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Simple and Creative Crafts for Kids Obsessed with Cereal 

Are your little ones downright obsessed with cereal? You know, the kind of childlike obsession where the whole world revolves around their breakfast cereal bowl and they even ask if you can make it for lunch? Use their love of cereal to spark some creativity, showing them that breakfast can also be a great inspiration for crafting! Check out the most wonderful cereal crafts that will inspire your kids to be super innovative with their favorite cereal!

Cereal Jewelry 


Kids love new things, especially if they can wear them! Instead of buying expensive kid’s accessories, encourage them to make their own! They can choose their favorite brand of round cereal, but the more colorful it is, the better the accessories will look! See the how-to at It Happens in a Blink!

Cereal Rainbow 


Kids always get so excited about rainbows, so why not make an edible one! It’s such a fun craft that teaches your little ones the proper order of colors within the rainbow and if they’re up for it, they can still eat the cereal rainbow at the end of the day! See the Kindergarten Lifestyle for more details!

Cereal Dessert Topper 


If you know your kiddo so well that you intuitively know they won’t be able to craft with cereal without eating it, make them a cake or a cupcake first and then create a cereal dessert topper together – you’ll find the tutorial at Paper & Stitch! Snap a couple of pictures of the creation, then let them devour the dessert!

Cereal Mosaics 


Creating mosaics and working with colorful objects isn’t just fun for the kids, it also helps them practice color recognition and sorting things into a selected category! This is why we love this cereal flower mosaic by Craftulate – it will challenge your kids in a really exciting way!

Cereal Bird Feeders 


Sharing is caring and every parent wants to teach their children this lesson! After they finish their cereal-rich breakfast, set aside some crafting time to make bird feeders! They will be so excited to share a part of their breakfast with their feathered friends! Red Ted Art will show you how the feeders are made!

Cereal Sand Art 


Sand art has an incredible potential for waking up your kid’s creativity and giving them all the freedom to come up with different patterns and color combinations. Working with sand is also very calming, perfect for hyper toddlers! Domestic Charm shares the tutorial for cereal sand art and your little artist will absolutely love it!

Cereal Bowl Cake 


Whenever your son or daughter celebrates their birthday, it’s a special event for you too! They really grow up so fast and you want to make every birthday a special experience. This incredible and unique cereal cake by Studio DIY will be an unforgettable surprise for your little cereal crazed toddler!

Cereal Leprechaun 


If you’re looking for some amazing St. Patrick’s crafts that you can add to your St. Paddy’s Pinterest board, check out this cereal leprechaun! It’s such a simple way to keep your kids busy and creative while you’re setting up the rest of the green house decorations. Visit I Heart Crafty Things for more insight!

Cereal Christmas Ornaments 


Yes, cereal can even be a part of your Christmas celebrations and your kids are free to eat it once the Christmas Day has passed! Decorating the Christmas tree is fun for every kid, but making their own Christmas ornaments has a special charm altogether!   Find the making-of at Art Crafts & Family!

Cereal Bars 


Last but not least, if your little human is so eager on eating cereal and you just want to treat them to something sweet and colorful, these cereal bars by Sweet and Simple Living are the perfect treat to make together on a rainy day and munch on it while watching cartoons!