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15 Cute Mummy Themed Halloween Crafts

Halloween is such a crafting gold mine! Lately, our kids have been really obsessed with one particular spooky character amidst the regular cast that you’d find on a Halloween special; they can’t get enough of spooky, bandage wrapped mummies! Perhaps it’s because they recently studied Ancient Egypt in school, but whatever the reason, their interest in mummies has spiked at the perfect time, if you ask us. Recently, we decided to start collecting mummy themed crafting ideas so we could keep them busy while also fully keeping their interest and holding their attention!

Are your kids just as obsessed with mummies as ours are, if not more? In that case, check out these 15 awesome, spooky little mummy crafts that are simple to make but totally fun to display and play with all October long afterwards until Halloween!

1. Gauze wrapped toilet paper roll mummies


Crafts made with empty toilet paper rolls are always a huge hit in our house. Perhaps it’s because they’re such a versatile tool and you can make so many things out of it or perhaps it’s because we have a big family and therefore have such a constant and easy access to them, but whatever the reasoning, our kids make toilet paper roll crafts all the time and they always have a blast! That’s why the concept was one of the first things we kept an eye out for when we started looking for mummy themed crafts. Luckily, we found this simple gauze wrapping idea from Kids and Deals. Our kids made an entire mummified army!

2. Torn paper mummies


Are your kids having a spooky Halloween play date this weekend and you’d like to help them make something fun but you’d rather stick to crafts that only have a little bit of cleanup, rather than getting into things like paint and glitter? In that case, we’ve found the perfect mummy themed option for you! Mrs. Russell’s Creative Class suggests cutting out a basic mummy shape and some features like eyes and a mouth (we did these from colour construction paper). Once you’ve done that, shred some plain white paper into strips so that you can see the torn sides where you ripped the pieces. Glue these strips down across the mummy bodies and the ripped sides will make it look like it’s wrapped in old, torn up bandages!

3. Toddler-friendly sticky tape mummy


Do you love the idea we just showed you above but your kids are still toddlers and are therefore a little bit to young to stay interested in crafts that required cutting, ripping, and waiting for glue to dry? In that case, we have a feeling you’d get a lot more use out of this simplified, toddler-friendly version of the same idea from How To Run a Home Daycare! They suggest cutting out the base shape of the mummy yourself and then giving your kids pre-ripped strips of white masking tape that they can stick all over the cut-out at whim. Show them how to criss-cross the tape so they still get that bandaged mummy effect!

4. Mummy lollipops


Perhaps your kids are having a sleepover but, besides crafting with their friends, their favourite part of the party is usually the candy you let them have for the occasion? Well, why not combine those two things together for the ultimate fun experience? Zakka Life shows you how to use simple tape and googly eyes to transform a wrapped sucker into a funny little mummy lollipop. Besides the fun of making and eating these, our kids always get a laugh out of trying to open the lollipops once they’re wrapped in tape.

5. Spooky mummy treat containers


Maybe your kids are having a little Halloween party in their classroom at school and they’d like to make their friends some little treat packs to celebrate with? Well, that sounds like a great opportunity to get creative with mummy themed crafts, if you ask us! We love this little treat box idea from A Little Craft in Your Day because it’s simple to make, fun for your kids to give out, and fun for their friends to receive. Their tutorial shows you how to fill the tubes and seal the candy inside by wrapping each tube with lengths of twisted toilet paper. If you’d rather not waste toilet paper, you could also use lengths of twisted tissue paper, paper towel, or gauze, as long as you stick it down right like the tutorial shows you.

6. Easy mummy candle jars


Are you the kind of crafting parent who totally adores displaying your kids’ work all over the house each season, but because of that, you also like to help them make things that are actually decorative so they really look cute sitting on your side table? Then start saving your jars up after your family finishes the grape jelly or pasta sauce, because we’ve got an awesome way for you and your kids to make cute DIY Halloween décor and to upcycle emptied, washed mason jars! This tutorial from Reader’s Digest shows you how to use techniques similar to paper mache in order to create these cute little mummified candle holders that will look totally spooky glowing in your front hallway in the evening.

7. Fabric wrapped mummy figurine


Are your kids’ favourite crafts to make always the ones that give them a toy to play with when they’re finished making it? In that case, we have a feeling you’re  going to love helping them make these funny little mummy dolls. Life in the Batcave guides you through the process of making a frame out of pipe cleaners and then wrapping it in torn white fabric. If you don’t have fabric, you could try gauze, canvas, or even white tape, but the fabric will give you the best wear-and-wear bandage effect to make the mummy look really spooky.

