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Wonderful DIY Christmas Cracker Cottage

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How fun is this Christmas Cottage ! It will be a surprise on your Christmas table . This cottage house was made with crackers and cream .Your kids will love them and enjoy helping with . It’s easy to make .First, build a big foundation with cookies and cream as glue , then form 4 ‘walls’ and roof . Finally decorate your house with candy , cream snow, or gummy bear…You can also add an extra door, made from one of the biscuits. Be creative ! Get the more details by Goodhomedesign from below link, learn how to make this cute Christmas cottage…

What you will need :

• rectangular biscuits and wafers;
• thick cream;
• chocolate and candy;
• a paper bag;
• knife;
• plate.

Goodshomedesign — DIY Christmas-crackers-cottage