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Here Comes Santa Claus: The Greatest DIY Santa Crafts

Santa Claus is undoubtedly the star of Christmas – somebody that we wait for throughout the whole year, always aware that his elves are watching us and judging if we’re being naughty or nice! Even if you’ve been a little naughty this year, there’s still time to make it up to Santa. Start by making any of these DIY Santa crafts to really show him you mean business!

1. Felt Santa Ornament 


It may seem like all we do in December is make DIY ornaments and truth be told, it isn’t too far from the truth. Handmade ornaments are always the best ones, especially when they look like Santa himself! Get the tutorial for this little felt Santa ornament at A Cultivated Nest.

2. Santa Logs


Decorating your interior for Christmas is everyone’s top priority in December, but don’t forget about the exterior. The outdoors of your home should carry a festive look just as much! The Santa logs by Smart Girls DIY seem like a lovely thing to make and place on your porch!

3. Origami Santa Claus 


Are you an origami enthusiast? December may be a busy month, but that’s no reason to forget about your creative hobby! If anything, you can use it to make the holiday season even better. A tiny origami Santa (courtesy of The Idea King) is going to be the ultimate surprise element in your holiday gift bags!

4. Santa Tulle Wreath 


If your front door still doesn’t have a Christmas wreath, you’re going to need to hurry! Maybe you don’t feel like making something over-complicated that takes a whole afternoon, because you have so many gifts to wrap and time is of the essence. Baby Rabies features the perfect Santa tulle wreath for you!

5. Santa Claus Cushion 


One of the best parts of Christmas Eve is when the whole family sits on the couch by the fireplace to watch the classic Christmas movies. Having a Santa Claus cushion with you on the couch will only add to the ambiance and make you feel as if Santa himself is watching the movies with you! Nutty Crafter shares the tutorial.

6. Santa Christmas Stocking 


Have you already hung up your Christmas stockings or do you want to make new ones this year because you’ve gotten bored of the ones you’ve been hanging up for the past decade? It’s always good to invite change into our holiday spirit, so visit Innova Crafts to learn all about this Santa Christmas stocking!

7. Santa Wood Slice Ornaments 


You didn’t think we’re already done with the ornaments, did you? If you love crafting with natural materials and want your Christmas tree to have a rustic look, we can’t think of a better choice of ornaments than these Santa wood slices by The Country Chic Cottage.

8. Foam Santa Claus 


If you get a chance to catch a glimpse of Santa on Christmas, consider yourself very lucky! He usually climbs down the chimney, leaves presents under the tree and sneaks off before we have the chance to wake up. Maybe it’s best to settle for a foam Santa Claus? Use the tutorial by A Girl & A Glue Gun to make it!

9. Santa Advent Calendar 


The advent calendar is the perfect way to count down the days until Christmas and stay in the festive mood throughout the whole month!  If you are looking for a creative way to make the calendar, we are currently obsessed with Your DIY Family‘s Santa advent calendar idea!

10. Santa Party Cups 


Are you going to host a Christmas party this year for all of your closest friends and colleagues? Make sure the party decorations are all aligned with spirit of Christmas, especially the classic red party cups! Cute Fetti shares the details on how you can give them a Santa upgrade!