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Top 12 Bullet Journal Ideas With Great Layouts

Bullet journaling has been called the perfect analog system for our digital age. If you want your bullet journal to be both functional and pretty, these gorgeous layout ideas will inspire you to take your organizational skills up a notch.

The Coolest Bullet Journal Ideas

Craft a bullet journal today with these cool ideas that we’ve scoured from around the web. Also, let us know if have any other bullet journal ideas that we could feature. Let’s delve in.

1. Daily Page with Decorative Headers

VIEW IN GALLERYdaily bullet journal

Doodle a cute header on each daily entry to give your bullet journal a bit of flair. Photo via stickersandsuch.

2. Week at a Glance

VIEW IN GALLERYweekly spread

A weekly spread with a few colorful accents makes it a little more fun to tackle your to-do list. Photo via Pinterest.

3. Healthy Habits

VIEW IN GALLERYhealthy habits

If you’re trying to develop a healthier lifestyle, this stylish habit tracker lets you easily see your progress. Photo via Success Aesthetics.

4. Weight Loss Chart

VIEW IN GALLERYweight loss chart

Watch the pounds fall off with this weight loss chart. Photo via Pinterest.

5. Workouts Completed

VIEW IN GALLERYworkouts completed

Track your time at the gym so you can see how your workouts impact your fitness goals. Photo via Bullet Journaling.

6. Spending Tracker

VIEW IN GALLERYspending tracker

Stay on budget with a spending tracker that’s easy to update everyday. Photo via bobbis_bujo.

7. Savings Tracker

VIEW IN GALLERYsavings tracker

If you’re saving for a specific goal, such as the down payment on a new home or a special family vacation, this is a great way to see how you’re doing as the year passes. Photo via Boho Berry.

8. Meal Planner

VIEW IN GALLERYweekly-meal-planning

You’ll never wonder what to make for dinner again if you devote a section of your bullet journal to this stylish meal planner. Photo via Productive and Pretty.

9. Quote Page


Create a page to keep track of meaningful quotes from a favorite author or cute quips your child said. Photo via Miracle of Human Consciousness.

10. Movies to Watch


Never let movie night catch you off guard again when you have a list of movies you want to watch in your bullet journal. Photo via that_journal.

11. Books to Read

VIEW IN GALLERYbooks to read

This illustrated bookshelf will motivate you to finally make it through your “to-read” pile. Photo via My Bullet Journal 101.

12. Bullet Journal Key

VIEW IN GALLERYbullet journal key

If you find yourself struggling to remember what all those symbols mean, a bullet journal key is a must. Photo via Pinterest.

Parting Words

Time to make your life a whole lot easier and far more organized with a bullet journal of your own!

Did you try any of the above?

We’d love to hear from you creative crafters, and see how it went out. Hit us up in the comments below with more info.