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12 Incredible DIY Halloween Make-Up Ideas

October is at the door and we all know what this means: Halloween month! For some, Halloween is just another holiday to get through. For others, it’s a religion! Preparations usually start a whole month before the big night, so we want to help you be fully prepared! If you’re still searching for costume ideas, let us show you some incredible DIY Halloween make-up ideas that will blow your mind!

1. Snapchat Rainbow Filter

VIEW IN GALLERYSnapchat Rainbow Filter

Do you miss Snapchat’s famous rainbow filter? You’re not alone! Bring it back for this year’s Halloween and make a memorable Snapchat story that you will re-watch a hundred times (we all do this, right?). Don’t miss the fun tutorial by Brittany Marie!

2. Pop Art

VIEW IN GALLERYPop art make up

No, this is not a drawing, it’s actually make-up! Leave everyone in awe with this comic/pop art inspired make-up and brace yourself for the most epic Halloween pictures you will ever take! You don’t have to be an artist to achieve this look; just check out the super simple tutorial by Promise Phan and you’re all set!

3. Cleopatra

VIEW IN GALLERYcleopatra make up

Honestly, everyone should be Cleopatra for Halloween at least once in their lifetime! The look is so mesmerizing and iconic, it never leaves anyone cold. Channel your inner Egyptian queen and follow this step-by-step at She Knows!

4. Fallen Dark Angel

VIEW IN GALLERYFallen Dark Angel

There’s something special about Halloween that makes us combine the dark and the sensual. It creates the perfect balance between scary and mystic, so don’t hesitate to transform yourself into a dark angel this year! Lucky for you, Tashie Tinks will guide you through the process!

5. A Witch

VIEW IN GALLERYwitch make up

This one’s a classic and that’s exactly what makes it so good – it never gets old, it’s not boring and it captures the true essence of Halloween. Get yourself a proper witch hat, find a good broom and all that remains is the creepy green make-up – Brit + Co will help you out with that one!

6. Skeleton Face

VIEW IN GALLERYskeleton face

Another classic, but a much more daring one! We’ll take a wild guess here and say that you’ve been eyeing this look for years, but your lack of a make-up artist has been holding you back? Say no more. Style Caster holds the key to your deepest Halloween make-up desires!

7. Doll Face


No need to bother with house decorations to scare the trick-or-treaters, because this make up alone should do it. This is seriously one of the creepiest looks you can possibly go with, so knock yourself out! We’ll be having nightmares all month (thanks, Cheap Frills And Thrills!), but it will be worth it!

8. A Deer


Some of you are over scary costumes and just want something gentle and calming. This deer make-up tutorial will rock your life! The end result is so captivating you probably won’t want to let go of it come November 1st! Maybe you can get away with wearing it to work, but do leave the ears at home. From Head To Toe has all the details!

9. Scarecrow


Scarecrow is always the perfect last-minute costume, but once you see this tutorial by But First, Coffee, you will firmly decide that you need to try it out and wear that flawless scarecrow make-up to at least one Halloween party! Who knows, maybe you end up scaring some actual crows?!

10. Ziggy Stardust

VIEW IN GALLERYziggy stardust

Some things are immortal and Ziggy Stardust is one of them. Wear this look with honor and pride, channeling your inner Bowie. While he is dearly missed, his energy lives on! Find the instructions at Nasty Galaxy and let your freak out!

11. Cheshire Cat

VIEW IN GALLERYcheshire cat

“We are all mad here.” What a blessing, to be a little mad! Show the world you’re not taking life too seriously and crash a Halloween party or two with this epic Cheshire cat look! Manda has a fantastic tutorial that will take you into a wonderland!

 12. Vampire

VIEW IN GALLERYvampire make up

We can’t have a Halloween roundup without a vampire, can we? While there are many different ways you can tackle this one, here’s the recently most popular version of a vampire look, inspired by The Vampire Diaries. You never know, perhaps it leads you to your Damon! Kelly Nelson shares the tips and tricks!

Are you prepping for Halloween yet? Tell us what your costume is going to be and which one of these make-up ideas you loved the most!