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Confetti Party: 12 DIY Ideas for Leftover Confetti 

It’s not a proper party unless it has confetti! They are the symbol of fun and celebration, a colorful addition to any party theme with a cheerful character that makes up for all the cleaning up they’ll make you do after the party! If you have any confetti left after the last party you hosted and wish to use it up for some incredibly innovative crafts, check out these epic 12 DIY ideas for leftover confetti!

1. Confetti Wall Art 


Commemorate your love of celebrations and confetti by creating a timeless piece of wall art that you can hang in any room of the home to always make it feel celebratory!  Cheerful pieces are ever welcome decor additions as one can never have too much happiness inside their home! Find out the details at Dream a Little Bigger!

2. Confetti Terrarium 


So you’re intrigued by tiny terrariums but you don’t want to do the classic little terrarium that blends with the million others you can find on Pinterest. The Confetti Bar will show you how to stand out from the crowd with a unique confetti terrarium that is but a tiny explosion of colors!

3. Confetti Sticks 


Confetti sticks are the best way to incorporate confetti into any celebration by also including the guests! You can easily bring them to any party you’re invited to as a surprise, or give them away as party favors at your own celebration! The choice is yours! Visit Best Friends for Frosting to snatch the how-to!

4. Confetti Monogram 


Monograms are a fantastic way to make our decoration more personal, but if you want to take it to the next level and make it fun as well, Mod Podge Rocks has just what you need! This confetti monogram is that joyous piece that will perfectly embody your bubbly personality and love of colorful decor!

5. Confetti Tray 


Little serving trays are very useful in our daily routines. Whether you use it to serve breakfast in bed or organize your stationary, it should definitely look like something special and cheerful! We recommend starting with a jolly confetti tray, such as the one by Delineate Your Dwelling!

6. Confetti Table Runner 


A beautiful table runner made of golden confetti is a marvelous way to treat your guests with luxury at a special occasion! Let them know they only deserve the best! Nothing beats a decor piece that was handmade with love and precision, so visit Oh Joy and get to work!

7. Confetti Backdrop 


Confetti doesn’t just have to be thrown in the air, it can also be glued to the wall and turned into a fantastic backdrop! Take a page from Life Sweet Life‘s book and dedicate a portion of your decoration-making to a one-of-a-kind confetti backdrop that will undoubtedly be the topic of conversation all party long!

8. Confetti Bag 


Hey, why don’t you include some of that confetti magic into your daily fashion?! It seems like Studio DIY had the same idea! We’re obsessed with this stunning golden confetti bag that totally channels your inner diva and raises the standard for other accessories!

9. Confetti Cake Topper 


What’s a birthday without a cake and what’s a cake without a topper! Do things the right way and create the perfect birthday celebration by incorporating all must-have elements of a birthday festivity into one epic cake that proudly showcases a confetti cake topper! Learn how to make it Aunt Peaches!

10. Confetti Soap Bar 


Life should always feel like a party, but stressful days get in the way! However, if you turn even the tiniest little routine into a fun celebration, life becomes much more joyful! You can start by making these confetti soap bars by Crafts Unleashed that will bring a flavor of party to your everyday washing up routine!

11. Confetti Party Hats 


Don’t forget the party hats! You don’t want to host a party only to figure out you’ve forgotten all about the funky party hats that will make everyone laugh and be the center of a million selfies! 100 Layer Cakelet will teach you how to make these super cute confetti party hats!

12. Confetti Easter Eggs 


If you’re already pinning ideas for the next Easter, we’ve got a revolutionary one right here! Fill your Easter eggs with a ton of confetti and enjoy in a colorful explosion once the egg is cracked! The little kids will find these eggs absolutely hilarious, so check out how you can make them at Beau Coup!