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Make Your Guests Feel Welcome With These 10 DIY Doormats

First impressions matter. When someone approaches your doorstep, what they see will be their first impression of your household. You want your guests to get a warm and neat welcome. It’s time to throw old and messy doormats away! Nobody wants a disorderly entrance! Instead, make a doormat that will radiate hospitality and capture the true essence of your home. Check out these 10 DIY doormats and get inspired!

1. Wooden Doormat

VIEW IN GALLERYWooden Doormat with tribal pattern

Lovers of all things tribal, your passion doesn’t have to end at metallic tattoos and golden necklaces. You can even make a tribal-looking doormat that is very sustainable and will fit perfectly at your door! Everybody will be asking you where you got it, and when they do, tell them you got it at The House Of Wood!

2. Painted House Doormat

VIEW IN GALLERYPainted House Doormat

It’s so important to make your house feel like home. This doormat is incredibly cute and cozy, just like every home is supposed to feel like. Also, can you believe that this project only takes 30 minutes?! It almost seems impossible, but Sarah Hearts knows better!

3. Navigation Doormat

VIEW IN GALLERYNavigation Doormat

Sometimes it’s just about being original, funny and unique. Everyone uses navigation devices these days anyways, so why not take a funny spin on it?! Every time someone new comes to visit you, it will probably make them laugh out loud! Visit Everyday Dishes to see the tutorial!

4. Watermelon Doormat

VIEW IN GALLERYWatermelon Doormat

Summer is here and what doormat would better honor the fruit that gets us through every single heat wave ever?! This doormat is adorably ridiculous and will make all your house guests crave watermelon, so you better have some ready! Once you do that, find the how-to at eHow and get crafting!

5. Quote Bubble Doormat

VIEW IN GALLERYQuote Bubble Doormat

Now that’s a doormat that will draw attention! With its bright color and cute message, how could it not! You can choose a color of your own, but the brighter it is, the more noticeable the mat will be. Hey you! Head over to I Spy DIY to see the instructions!

6. Polka Dot Cloud Doormat

VIEW IN GALLERYPolka Dot Cloud Doormat

If you want something dreamy and charming, look no further. This polka dotted cloud doormat will serve you well and it’s absolutely perfect if you’re on a tight budget, because according to Nalle’s House, it only costs 2$! Are you on cloud nine yet?!

7. Monogram

VIEW IN GALLERYMonogram Doormat

Upgrade an existing doormat by adding your initial to it, or the initial of your family name. Personalized things are always so much more powerful! Let everyone know how loyal you are to your roots! Find the details at Freckles Chick!

8. Woven Rope Doormat

VIEW IN GALLERYWoven Rope Doormat

Maybe you want something more traditional, but still find regular doormats boring. Fear not, we have something for you, too! This doormat by Gardenista is simple and traditional, but still looks dynamic and lively!

9. Half Circle Wooden Doormat

VIEW IN GALLERYHalf Circle Wooden Doormat

Swear by wooden doormats, but don’t like rectangular ones? Lucky for you, Reality Dream has something that will suit you! It’s a unique spin on half circled doormats and the end result looks polished, neat and chic. Give those store-bought doormats a run for their money and impress with this one instead!

10. Tile Doormat


Thinking outside of the box always results in something creative! This tile doormat will make everybody envious, as it looks incredibly polished and elegant! You can even add a special, endearing message. Find out how at Annie Franceschi!

So, which of these trendy DIY designs is your favorite?