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Cozy and Creative DIY Pillow Decorations To Suit Every Taste

Beautifully decorated pillows add a cherry on top to any room of the house. It doesn’t matter if you actually intend to sleep on the pillow or just have it as a décor, plain white pillows are out. Or maybe you haven’t even thought about having decorated pillows ever before and have clicked on this just out of curiosity. Whatever the reason, we’re glad you’re here and we’re presenting you with a few simple DIY ideas for decorating your pillows, to add beauty to the place you call home.

1. Stripped Pompom Trim

VIEW IN GALLERYStripped Pompom Trim

What a lovely idea from The Makerista! The pompom trim looks fun and unique, making your pillow really noticeable. But be careful if you have cats or dogs, because they might just love the little pompoms a little too much!

2. Inspiration Pillow

VIEW IN GALLERYInspiration Pillow DIY

Everybody has a favorite word, something that we focus on, that keeps us going. Inspiration, love, creativity, abundance … you name it. Why not honor that word by putting it on one (or more) of your pillows?! Visit Ella Claire and learn how to make them!

3. Watercolor Pillow

VIEW IN GALLERYTrendy Water Color Pillow DIY

Watercolors have something so calming, yet vivid, about them. The way different colors blend into one another, like there are no rules … it’s true poetry. This one is definitely for the free spirits. Head over to Tidbits to see how it’s done!

4. Sweater Pillows

VIEW IN GALLERYCozy Sweater Pillows

VIEW IN GALLERYAwesome Sweater Pillows DIY

Another one from Tidbits (some people have so many great ideas!); if you have any old sweaters lying around in the depths of your closet (and we know that you do), this is a brilliant idea! Not only is it cozy and unique, it’s also very practical and “green” – in terms of upcycling!

5. Stenciled Pillow

VIEW IN GALLERYCustom Stenciled Pillows DIY

Sometimes you have a specific design for a pillow in mind, but you can’t find it in any store. It may feel like a curse, but it’s actually a blessing! You can make one all by yourself and apply it directly to your pillow! Let your creativity loose and find the tutorial at Classy Clutter.

6. Rosette Pillow


This one will definitely take some time, but in the end, it’s worth the dedication. Thrifty and Chic guides you through the process that’s actually very simple. All you need is a yard of fabric, scissors and hot glue! (And, of course, a pillow).

7. Silhouette Pillow

VIEW IN GALLERYSilhouette Pillow

We apologize if you can’t stand anything that looks remotely like Christmas anymore, but you can basically choose any silhouette you want! It’s the process that counts and Home Sweet Ruby tells you all about it.

8. Tassel Pillow


What an easy and efficient way to add some colors to your pillow! This budget friendly idea will surely come in handy if you’re looking for a simple way to spice up an old pillow! You have endless possibilities – which colors you choose, how much space you leave between the tassels, etc. See how Rachel Shultz made it happen.

9. Scripted Pillows

VIEW IN GALLERYScripted Pillows

Everybody has a sharpie and everybody has a pillow. It honestly doesn’t get any easier than this. A Subtle Revelry shows you how to decorate your pillow by using just a fabric sharpie. All that’s left to do is think of a message you’d like to have on your pillow!

By now you must have already found your favorite idea that you want to try. We wish you lots of creativity, good sleep and the sweetest dreams on the comfiest, prettiest pillows!

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