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6 Ingenious DIY Headboard Ideas that Look Gorgeous

It’s a new year, so why not spruce up your bedroom by creating your own unique and personalised headboard. These ideas that we have for you will demonstrate how easy it is to create your own headboard out of everyday items.

DIY Headboard Ideas

So let your creative juices flow and give your bedroom a new kick start on life.

DIY Book Headboard


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Are you running out of room for your books? Have you used every possible place to stack them and still have some without a home? Of course, you might not want to use your own books, but still like the idea of creating a book headboard. Simply head to your nearest thrift stores where you can find old books for sale. The only difficulty you’ll have now is deciding which books to choose. To discover how to make your own, check out Design Everyday.

Antique Window Headboard


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Imagine sleeping under beautiful windows while you sleep at night and being able to peek through those windows too. Having your own antique window headboard doesn’t cost a lot to make and requires very little materials to do so. All that you need to do is simply mark off where you want your headboard to go and you’re ready to creating your own unique headboard. Find out how to make yours at Liz Marie Blog.

Floral Headboard

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A bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home, so why not make sure it produces an impact on those who see it. Make it scream out your personality, and what better way to do that than by creating this beautiful floral headboard. Romantic and uplifting this is the perfect headboard for a young lady who wants to add some charm to her room. Discover how to make your own at Design Love Fest.

Fireplace Mantle Headboard

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Do you have an old mantle piece in one of your rooms, and you feel that you could still use it somehow? Have you considered turning it into a headboard? If you want to create a stunning piece of furniture nothing will stand out more than a fireplace that has been transformed into a headboard in your bedroom. To make your own, check out Apartment Therapy.

DIY Light Up Headboard

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If you want to create a unique and fun bedroom headboard then why not turn your hand are designing a light up headboard that is sure to create a playful setting for a young child? This design is also ideal for those who might not be master craftsmen, but still want to try their hand at creating something special. It might be simple, but it will also be an effective design too. Find out how to make your own at A Beautiful Mess.

Pallet Headboard

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Pallets are great items and they are incredibly versatile too. So if you have a spare few hanging around then you should consider creating your own personalised headboard that is sure to give your bedroom the lift it needs. To see how to make your own, check out Rice Designs.