be surprised !

VIEW IN GALLERYMarshmallow Petal-Topped Cupcakes

YouTube video

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VIEW IN GALLERYMarshmallow Flower Cupcake topping

 Make these marshmallow-flower-cupcake-toppers — Check here

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DIY cute marshmallow sheep cupcake

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DIY easy-marshmallow-fondant

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Make cute ballerina cupcake for your little princess

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Amazing wedding dressing cupcake — Check here

Wonderful DIY Ferrero Rocher Cupcake Dessert

VIEW IN GALLERYFerrero Rocher Cupcake Recipe- wonderful DIY

You will love this delicious Ferrero Rocher Cupcake dessert ! Intensely chocolatey, decadent Nutella-filled cupcakes are topped with a heavenly Nutella frosting. It’s all finished off with Ferrero Rocher! Check the link below for the recipe ~~

Click here for the recipe from Lickthebowlgoodb

Wonderful DIY Beautiful Christmas Cupcake Wreath

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This is a great Christmas idea of turning cupcakes into a centerpiece with a gorgeous holiday wreath! How beautiful is this holiday centerpiece decoration ! Check the link below for the full tutorial and enjoy ~~

Thecakeblog — Christmas-cupcake-wreath Tutorial

Wonderful DIY Rainbow Cupcakes

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How beautiful are these Rainbow Cupcakes ! They are sure to brighten up your table !  These colorful cupcakes are perfect for your celebration . Recipe by Jamie Cooks It Up .


1 White Cake Mix + ingredients to prepare the mix
2 jars cream cheese frosting
1 box nerds candy
Food Coloring GEL

Click here for the Rainbow Cupcakes Recipe

VIEW IN GALLERYRainbow-Tie-Dye-Cupcakes -wonderfuldiy1Rainbow Cupcakes Recipe by DelightfullyDowling

Wonderful DIY Easy Santa Hat Cupcake

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These Santa hat cupcakes look pretty and festive ! They are  a quick and easy recipe using ice cream cones. Check the link below for the recipe by Kara’ Party Ideas… Enjoy !

 Click here for the recipe from ‘Kara’s Party Ideas’

Wonderful DIY Surprise Christmas Tree Cupcakes

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These Cheesecake Stuffed Christmas Tree Cupcakes are as pretty on the outside as they are inside. They  look as traditional cupcake but surprise inside. They are perfect for your Christmas celebration . Click the below link for the recipe….


16ounces (2 blocks) cream cheese (do not use light or no fat)
2/3cup sugar
1/3cup heavy whipping cream
2 large eggs
1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract (or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract)
green food coloring


1 box Betty Crocker Triple Chocolate Cake Mix (or other chocolate mix)
1 1/4cups whole milk or water
1/3 cup vegetable oil
3 large eggs
3 tubs Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting
Betty Crocker Green Gel Food Coloring
8 ounces white jimmies (sprinkles)

Tablespoon — DIY Cheesecake Stuffed Christmas Tree Cupcakes

OREO Stuffed Red Velvet Cupcakes That Taste Divine!

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Are you looking for a way to spice up those divine-tasting OREOS? We have just found a recipe from the OREO Play Up Dessert recipe booklet that will totally blow you away — we’re talking about these mouth watering Red Velvet Oreo Stuffed Cupcakes.

For those of you who have just escaped electrocution from a drooling over your keyboard, please be advised that these OREOS cupcakes not just look good (makes me – literally – want to bite the laptop screen), they taste just as delicious. They should be a fit for whatever fancy gathering you’re throwing, no matter how people dress or how many languages they speak.

And for those of you who don’t like the red velvet flavour, rest assured, you can add just as much white chocolate mousse/cream, and it’s a recipe made in Heaven. Take our word for it: this dessert is the perfect holiday treat. Enjoy !

Ingredients (for 24 cupcakes)

VIEW IN GALLERYOREO Cupcakes for Christmas

VIEW IN GALLERYOREO Stuffed Cupcake - recipe


  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.
  2. Line two cupcake baking pans with liners and place one OREO with the design facing down into each liner.
  3. Prepare the cake mix as directed on the box.
  4. Pour about 2 tablespoons of cake batter over each cookie.
  5. Bake 15 – 20 minutes, until a toothpick entered in the center comes out clean. Set aside to cool.
  6. Microwave marshmallow creme for 15 seconds and whisk with COOL WHIP.
  7. Remove the cupcakes from the liners and slice in half and put a dollop of the filling between the layers.

Images from Red Velvet

Wonderful DIY Amazing Christmas Tree Cupcake

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How amazing are these Christmas Tree Cupcakes . They look so pretty and delicious as well. They are easy to make and sure to brighten up your festive table . Please check the Recipe by Just a Taste from the below link, Enjoy ~~


6 chocolate or vanilla cupcakes
3 cups homemade or store-bought vanilla frosting
2 Tablespoons green food coloring
6 ice cream sugar cones
Edible silver ball sprinkles
Powdered sugar, for dusting

 Recipe for Christmas tree cupcake

Wonderful DIY Christmas Wreath Cupcake

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How to make Christmas cupcakes with a wreath on it? This one is truly easy to do, even if you have a couple of dozen to decorate. They are perfect for your Christmas celebration. let’s learn to turn cupcakes into a Christmas centerpiece with this gorgeous holiday wreath!

Click here for the recipe from ‘ Yourcupofcake ‘

image via Pinterest

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DIY strawberry-christmas-tree-brownie