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DIY Bangle Bracelets: A Fashionable and Versatile Accessory 

We’ve all gone through a phase of wearing seven bangle bracelets on our wrist just to appear cool, haven’t we? Let’s face it, bangle bracelets are fun! They are always in style, they are incredibly versatile and they make you look as if you put a little extra effort into your style. A bangle bracelet is not one you can easily overlook, because it stands out and demands to be seen! Whether you’ll be putting more of them on at once or you’ll just opt for a single bracelet, here are some wonderful DIY bangle bracelets to choose from!

1. Adjustable Bangle Bracelet 


Before we go too much into why we love bangle bracelets, we do want to point out that they have one downside: they aren’t adjustable. It’s so annoying when you find the perfect bangle, but it keeps sliding off your wrist – or worse, it gets stuck! Thankfully, Diary of a Mad Crafter figured out a way to make an adjustable DIY bangle bracelet!

2. Polymer Clay Bangle Bracelet 


If you are that one friend in the group who is addicted to crafty projects, it’s safe to assume that you have a big stash of polymer clay always at hand, ready to be used. It’s always fun to work with familiar materials – Delighted Momma will show you how to make these polymer clay bangle bracelets!

3. Embellished Bangle Bracelets


Even though bangle bracelets normally have an element of fun and free-spiritedness to them, they can also pull off a very elegant and glamorous style. You’re going to need a gold wire and some gemstones, but with Bead World‘s tutorial leading the way you’ll soon be able to show off an embellished bangle bracelet!

4. Sprinkles Bangle Bracelets 


Wearing a bulky bangle bracelet is a reflection of one’s adventurous and daring personality. It’s the kind of accessory piece that totally stands out and makes you the center of attention. If the classic bulky bangle is not goofy enough for you, eHow will show you how you can upgrade it with sprinkles!

5. Butterfly Bangle Bracelet 


Wire Workers Guild shares a tutorial for a gorgeous butterfly bangle bracelet that is going to take some time, patience and dedication to make, but the end result is going to be totally worth it. When you friends ask where you bought it, give yourself a pat on the back!

6. Coastal Bangle Bracelet 


If you love a coastal ambiance and are always trying to bring it to life within your own home, pay some attention to it within your fashion style as well. There are many ways to honor the coastal colors in your accessories, but one of our favorite remains this coastal bangle bracelet by Rings & Things.

7. Copper Bangle Bracelets 


Having a collection of metallic accessories is a must! Metallic tones are now strongly associated with modern concepts of design and decor, making them the perfect element to include in your style. Monsters Circus shares a tutorial for these beautiful and minimalistic copper bangles!

8. Wooden Bangle Bracelet 


Nothing can beat the beauty of a natural material. Wooden accessories have been around since the dawn of time and no matter how much fashion and technology progress, we always come back to them because they are timeless and simplistic. Visit How Did You Make This to learn more about this wooden bangle bracelet!

9. Pastel Gold Leaf Bangle Bracelets 


Bangle bracelets are noticeable for their loose and lively style, but remember that the color you choose for them plays a very big role in how they will affect your whole outfit. If you want to keep it chic and classy, check out how Dream a Little Dream created this pastel gold leaf bangle!

10. Pringles Can Bangle Bracelets 


If you’re new to making your own accessories, you maybe expect this to be super fancy or complicated. Guess again! Crafting is really just a process of creating something new by upcycling something old. Start with these bangle bracelets that Hazel and Company made from a Pringles can!

11. Memory Wire Bangle Bracelets 


It’s time to bring back memory wire bangle bracelets! They are that nostalgic accessory piece that we used to wear all the time and now it somehow always gets overlooked. If the ones that are in your accessory box are a bit out of style, Happy Hour Projects will show you how to make new ones!

12. Pearl and Crystal Bangle Bracelet 


Can a bangle bracelet have a sophisticated, almost angelic look? Blitsy proves that it can! This bangle bracelet is decorated with pearls and crystals, making it the the most breathtaking accessory that is going to accompany you to the fanciest occasions!