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Cute and Cuddly DIY Doll Outfits For Your Child’s Favourite Toy

Sewing clothing for your child can be quite a task to take on, especially if you’re still quite new to sewing. Perhaps you feel like you’re almost ready to start sewing clothing or accessories, but you’d like a practice round before you risk all that fabric and time, just in case? Creating doll clothing is the perfect trial run!

Check out these cute designs and patterns for little doll outfits and accessories that will put your sewing and other DIY or crafting skills to the test before you tackle bigger things.

1. Easy dress sewing pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy dress sewing pattern

The Craft Patch walks you through the process of creating an adorable little dress that looks like the kind of simple knitted dress a real little girl might wear in the fall. We love that you can choose any fabric or colour and still create the same basic design, but with a twist.

2. Simple tutu


This tutorial by  Doll It Up shows you how to create a tiny doll’s tutu from a section of an actual little girl’s tulle skirt. The same techniques, however, can still be used if you don’t have a kids’ tutu and would rather make the doll skirt from scratch.

3. Handkerchief skirt

VIEW IN GALLERYHandkerchief skirt

Me and My Gals teaches you the steps for making a cute little doll’s skirt out of an old handkerchief! Doll’s clothing is so small that you’re essentially treating this like a regular sewing project, using the material from the handkerchief just like you’d use the yards of fabric you buy for yourself.

4. Leggings


Sew Adollable reminds you that not all little girls wear dresses and skirts every day, so their dolls probably wouldn’t want to either! This tutorial for cute cropped leggings is quick, easy, and straight forward.

5. Criss-crossed sandals

VIEW IN GALLERYCriss-crossed sandals

American Girl Fan suggests using thick foam paper for the soles of the sandals, tracing the doll’s feet ot get the size and shape. Then all you need is some glue, some small, pretty ribbon, and a couple rhinestones!

6. Fur boots


Fimby reminds you that even dolls need boots in the cold winter months! Make sure your child’s doll is ready to be carted around from the house to the car to the grocery store by making these adorable little fur boots.

7. Reversible tote bags

VIEW IN GALLERYReversible tote bags

If you love a good, sturdy reversible tote bag in real life, then your child’s dolls will probably love them in make believe time too. We absolutely adore these miniature versions created by The Real Thing with The Coake Family.

8. Duct tape wallet

VIEW IN GALLERYDuct tape wallet

Have you ever seen tutorials for making life sized duct tape wallets in any crazy colour or pattern of duct tape you please? Well, Doll Diaries has you covered for creating the same thing but in a little doll size! Even pretend girls need somewhere to keep there allowance, after all.

9. Salon cape


Lil Blue Boo

Does your child have a fascination with their doll’s hair and all the things it can do? Then the mini salon is probably somewhere the doll will visit often! Make it an authentic experience with this easy, adorable little salon cape.

10. Spa robe


After the salon, perhaps your child’s doll is ready for a relaxing day at the spa! Grab some soft, bath robe fabric or fleece and make this extra cute little spa robe, just like The Real Thing with The Coake Family did.

11. Tae Kwon Do uniform

VIEW IN GALLERYTae Kwon Do uniform

Going to the spa isn’t all girls do! Sometimes they need to kick a little butt too. Make sure your child’s doll has something to wear when she’s being tough and learning martial arts! This tae kwon do uniform by Arts and Crafts For Your American Girl Doll is the perfect thing.

12. Girl Scout uniforms

VIEW IN GALLERYGirl Scout uniforms

A girl can have many different hobbies! If your child is ready for Brownies of Girl Scouts then chances are her doll will be as well. Even if the doll can’t go along to meets, it’ll be fun for your child if the doll has a matching uniform to theirs! Check out how these ones were made on The Real Things with The Coake Family.

13. Lunch box


Not every doll DIY has to be a sewing project! We love the idea of creating the doll a miniature lunch box for when your child plays school. Try this one made from an Altoids tin, just like on Inner Child Fun.

14. Stethoscope


Accessories are important too, and we don’t just mean the kind you put in your hair! Let your child achieve great things with their doll by making them an accurate little stethoscope so they can play doctor or nurse when they’re done playing hair salon. Arts and Crafts for Your American Girl Doll shows you how it’s done.