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Vibrant DIY Vertical Garden Pyramid Planter

We’re always on the lookout for the biggest and best ideas for making the most of all available space in your garden. That’s why if you’re finding yourself with big ideas and very little room to work with, this vertical pyramid planter could be the perfect tool for the job!

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A fantastic new concept in gardening, this unique planter takes up the least possible floor space in order to add plenty of extra room by building upwards rather than outwards. Each of the containers is more than large enough to plant your favorite fruits, blooms and blossoms – we personally can’t resist using our planters to grow summer strawberries!

What’s more, it’s a surprisingly easy planter to make at home with basic tools and a few planks of wood, plus you can change the size specifications as necessary to suit your needs perfectly!

Styling Your Pyramid Planter

Even in the smallest of gardens, just a few of these planters can provide you with enough room to think big like never before! We love the natural wood finish of the planter pictured here, but you can of course get as creative as you like with the paints and come up with a wonderfully colorful design if it better suits your garden.

You’ll need to set aside no more than a few hours to put the planter together, making it a perfect weekend project to involve the whole family in. And even if your own garden isn’t exactly blessed with day-long sunshine, you can roll this little beauty around as and when needed to make sure it catches the very best of the rays!

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