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15 Creative DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Adults

The Valentine’s Day cards you’ll find in stores are adorable and full of sweet messages, but they’re often geared towards school children. As much fun as cartoon hearts are, your adult valentines might appreciate something a little more creative or witty.

Check out these creative Valentine’s Day card ideas that are appropriate for adults but still playful enough to brighten their day.

1. Candy iPod

VIEW IN GALLERYcandy-ipod-valentine

Crap I’ve Made shows you how to make an “iPod” and “earbuds” from a box of candy, a printable template, and two chocolates!

2. Don’t ever change

VIEW IN GALLERYdont-ever-change-valentine

Using this old yearbook sign off like Jacolyn Murphy did makes for a witty but casual Valentine that’s perfect for coworkers and acquaintances whose day you want to brighten.

2. Goldfish cracker valentine

VIEW IN GALLERYofishally-valentine

Together with a cute pun, Tammy Mitchell Designs‘ goldfish cracker idea lets your valentine enjoy a yummy snack without feeling obligated to eat junk food!

3. Orange juice valentine

VIEW IN GALLERYorange-juice-valentine

BHG has the perfect Valentine for your friends who are dieting or have dietary restrictions! A delicious bottle of orange juice on their desk in the morning, coupled with this cute DIY label, will start their day off right.

4. Burt’s Bees valentine

VIEW IN GALLERYburts-bees-valentine

Who doesn’t need a chapstick at work sometimes? PIzzazzerie recommends that you give your friends Valentines they can actually use and tie them into the holiday with the phrase “bee mine”. Get it?

5. Googly eye valentine

VIEW IN GALLERYgoogly-eye-valentine

Rae Ann Kelly‘s googly eyed valentine idea is silly enough to make your coworkers smile but still casual enough for the whole office.

6. Bookmark valentine

VIEW IN GALLERYbookmark-valentine

Simple DIY bookmarks, like these ones by Thirty Handmade Days make for a friendly gesture that your coworkers or friends will appreciate.

7. Pencil valentine

VIEW IN GALLERYpencil-valentine

No matter what industry you work in, your coworkers could probably use a spare writing tool! Check out Smitten Design‘s owl on a branch idea.

8. Banana valentine

VIEW IN GALLERYbanana-valentine

Tracing heart shapes lightly on the outside of a banana makes them show up in the peel! Give them to coworkers as a healthy snack with a cute note, like Dream a Little Bigger did!

9. Secret note spool valentine

VIEW IN GALLERYsecret-note-spool-valentine

For your more special adult valentines, try writing a note and wrapping it around a vintage thread spool. Earnest Home Co. shows you how to do it.

10. Chevron heart necklace valentine

VIEW IN GALLERYchevron-heart-necklace-valentines

Your group of girlfriends will appreciate these adorable necklaces more than they will a cartoon kids’ valentine made of paper. Get the instructions on We Can Redo It.

11. Origami hearts valentine


Omiyage Blogs shows you how to make a cute but classic card using paper folding techniques.

12. Vodka valentine

VIEW IN GALLERYvodka-valentine

If your Valentine’s Day is a “girls’ night out party”, these little vodka valentines are the perfect favour! Check out the ones Freutcake made.

13. Prop valentines

VIEW IN GALLERYprop-valentines

Warm Hot Chocolate‘s prop valentine idea will give any stuffy office party a bit of silly fun!

14. Anatomically correct heart valentine

VIEW IN GALLERYanatomically-correct-heart-valentine

Is your boyfriend a pre-medical student? He’ll get a kick out of Assemble Shop‘s anatomically correct heart valentine!

15. Watercolor paints valentine

VIEW IN GALLERYwater-color-paints-valentine

Warm Hot Chocolate reminds you that sometimes the perfect valentine is something your friend or date will actually use! Try giving your artist valentines miniature paint sets.

Did you give your friends or coworkers a hilarious or adorable adult valentine? Tell us how you did it in the comments section!