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Joyful, Joyful: DIY Christmassy Mason Jars

Christmas is almost here, which means we’re all busy decorating our homes with the most creative and festive decorations. We think the best decorations are those you make yourself, in the circle of your family. When you display your own work over the holidays, the ambiance feels even more enchanting. Anyone who isn’t a stranger to do-it-yourself lifestyle knows how versatile mason jars can be. Today, we’re bringing you these twelve joyful and Christmassy DIY mason jars! 

1. Christmas Mason Jar Luminaries 


The lights are a big part of Christmas. Everyone hangs string lights onto their Christmas tree and around the house, to create a warm and charming atmosphere. Tiny little luminaries that carry Christmas motives are going to fit in with the rest of the decorative lighting just marvelously. Find the tutorial at Modern Masters.

2. Mason Jar Centerpiece Candles 


Setting up the dining table for the holidays is all about nailing the centerpiece. Sure, the  choice of plates and tablecloth matter as well, but the centerpiece defines the table setting. The Nerd’s Wife will show you how to utilize mason jars to make a fantastic Christmas candle centerpiece!

3. Mason Jar Snowman


We are all dreaming of a white Christmas and if you are very lucky, you get to live in a place that truly does have snow on Christmas Day. Nothing says winter like a December snowfall and the snowmen that the kids make in your backyard. Bring a snowman straight into your living room with Chica Circle‘s mason jar snowman!

4. Chalky Painted Mason Jars 


Red and white are colors that define Christmas. If you are looking for a quick way to create beautiful Christmas decor pieces, stick to these two colors and you can’t go wrong. Check out how The Frugal Homemaker painted some mason jars with red and white chalk paint, turning them into lovely colorful luminaries!

5. Glitter Mason Jar Luminary 


By now you can already tell that Christmas luminaries are a fool-proof decor choice. They create an enchanting ambiance with the soft lighting they are giving off and their presence alone announces that Christmas is near! Find out how A Pumpkin & A Princess made this glitter mason jar luminaries.

6. Enchanting Christmas Luminaries 


Speaking of luminaries, one of the things they have in common with mason jars is their versatility. You can turn a mason jar into almost anything and one would argue you can do the same with a luminary. If you don’t like the traditional look they normally have, Adventure in a Box will show you how to make them darker and more mysterious!

7. Mason Jar Snow Globe 


What is Christmas without snow globes! There is something so magical about them, the children fall in love with them instantly, daydreaming of the little fairytale setting captured within the globe. Make a handmade snow globe this year by using a mason jar and the tutorial by Simple Craves & Olive Oils!

8. Christmas Tree Mason Jars 


Oh, Christmas tree! There is something so lovely about it, the mere motive of it feels festive enough. If you don’t know how to decorate your mason jars for Christmas, you can’t possibly go wrong if you settle on a little Christmas tree. Visit Mason Jar Crafts to learn the details.

9. Snowflake Mason Jars 


The most magical moments of December are those when the first snowflakes fall onto our cheeks. Taking long walks in the snow and enjoying in the winter wonderland is one of the greatest moments, for both children and adults. Celebrate the love of snowflakes by making these snowflake mason jars by Ginger Snap Crafts.

10. Snowman Mason Jar Vase 


Mason jars make the most outstanding vases and if you are planning on displaying some flowers on your Christmas table, make sure the vase fits the theme of December! Weekend Craft shares the idea for a snowman mason jar vase and we think it’s a great choice, especially if you have children!

11. Mason Jar Santa 


Do your kids love to leave out milk and cookies on Christmas Eve for Santa? Add a Santa painted mason jar to the setting as well! You can store the cookies inside of it or just use it as a decorative element to bring a smile on Santa’s face! The Ribbon Retreat will show you how to make it.

12. Mistletoe Mason Jar Candle 


The holiday season isn’t particularly minimalist, but you can sneak in a decor element or two that isn’t too flashy and is rather a good example of simplicity. A Pumpkin & A Princess shows us that sometimes all you need is a simple peppermint candle with a mistletoe decoration.