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15 DIY Patches and Patched Clothing Looks

If you’ve picked up any style magazine or browsed through fashion blogs lately then you’ve probably seen that patches are trending again big time! Whether you’re putting them on your jeans, your denim jacket, or your backpack, they’re a great way to express yourself. The best part of patches is that you can make your own in a few easy steps!

Check out these 15 adorable patch ideas that you’ll absolutely love, and that will probably inspire to make other designs of your own too!

1. Tumblr-inspired patches

VIEW IN GALLERYTumblr-inspired patches

Cianna shows you how to make an embroidered patch by choosing a picture from Tumblr to recreate! Browse to find the one you like best and adapt these steps, or try your hand at this one first.

2. Embroidered felt peace sign patch

VIEW IN GALLERYEmbroidered felt peace sign patch

Adventures in Making guides you through the process of embroidering a little peace sign patch out of felt. This tutorial shows you how to affix a pin on the back to make a little badge, but it can also be sewn onto clothing or a bag to create a small patch.

3. Embroidered cat patch

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Embroidered cat patch

If you’re a cat lover then True Blue, Me and You has the patch for you! These little kitties are made out of felt and you can choose their colours and embroider their fur however you please. The best part? You can choose what expression their little faces are making as well!

4. Felt anatomical heart patch

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt anatomical heart patch

Usually when you think of putting “hearts” on something, you think of cute cartoon hearts, not anatomically correct hearts. True Blue, Me and You shows you how much style something a little unconventional and realistic can have.

5. Emoji patches

VIEW IN GALLERYCool Emoji patches

Make Your Mark guides you through the process of recreating your iPhone’s emojis in the form of little patches for your backpack or jacket! They look pretty fancy here, but they’re easier to make than you’d think.

6. Knitted heart elbow patches

VIEW IN GALLERYKnitted heart elbow patches

Creating Laura  shows you how to combine your love for knitting with the new patches trend with these adorable little heart-shaped elbow patches! Knit them up, sew them on, and voila!

7. Embroidered patch pins

VIEW IN GALLERYEmbroidered patch pins

The Etsy Blog reminds you how easy it is to embroider all kinds of different shapes and sayings into little patches. Make yourself a pattern and practice your hand stitching to make some of the patches in this picture or designs of your own!

8. Embroidered peach patch

VIEW IN GALLERYEmrboidered peach patch

Embroidering in the entire shape rather than just the outline gives a small patch a soft texture. We love how it looks like peach fuzz in this little peach patch by Honey Bee Girl.

9. Sequinned elbow patches

VIEW IN GALLERYSequinned elbow patches

Do you like the idea of making your own elbow patches, but you don’t knit to make the hearts from earlier in the list? Try creating these classically shaped sequinned elbow patches instead! Check out how AkkiDokie made these ones!

10. Felt embroidered fox face patches

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt embroidered fox face patches

What I Wore suggests these adorable little fox patches made of orange felt and black, orange, and white embroidery floss. We love the idea of putting them on the top of a pair of flats!

11. Jewelled elbow patches

VIEW IN GALLERYJewelled elbow patches

If you like the idea of flashy elbow patches but you want to get even fancier, try this full out rhinestoned look from DIY by Jo! You’ll certainly catch peoples’ eyes as you go about your day.

12. DIY iron-on patches

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY iron-on patches

Once you’ve got the hang of making your own patches, why not try making them a little easier to affix onto things? Amy is The Party teaches you how to mount basically any patch onto an iron-on backing so you can get to customizing your clothing and bags.

13. Lucky underpants patches

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Lucky underpants patches

Who doesn’t love a kitschy set of tiny underpants? These hilarious patches will give your friends something to giggle at while they peruse through the other more stylish ones in your patch collage. Bugs and Fishes shows you the ropes.

14. Sequinned heart elbow patch

VIEW IN GALLERYSequinned heart elbow patch

This patch idea is a no-sew project, making it perfect for DIY enthusiasts who want to be on trend but aren’t quite ready to pick up a needle and thread yet! Find out how to make them happen on Unique Markets.

15. DIY patch sneakers

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY patch sneakers

Brite and Bubbly

Now that you have a whole collection of different DIY patches, it’s time to do something with them! Backpacks, jeans, and denim jackets are all classic options, but you can also customize your shoes too!