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Bathe Like a Queen: DIY Milk Baths

Have you ever heard the stories of how Cleopatra bathed in milk? She’s definitely not the only queen to ever do so and while milk baths used to be a luxury only royalty could afford, those days are long gone! You don’t need to have royal blood to enjoy a royal bath. Milk baths are said to have many benefits for the skin and the complexion, so dive into this roundup of DIY milk baths and make your new favorite beauty product!

1. Oatmeal Milk Bath 


Oatmeal is frequently used in homemade beauty and self-care products. It’s a very affordable ingredient and one you usually have stocked in your pantry! The Idea Room will show you how a few scoops of oats can make all the difference for your homemade milk bath mixture!

2. Essential Oil Milk Bath 


Part of what makes bath time so magical is soaking in good scents! All bath melts, bath bombs and bath salts smell incredibly good. If you’re worried that a milk bath isn’t going to carry that same captivating scent, Crafting Chicks can put all your worries to rest with their essential oil milk bath!

3. Layered Milk Bath 


If creativity is your raison d’etre, a regular milk bath definitely isn’t going to cut it for you. You can add some super unique ingredients to your milk bath and create a layered version of it, to make all of the ingredients visible from the outside! Visit Whole Foods Market for the full how-to!

4. Rose Petal Milk Bath 


Rose petals are so charming and sensual, they’ve always had a romantic undertone. With Valentine’s Day coming up, the pressure is on for finding the perfect surprise for your lover. This rose petal milk bath by Naturally Handcrafted can totally be your winning ticket!

5. Lavender Milk Bath 


The calming aroma of lavender is perfect for a relaxing bath! A milk bath that is going to make your skin soft and rejuvenated, and when it’s paired with lavender you can peacefully relax while the milk bath does its magic! Munchkins and the Military will show you how to make it.

6. Red Sea Salt Milk Bath 


If you are giving the milk bath away as a gift, it has to have an appealing look. Suburbia Unwrapped‘s mixture includes sea salt but what is truly special about it is that it’s colored red with food coloring! What a simple trick to spice up the look of your milk bath!

7. Almond Milk Bath 


We realize that regular milk isn’t an option for everyone, so thankfully there’s always an alternative you can swap it with! My Life and Kids created a milk bath mixture with almond milk that is going to give you the same relaxing and skin-soothing experience as a regular milk bath!

8. Peppermint Milk Bath 


When you think about a milk bath you probably think of relaxing milky aromas and definitely not peppermint! The greatest thing about creating your own milk bath at home is that you can pair together any ingredients you want! Tidy Mom gave the milk bath a special touch of peppermint and you shouldn’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

9. Cappuccino Milk Bath


As a true coffee lover you can never get enough of it. It wakes you up in the morning and keeps you sharp all throughout the day! While you don’t normally associate coffee with relaxation, this revolutionary cappuccino milk bath by The Natural Beauty Workshop is definitely going to change that!

10. Himalayan Salt Milk Bath 


And since you’re already exploring The Natural Beauty Workshop, don’t click away from their site before bookmarking this exceptional milk bath that includes Himalayan salt. Not only does it have many benefits for your skin, it also has a charming rosy pink color!

11. Chamomile Milk Bath


Camomile tea is something we usually have in stock at home, in case we get a cold and need the ultimate homemade remedy that our grandma always swore by. Fun fact: you can use some of the dried chamomiles to recreate Juggling Act Mama‘s  innovative chamomile milk bath!

12. Vanilla Milk Bath 


Which team are you on, chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate may be addictive and has gotten us through every breakup we’ve ever had, but there’s something so soothing about vanilla we can never pass it up! Find out how Mary Makes Good uses vanilla in the milk bath mixture!