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DIY Rope Accessories for the Perfect Nautical Style 

Rope is a material that we usually associate with beautiful nautical and coastal decor. If you frequently find yourself inspired by everything that reminds you of the ocean and the beach, creating with rope might be something you’ll find exceptional joy in! We’ve put together a selection of amazing DIY rope accessories that will be a marvelous addition to your personal style!

1. Quick Link Rope Bracelet 


When you were making bracelets as a kid it usually took you a whole afternoon, but you’d be surprised by how simple it is to make a rope bracelet if only you have a quick link at hand! Get the instructions at Forks & Folly and create for yourself a unique rope bracelet that has a chic style and an adventurous character!

2. Rope Tote Bag 


Tote bags are one of our favorite accessories. They are very spacious and easy to wear, making them perfect for a variety of occasions, from grocery store trips to a coffee shop date with your group of besties. Check out how Lia Griffith made this beautiful rope tote bag!

3. Rope Tassel Keychain 


A rope accessory can be as noticeable as a tote bag we’ve just shared above, or as subtle as these keychains by Alice & Lois. Small and minimalist accessories probably won’t cause a fashion revolution, but they will add a special spark to your most mundane items, such as your house keys!

4. Rope Purse


If you’re not a tote bag girl and swear by purses now and forever, we definitely have a rope accessory for you too! Circular purses are very popular during the summer months, especially if you’re already planning to attend some music festivals! Start making your accessories ahead of time – here’s Ohoh Blog‘s lovely rope purse!

5. Rope Tassel Necklace 


Tassels are a great addition to any accessory if your intention is to give it a fun and carefree look. Style Bee absolutely charmed us with these rope tassel necklaces that combine the glee of tassels with the modern appeal of copper and monochrome tones.

6. Rope Hex Nut Bracelet 


Creating jewelry pieces that challenge the mold of everyday fashion is one of life’s many joys! Take a trip to your local hardware store and pick up some hex nuts, because you’re going to be turning them into an edgy rope bracelet. Get the details at Honestly WTF!

7. Masculine Rope Bracelets 


Your rope creation doesn’t have to be made from a classic white rope that channels the coastal vibes. It can be made in a much more masculine fashion if that fits your style better or you’re maybe looking to create the perfect gift for a man in your life. Check out Hello Glow‘s take on masculine rope bracelets!

8. Knot Rope Bracelet 


This rope’s special attribute lies in the adorable knot in the center, but it’s enhanced by the the ropes in two different colors. Opt for black and white, like The Things We Do Blog did, to create a powerful contrast or choose two other colors that you’re passionate about. Either way, this knot rope bracelet is gorgeous!

9. Simplistic Rope Necklace 


That awkward moment when you’re desperately wishing for a chic rope necklace, but you’re way too lazy to spend hours creating it. Lucky for all of us lazy souls, there’s a great tutorial at Ctrl + Curate for a simplistic rope necklace that only takes a few minutes and looks absolutely stunning!

10. Nautical Knot Rope Necklace 


You clicked on this article as soon as you read nautical but you’re still feeling hungry for a proper nautical necklace that sets itself apart from the rest. We’re happy to help! Pick a thick nautical rope that still feels wearable and head over to Handmade in the Heartland to see how you can turn it into a necklace with a big nautical knot!

11. Wrapped Rope Necklace 


If thick necklaces definitely aren’t your thing and all of the thin rope ideas seemed a little too over-the-top for you, Alice & Lois shares the perfect in-between necklace! It’s a simple necklace that you can wrap with colorful embroidery threads of your choice and therefore completely customize it to fit your taste!

12. Braided Rope Necklace 


The act of braiding almost feels a bit therapeutic, doesn’t it? This braided rope necklace by A Beautiful Mess strikes us as a project that doesn’t only result in a stunning coastal accessory piece but also a calmer mind, making it an ideal project to make after a stressful day at work!