8. Marshmallow mummy picture


Sometimes in our house, especially if there’s a sleepover happening with friends, the most fun our kids have while crafting is when they get to do so with food… because they can snack on their crafting supplies while they work! That’s why we thought this funny little marshmallow mummy idea was so cute. Thriving Home Blog shows you how to draw out the basic shape for your kids (or help them draw their own) and fill the bandage space in with glued marshmallows so they show up white around the mummy’s eyes. Just make sure no one forgets which pile they’re taking from and eats any sticky marshmallows!

9. Halloween mummy rocks


Our kids have always loved rock crafts. There’s just something about going out into the back yard or down to the park and getting to choose their own stone to transform that gets them even more excited to get started than usual. It comes as no surprise, then, that they practically already had their shoes on and were right ready to run out the door when we told them about these cute spooky mummy rocks from Fun Family Crafts! Their tutorial shows you how to paint the rocks white, wrap them in a few strips of gauze or white bandaging, and place some funny googly eyes. It’s a simple little craft but they look great on your window sill or mantle piece!

10. Gauze wrapped mummy banner


Perhaps you’re planning on throwing your kids a Halloween party on the weekend because real Halloween falls on a school night and, even though you still plan on taking them Trick or Treating, you want them to be able to celebrate properly with their friends? In that case, you have plenty of opportunity to get crafty and make lots of different mummy themed crafts! For some reason, we’ve always completely adored making party banners because they’re such a cute novelty, so you won’t be surprised to learn that, when we decided to throw a kids’ Halloween party, we immediately looked up cute DIY banner projects. These funny little mummy flags by My Creative Days are made with foam core, cotton gauze, and googly eyes. Cut and wrap them, string them together, and voila!

11. Standing wire mummies


Were you intrigued by the idea of making a little mummy doll, but your kids lately have been very into making structures and figurines that will actually stand up on their own, rather than needing to be held or leaned against something? Then we have a feeling they’ll get a kick out of these little spherical mummies from Craftaphile! The wire legs are bendable so you can make them stand up easily, and the rounded bodies (made of simple foam balls from the craft store) are easy to wrap. We actually have these little guys standing all over our window sills and among the house plants as we speak!

12. Halloween mummy dolls


Maybe you’re looking for a mummy doll that will actually last a little bit longer than things like pipe cleaners and foam allow for because you want to be able to set the DIY décor pieces you make with your kids out again and again for years to come? Then these shredded cause wrapped wire dolls are a better investment of your time for sure! They might look a lot fancier, and it’s true that your kids will probably need help bending and securing the wires in the right way, but they’ll still have fun assisting you while you wear the gauze and wrap it around the wire to make the mummy’s body, limbs, and head. We love the idea of making one mummy for each member of your family and setting them up so they sit at the edge of your mantle or a side table. Get the full instructions for making these ones on Fun Projects for Preschoolers!

13. Mummy Halloween buckets


Maybe you’ve been looking for something cute and novelty that your kids can collect their Halloween candy in when you take them Trick or Treating, but you know them well enough to know that they’ll enjoy their night a lot more if they can proudly display something they made themselves while they run around in costumes with their friends? Then help them decorate a bucket in a fun, totally on theme way, just like Hungry Happenings did here! They show you how to use gauze to mummy wrap the outside of a simple beach bucket, as well as how to stick on big spooky eyeballs to really complete the look.

14. Paper mache mummies


Have you been meaning to teach your kids how to use paper mache techniques for a while now, but you don’t want the first project they tackle to be something very large and complicated that might lose their attention half way through finishing it? Then maybe these little mummies would be a better idea! They’re small enough to make a quicker project than the average paper mache craft and they’re quick enough that you can make more than one, making them pretty satisfying for kids to do. Fun Art Parties tutorial even shows you how to add some painted details so they really look like wrapped up mummies!

15. Yarn wrapped cardboard mummies


Are you an avid yarn crafting enthusiast, like a knitter or crochet lover, so the number ones crafting tool you have access to is your stash of leftover yarn ends from projects you’ve made in the past? In that case, we have a feeling both you and your kids will enjoy this super fun but low maintenance mummy craft from The Pinterested Parent! They suggest helping your kids cut out the basic shape of a mummy from upcycled cardboard in your recycling box, then grabbing some spare white yarn from your stash and wrapping it around and around the cardboard mummy so it looks like bandages. Our kids made theirs in classic white like real gauze, but you could technically make these mummies in whatever colour you wanted!