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12 DIY Lemon Scented Products for Lovers of Fresh Citruses 

Lemon has a very recognizable, distinct aroma that we immediately associate with freshness and cleanliness. In our day-to-day life, we use a lot of products for either cleaning or self-care and the aroma of these products plays a big role in determining whether we’ll like to use it (and use it often) or hate to use it (and avoid using it at all costs). Lemon scented products are an amazing way of bringing the fresh smell of citrus into your daily routines and only use the products you genuinely love!

1. Lemon Body Scrub 


Taking care of your body is incredibly important and your self-care routine should go way beyond the regular showers and moisturizer. A body scrub is a must! Not only does it remove the dead skin cells, it also makes your skin healthier and gives it a glow! Visit Pink Heels Pink Truck and learn how to make a lemon scented body scrub!

2. Lemon Hand Scrub 


Exfoliating your hands is just as important as exfoliating the body! Our hands are constantly doing something – scrolling, typing, cooking, cleaning, texting etc. They need a special treatment sometimes too and we can’t imagine a more perfect way to pamper them than with a lemon hand scrub by Caramel Potatoes.

3. Lemon Dishwasher Tablets


The regular dishwasher tablets can’t really pride themselves on their chemical aroma, can they? A great alternative for them are the DIY lemon dishwasher tablets. Only use the ingredients you are sure of, following the instructions at A Cultivated Nest! You’ll love opening the dishwasher and be greeted by a warm lemon steam!

4. Lemon Disinfecting Spray 


Having a million sprays in your home for all the different surfaces can be incredibly irritating, so we all love to buy a universal disinfecting spray and use it for everything. Brendid has a fantastic tutorial for a DIY lemon spray that will serve you well and smell way better than any store-bought disinfectant!

5. Garbage Disposal Refreshers 


Garbage disposal can quickly get an uncomfortable scent if you don’t regularly take care of it, so these refreshers cannot be missing from your stack of cleaning supplies! Thanks to Popsugar you can make them all by yourself and be amazed by how efficient they are!

6. Lemon Lip Scrub 


Make sure your lips are always in the best shape by treating them to a refreshing lemon scrub! Whether you’re dealing with the summer heat or the winter cold, the lips are very sensitive to both. Lucky for you, Citizens of Beauty has the greatest lip scrub recipe!

7. Lemon Vanilla Bath Bombs


What is more refreshing than a rejuvenating bath where you get to completely unwind and leave the daily stress behind! Find your new favorite bath bomb at Mom Always Finds Out and be blown away by its comforting smell of vanilla mixed with the edgy citrus!

8. Lemon Shower Melts


If you can’t possibly find the time to take a bath but don’t want to miss out on the freshness of the lemon experience, Nepa Mom‘s lemon shower melts are bound to become your new obsession. Exit every shower smelling like a tropical fruit!

9. Lemon Beeswax Candle 


Candles always play a big role in setting a romantic or intimate ambiance within our home. Combine their dreamy charm with lemon’s acidic aroma and enjoy in the newfound refreshing and calming scent of your house! A Pumpkin & A Princess has a list of ingredients and a detailed how-to!

10. Lemon Linen Spray 


The state of the linens you use in your everyday routines is incredibly important for your health and well-being! Whenever you want to freshen up your bedsheets or towels, all you need is a simple homemade lemon linen spray, brought to you by Living Locurto!

11. Lemon Soap 


Popsugar presents a soap that has a revitalizing aroma and instantly makes you feel rejuvenated! Let’s be honest, nothing says clean quite like a strong smell of lemon! These soap bars come in a very handy size and are therefore super convenient to take with you when traveling or on the go!

12. Lemon Face Wash 


Wash your face with this incredible lemon face wash by A House in the Hills! The acidic lemon will provide a great balance for the pH of your skin which will result in a healthier, clearer skin! Surely this is something we all dream of, so roll up your sleeves and let’s make some face wash!