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These Upcycled DIY Bird Feeders Are the Perfect Addition to Your Backyard

Bird watching can be an enjoyable hobby for the entire family. To get started, however, you’ll need to add a few bird feeders to your backyard. Fortunately, the following DIY bird feeders are easy to make using upcycled materials.

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

VIEW IN GALLERYwine bottle bird feeder

If your favorite way to relax at the end of the day is with a glass of wine, save the empty bottle to make yourself a gorgeous bird feeder. Visit The Garden Roof Coop to learn how.

Tin Can Flower Bird Feeders

VIEW IN GALLERYTin Can Flower Bird Feeders

Start saving your soup cans to make these tiny bird feeders for your garden. Paint them every color of the rainbow for a display that you’ll be able to enjoy all year long. Learn more at Think Crafts.

Tuna Can Bird Feeder

VIEW IN GALLERYtuna can bird feeder

A decorated tuna can filled with mealworms is the perfect way to attract bluebirds to your garden. Birds and Blooms has the details.

Tea Cup Bird Feeder

VIEW IN GALLERYTea Cup Bird Feeder

I don’t know about you, but I love the pretty patterns in mismatched vintage teacups. Turning my favorites into a bird feeder seems like a fabulous way to give them a new life.  Mommy Moment has the details for this unique DIY project.

Mason Jar Bird Feeder

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Even the birds love mason jars! Get the instructions for this clever DIY bird feeder at The Garden Roof Coop.

Acorn Bird Feeder

VIEW IN GALLERYUpcycled Acorn Bird Feeder

Use an old wooden salad bowl and some metal mesh to create this decorative bird feeder that looks just like an oversized acorn. Head over to Tried and True for the project tutorial.

Lego Brick Bird Feeder

VIEW IN GALLERYlego bird feeder

If you have some extra bricks laying around, put them to good use by constructing a Lego bird house. There are no instructions provided for this project on Inhabitots, but the design looks simple enough for an experienced builder to duplicate.

Muffin Tin Bird Feeder

VIEW IN GALLERYMuffin-Tin-DIY-Bird-Feeder

This DIY project is perfect for the hardcore birding enthusiast. Using a muffin tin as your base, you can set out treats for a birdie buffet! Visit Birds and Blooms for the project instructions.

Bundt Pan Bird Feeder

VIEW IN GALLERYbundt pan bird feeder

This easy DIY bird feeder is perfect for inspiring the whole family to take an interest in bird watching. It’s also very affordable, since bundt pans can easily be found at garage sales and thrift shops if you don’t already have an extra waiting to be upcycled. Learn more at Eclectically Vintage.

Plastic Jar Bird Feeder

VIEW IN GALLERYplastic bird feeder

Put the kids to work decorating this eco-friendly bird feeder, which is made from a plastic jar and an old Frisbee. Visit Instructables for the details.