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Knitted Headbands for Every Time of the Year

We all know how adorable thick knitted ear warmers can look during winter months. When it comes to the rest of the year, however, those are a little too warm to wear as a normal headband. Knitted accessories are cute all year round, though, so why not make yourself something just a little bit lighter?

Check out these fab patterns for cute knitted headbands that won’t make you melt!

1. Beaded knitted headband

VIEW IN GALLERYBeautiful beaded knitted headband

(Source: Love of Knitting)

This adorable headband is thin and light enough to be worn as an accessory rather than a winter hat. It’s adorable beaded pattern makes it especially cute all year round!

2. Loom knit headband

VIEW IN GALLERYLovely loom knit headband

(Source: A Knitting Blog)

Loom knitters rejoice! There’s a headband pattern out there for you too, and it’s intricate pattern makes it absolutely adorable.

3. Knitted bow headband

VIEW IN GALLERYKnitted bow headband

(Source: The Sweatshop of Love)

This pattern only requires basic knitting skills, but the little bow it creates is too cute to pass up.

4. Leftovers bow headband

VIEW IN GALLERYLeftovers bow headband

(Source: A Common Thread)

Do you love the idea of a knitted bow headband but you don’t have very much yarn to work with right now? This headband uses minimal materials and is perfect for transforming your awkward leftovers into something pretty!

5. String tie headband

VIEW IN GALLERYString tie headband

(Source: The Sweatshop of Love)

What’s simpler than knitting a long, thin string? This pattern shows you now only how to make that string, but also how to turn it into a simple tying headband.

6. Chambray headband

VIEW IN GALLERYChambray headband

(Source: Pam Powers Knits)

The adorable edging and twisted style of this light headband made it more of a fashion statement and less of a weather garment!

7. Simple strings headband

VIEW IN GALLERYSimple strings headband

(Source: The Sweatshop of Love)

Do you have three different colours of leftovers that need to be used? This simple style lets you show your personality in a subtle way.

8. Twin Cities Headband

VIEW IN GALLERYTwin Cities headband

(Source: The Sweatshop of Love)

A ruffle and a button make this light headband style into a cute statement piece.

9. Simple edged headband

VIEW IN GALLERYSimple edged headband

(Source: The Sweatshop of Love)

Even knitting beginners can create cute headbands! This one is simply knitted with a clean edge.

10. February lady lace headband

VIEW IN GALLERYFebruary lady lace headband

(Source: Pretty Little Knit Stitches)

Lace patterns look great no matter what you’re knitting. They’re especially delicate and pretty in your hair.

11. Checkerboard headband

VIEW IN GALLERYCheckerboard headband

(Source: Pretty Little Knit Stitches)

This simple checkerboard pattern is easy to make and cute to wear any time of year!

12. Pumpkin bow headband

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpking bow headband

(Source: Lace and Yarn)

The colour and weight of this cute bow and hairband are perfect for the end of summer and beginning of fall. Make it small for your baby or larger for you!

13. Pearl cable knit headband

VIEW IN GALLERYPearl cable knit headband

(Source: GagaD’s Delights)

This pattern might be sized for newborns, but making the headband longer isn’t hard at all! The cable weave featuring little pearled beads is adorable for any age.

14. Tinfoil tiara brigade headband

VIEW IN GALLERYTinfoil tiara brigade headband

(Source: Knit Picks)

A thing twisting cable looks nice wrapped around any length or hairstyle, and it’s not hard to knit!

15. Half fisherman knit headband

VIEW IN GALLERYHalf fisherman knit headband

(Source: Mama in a Stitch)

This even, chunky knit look adorable with long hair or up-dos and the pinch in the middle adds an extra bit of style!

Have you knitted other year-round headbands that you love but don’t see in our list? Tell us about them in the comments!