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15 DIY Santa Crafts. Kids Could Do

if there’s one thing that our kids can definitively list as the most exciting part of the whole winter season, especially around the holidays, it’s the arrival of Santa. It’s not even that they just love getting gifts; we’re honestly convinced that they’d still be excited if all Santa brought them was vegetables. The gifts are a total bonus, of course, but our kids really just love the idea of a special guest and the whole air of mystery surrounding Santa’s story. Being that they love crafting too, and we’re always on the lookout for new ways to combine their DIY skills with other things they like, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled lately for awesome, kid-friendly Santa crafts that they’ve never tried before.

Just in case you’re feeling as interested as we were, if not more, in finding your kids some new Santa themed crafts to try out this holiday season, here are 25 of the very best ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search!

1. Paper plate triangle Santa Claus


Crafting with paper plates is such a classic technique that we still get excited about it even now as adults because we remember loving it so much as kids. That’s why we’re always down to do paper plate crafts with our own kids now! This adorable triangle and paper plate Santa project featured in detail on I Heart Crafty Things is the perfect example of what we mean.

2. Popsicle stick Santa ornaments


Speaking of classic kids’ crafting techniques that make us totally nostalgic and that we want to share with our kids… popsicle stick crafts are another beloved idea! If you’ve never tried popsicle stick crafts with your kids yet, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how One Little Project made these adorable popsicle Santa ornaments in just a few simple steps.

3. Painted salt dough Santa handprint ornaments


Are the crafts that keep your kids the happiest and the busiest almost always the ones that let them get a little hands-on and messy? Then we’d be willing to bet that these DIY salt dough handprint Santa ornaments will be a huge hit! This tutorial from Messy Little Monster teaches you how to make it happen right from scratch to the finishing touches of painted detail.

4. Easy paper star Santa


Are your little ones still young enough that cut and paste crafts are like a staple of their DIY diet, and they’re nowhere near stick of them yet? Then we think you simply must keep this adorable star-shaped Santa on the back burner for a cold day in! Take a better look at the steps outlined on Buggy and Buddy to see how simply it can be done.

5. Painted wood slice Santa ornament


Whether you’re buying your wood slices ore-sized from the crafting store or cutting them yourself from the branches in your backyard, we think they’re an awesome way to add a bit of rustic detail to your Christmas tree! The Country Chic Cottage has an awesome idea for getting your kids involved in wood slice crafting, which is why they’re here to show you how they painted simple Santa faces on theirs and gave each one a tiny pom pom nose.

6. Cute popsicle stick and yarn bearded Santa


Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about popsicle stick crafts but your kids are slightly older and feeling a little more up for a challenge when it come to dexterity? In that case, we have a feeling you might get along a little more successfully with something like this triangular popsicle stick Santa with a paper hat and a yarn looped beard! Find out more about it on Glued to My Crafts.

7. Crafty Santa gnome tutorial


Do your kids always seem to pay more attention during the crafting process when they get to use all kinds of different supplies and textured things in the same piece? Well, we like projects like that the most as well, so we can’t say we blame them. That’s why we liked this adorable Santa gnome concept outlined in great detail on Skip to My Lou so much!

8. Cotton ball and CD Santa


Have we mostly caught your attention with our brief discussion of crafts that are also upcycling opportunities, but you feel like you only have very random things available for repurposing? Well, if any of those things happen to be an old CD or DVD and you can get your hands on a bag of cotton balls, then you’ve got just about everything you need to make this funny Santa craft from Sisters Know Best happen!

9. DIY doily Santa craft


If you’re going to upcycle something from your house, would you rather it be something from your kitchen that isn’t being used? Well, if you’re a fellow baking enthusiast who likes to display your goodies whenever you take them somewhere, then we’d be willing to bet that you’ve got paper doilies hidden in the back of a cupboard just like us! Take a better look at this adorable cut and paste Santa craft tutorial from S&S Blog to see how they put their old paper doilies to good use.

10. DIY felt cone Santa


Have you actually almost always preferred to craft with softer materials like fabric and that’s something you’ve been trying to pass along to your kids lately, even though you’d like them to know how to use all kinds of supplies? Well, if you’ve got some red and white felt and some clear glitter glue on hand, then we have a feeling this lovely felt cone Santa outlined nice and neatly on Rhinestone Beagle might be right up your alley!

11. Popcorn and paper Santa


Are your kids still young enough that one of the only ways to get them to sit still through something is to also make sure that they have a snack close at hand? Our youngest kids are much the same, but we’ve been having a lot of success lately combining the two and letting them craft with their snack! This funny paper Santa with a popcorn beard from The Inspiration Edit is a perfect example of what we mean. Just make sure they don’t accidentally eat any of the popcorn pieces that have glue on them!

12. Popsicle stick Santa ornament


Did we almost have you feeling convinced when we started talking about a popsicle stick Santa but you’ve got the miniature version on hand and you think your kids would have more fun making a version that involves more than one stick? Then we’re pretty sure The Craft Patch has just the alternative tutorial for you!

13. Cute paper and cotton Santa mask


Just in case you’re still not over the idea of crafting with paper plates but you’re also aware that your kids other recent obsession besides crafting has been playing dress up, here’s an awesome tutorial that combines the two! Check out Fun 365‘s page to see how they made funny paper plate masks shaped not only like Santa, but also like an elf and a snowman.

14. Terra cotta pot Santa


Are your favourite projects to make with your kids always the ones that involve working together to transform and embellish something that they’ve probably only ever seen used elsewhere in the house, in a totally different way? Then we’d be willing to bet that this adorable sitting Santa made from a painted and customized terra cotta pot will be right up your alley! Take a better look at The Country Chic Cottage to see how it’s done.

15. Newspaper Santa Claus craft


Have you reached the end of our list feeling torn somewhere between helping your kids with a cut and paste craft and helping your kids do some kind of upcycling, but you’re having trouble deciding which? Well, why not do a combination of both at once? Check out how I Heart Crafty Things made this paper Santa with a curled beard and moustache by getting creative with old newspaper and magazine pages.

Have you made other kinds of adorable DIY Santa themed crafts with your kids before that they really enjoyed but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!