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Usher in Coastal Charm: Handmade Driftwood Garlands

Driftwood for decorating is an inexpensive option. It can be found easily at the beach as you’re walking along on a fun day out. It’s also a great way of recycling wood in an eco-friendly fashion instead of buying wood to create a similar decorative piece. With driftwood you can create a wide variety of pieces that range from the rustic to the refined. Ushering in coastal charm even while giving your home a sustainable upgrade, these handmade driftwood garlands are indeed showstopper!

1. Driftwood Baby Mobile

VIEW IN GALLERYDriftwood Material

If you’re searching for a baby mobile to add to the nursery, why not make your own out of driftwood. Check out this creation from Morning Creativity, who have put together an easy design that can be easily replicated.

2. Acorn Driftwood Garland

VIEW IN GALLERYAcorn Driftwood Garland

Make your own acorn driftwood garland by using this lovely design from Table and Hearth as inspiration. This chic garland won’t take long to make and would make a lovely addition to your home this summer. Take the sea home with you with your very own driftwood garland.

3. Driftwood and Bead Garland

VIEW IN GALLERYDriftwood Garland

Create the perfect driftwood garland with a selection of beads to complete your design. This will add a sense of living by the beach to your home even if you don’t live anywhere near a coast. To make this lovely driftwood garland, head over to Atilio for more information.

4. Colourful Yarn Driftwood Garland

VIEW IN GALLERYColourful Yarn Garland

Add a bit of colour to your home with this vivacious yarn driftwood garland from City Girl Gone Coastal. All you need here is some driftwood and yarn of your favorite color to wrap around the driftwood. It couldn’t be any easier!

5. Shell and Driftwood Hanging

VIEW IN GALLERYShell Driftwood

VIEW IN GALLERYShell Driftwood Garland

Collect a selection of your favourite shells and make a lovely looking driftwood garland that you can place with pride outside your home. Inspired Soul show you how its done and you can try this one along with your kids, as they enjoy their summer holidays.

6. Floating Driftwood with Green Glass

VIEW IN GALLERYFloating Driftwood

This is a wonderful garland to make and is an incredibly easy DIY project that takes absolutely no time whatsoever. Whether inside or outside your home, this floating driftwood garland by The Rubbish Revival makes for a fantastic addition and is sure to attract everyone’s attention.

7. Driftwood and Sea Star Mobile

VIEW IN GALLERYDriftwood and Starfish Mobile

This summer, why not consider using driftwood to make the bulk of a baby mobile and finish it off with a lovely sea star at the end? This will make a beautiful addition to the nursery and won’t cost much at all. Perfect if you are on a budget, but still want to add things that are stylish and long lasting.

8. Driftwood Sparkle

VIEW IN GALLERYDriftwood Sparkle

VIEW IN GALLERYDriftwood Bedroom Sparkle

Add some dazzle to your bedroom this season with a handmade driftwood sparkle garland. This one also serves as a versatile piece of art that varies with the jewelry that it display. Talk about multitasking!