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Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party? Here Are 12 Finger Food Ideas! 

This is it friends, we’ve made it to the end of the year! If you are planning to host a New Year’s Eve party full of your friends and family, then you probably feel a little bit of added stress in these days. Having a large group of people coming over always makes us wonder one very important thing: what food are we going to serve?! Don’t worry, we got you covered! Every party calls for food that’s easy to snack on while you’re socializing around, so we’re bringing you 12 New Year’s Eve finger food ideas!

1. Champagne Cupcakes 


We don’t think we’re exaggerating in any way when we say that everyone loves cupcakes. They are one of the simplest party foods to make and you can even give them a give a flavor of champagne to make them extra festive on New Year’s Eve! The First Year will show you how.

2. Cauliflower Bites 


Cauliflower probably doesn’t sound much of a party food to you, but if you prep it in the right way, it can be a crunchy and delicious (not to mention unexpected) snack for your party guests. Find out how you can make these tasty cauliflower bites at Julie’s Eats & Treats!

3. Spinach Balls 


Spinach has definitely gained in reputation in the last few years, so you can encourage your guests to try these incredible spinach balls at your special party and see for themselves that festive foods don’t need to be unhealthy! Natural Sugar shares the recipe!

4. Caprese Skewers 


Want to keep things light and easy on the stomach? Serve these caprese skewers we found at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe! They are a classic appetizer bringing together the familiar flavors of cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. Serve them before the main New Year’s dinner or have the guests eat them throughout the party!

5. Avocado Mozza Puffs 


Speaking of mozzarella, if you really want to throw the party of the year, you have to make these avocado mozza puffs by Jo Cooks! They have a mind-blowing combination of flavors that will give your party guests just enough protein to keep on partying until early morning hours!

6. Bruschetta Bread 


Bruschetta bread is one of the best finger foods to surprise your guests with! While unique party foods may have a wow-effect, it’s the classic party foods that make us feel like we’re a part of the tradition. Learn all about these tasty bruschetta slices at Cupcake Diaries!

7. Baked Falafel 


If your friends are big fans of the falafel, here’s a great recipe that’s going to bring a huge smile on their faces when they see it served on the trays at your New Year’s Eve party! Head over to Hello Bee to find the recipe for these baked falafel sticks!

8. Mac and Cheese Bites 


Mac and cheese is one of those universally loved dishes that everybody is downright obsessed with. Since the traditional mac and cheese isn’t very party friendly, Chef in Training created a recipe for tiny mac and cheese bites that are going to be a major hit at your party!

9. Stuffed Mushrooms 


If you want your party to feel more sophisticated and you’re determined to serve something that’s not usually on the menu, we absolutely recommend you check out the idea for stuffed mushrooms at Serena Bakes! All of your guests will be super impressed!

10. Cucumber Bites 


Are you determined to keep your New Year’s Eve celebration very healthy and get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions? Valya’s Taste of Home can help you stick with the plan! These cucumber bites are not only very healthy and light, they also happen to be super delicious!

11. Garlic Pull Apart Bread 


If you’ve scrolled passed all of the healthy finger food featured in this article, you have finally came to the one that’s meant for you – cheesy garlic pull apart bread by Street Smart Kitchen! This is the kind of food everybody can bond over and absolutely indulge in because hey, it’s the last day of the year!

12. Pretzel Bites 


With parties it’s always tricky to find the right balance between sweet and salty snacks. If you are still searching for some tasty salty finger food that is going to appeal to your guests, we found a great recipe for tiny pretzel bites at Two Peas and Their Pod!