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Wonderful DIY Rain Gutter Strawberry Planter

VIEW IN GALLERYrain gutter strawberry planter-wonderfuldiyStrawberries are delicious , they are one of the easiest to grow. But Growing strawberries also can be a challenge. Normally the biggest issue in growing strawberries is the fact that if they sit for too long on the soil, they spoil before they can be picked. Over watering can also lead to plant rot.

Is there a way to prevent this in YOUR own garden? Yes, and the answer is Rain Gutters…By using rain gutters or some PVC pipe as your “pot”, you can keep your strawberries fresh and clean, and oh so delicious to eat! Another great thing about this is saving space, If you don’t have the room for a crawling plant you might want to try using a rain gutter. You can mount the gutters vertically or horizontally to save space. Image source : flickr.

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SF Gate – Grow Strawberry In Rain Gutters Tutorials

Here are another vertical strawberry planter projects that you can do it yourself :

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-Strawberry-Tower-from-PVC-Pipe-2DIY PVC strawberry planter

VIEW IN GALLERYStrawberry-Planter-made-from-Pallet

DIY pallet strawberry planter