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A Hint of Sparkle: Unique DIY Pearl Jewelry Ideas

When it comes to wearing jewelry, we’re starting to become accustomed to wearing things we made ourselves almost exclusively. This isn’t because we don’t like what we see in stores; we really do! There’s just something about making things yourself, however, that’s super fun and totally satisfying all at once. Lately, our biggest jewelry making addiction has been pearls. They’re the kind of accent that you can make classy, edgy, or campy, depending on how you pair them up with other elements and materials. We love a versatile piece that we can make all kinds of looks using!

Just in case you’re as into pearls right now as we are, check out these 15 DIY pearl jewelry ideas that will have you decked out in the best homemade accessories in no time!

1. Pearl cluster necklace


Are you convinced that pearls always look their best when they’re bunched together so you can appreciate them all at once? Well, we don’t blame you! Simple pearl clusters gathered along a chain is a classic look that’ll never get old. Check out how you can make a necklace just like this one by following the steps on My Girlish Whims.

2. DIY pearl collar


Whether they’re trending in mainstream fashion or not, we will always be in love with faux collar necklaces. They’re the perfect way to class up any outfit and they just have some extra character that you might not always find in stores, especially if you make your own. We absolutely adore the way Popular DIY Crafts made this entirely pearled faux collar, and we like it even more now that we know that it’s so easy to make!

3. Ribbon woven pearl necklace


Big, rounded chunky pearls are a look that will always be in fashion, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love finding ways to put a unique twist on the classic style. That’s why we were excited when we stumbled upon this ribbon woven pearl necklace by Creative Side of Me! The necklace reminds us of Wilma form the Flintstones if she got more dressed up then usual for a fancy dinner party, and that’s a look we’re totally into.

4. Thick pearl bunches


Did you quite like the pearl bunches idea we showed you in the first necklace on our list, but you’re actually such a big fan of many pearls in one place that you’d like to see even more of them bunched together? Then we have a feeling you’re going to love this super clustered design from Design Trends! These pearls are attached together more closely and densely than the previous necklace you saw, and they span the length of the chain more thoroughly.

5. Interspersed pearls and clear beads


Do you love the thought of dangly little pearls hanging freely around a nice chain necklace, but you’ve made that style before and kind of wished there was something else to contribute to the look? Then we definitely think you should check out what Wedding Bee did to switch things up with theirs! Instead of using exclusively pearls, they incorporated a few clear sphere beads as well, breaking up the visual without making things too different.

6. Triple strand pearl necklace


Perhaps your favourite part of making your very own pearl necklaces is the way the edgy chains contrast with the pretty, classy pearls for a neatly stylish effect? Well, luckily for all of us, Lookssss has a tutorial that will walk you through the process of making a necklace in a style that harnesses that very beautiful quality we were just talking about! They show you how to use three different weights of jewelry chain with three different shapes and kinds of pearls to create a triple strand necklace that’s like getting three accessories in one.

7. Pearl and metal necklace


Maybe you’re so into that classy and industrial chic crossbreed of jewelry that we were talking about previously that you’d actually like to take the look a little bit further? In that case, we suggest checking out how Wild Amor made a simple spherical pearl and chain necklace but amped up the modern contrast by adding a simple metal tubing piece that’s just wide enough to slip over the pearls and settle against your chest in the middle.

8. Pearls and safety pins


Have you been browsing through our list so far hoping to find a look that can only really be described as rock glamour? Then we think we’ve found just the idea for you! We can’t get over how cool Honestly WTF’s edgy transformation of a simple pearl necklace looks, especially considering it was so easy to make. Simply clip safety pins between the pearls at all angles, letting them stick out in different directions however they please. Voila!

9. Chanel inspired pearl necklace


One of the best parts about learning how to make your own jewelry and doing lots of DIY accessory projects rather than spending money on store bought things is that you can often recreate the designer styles you see from expensive brands, but spend a lot less money doing it! This Chanel inspired pearl and metallic bead necklace by Svetlana McDaniel is a perfect example of what we mean.

10. Vintage style pearl and bead bunch earrings


All right, we’ve talked enough about necklaces for now! Besides those, earrings are our next favourite things to make from beautiful pearls and beads. Try making these adorable pearl and gold metallic bead clustered studs from Delightfully DIY to complement the pearl cluster necklace you made from earlier on our list!

11. Pearl drop pin earrings


The best part about working with pearly beads is that they’re available in all different sizes, meaning you can create yourself a wide range of accessories without varying in style too much so they can all match as a set when you need them to. Beyond that, you can make cool dangling drop style earrings like these ones from Wedding Chicks that increase in pearl size closer to the bottom for maximum swing capacity!

12. Happy colour tiny pearl earrings


Are you still intrigued by the idea of little coloured pearls like we talked about before but you’d really like a matching pair of earrings if you’re going to make yourself a cluster pendant necklace? Then Happy Go Lucky has exactly the tutorial you need to make it happen.

13. Double pearl earrings


Perhaps the idea of including a simple pair of pearls on each earring was really appealing to you above, but you’d rather following mainstream fashion trends than simply create a classic dangly look? In that case, you might prefer the way Thanks, I Made It affixed a pearl to both the front and the back of the earring, bending some jewelry wire around the stud post to make sure the second pearl hangs down below the lobe and peeks out from the back, underneath the front pearl.

14. Pearl and spike earrings


Are you still looking for ways to combine your edgy personal style with your not-so-secret appreciation for the class and glamour of a good pearl accessory? Then we suggest making yourself a pair of pearl and metal stud earrings to go along with the pearl and safety pin glam rock necklace we showed you earlier! Find out how these adorable studs were made on Thanks, I Made It.