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Gorgeously Inspiring Lace Decoupage Crafts

I talk a lot about decoupage in my DIY posts. it’s just one of those crafting skills that’s versatile to the point of being practically essential. There are so many different ways to decoupage, so many different looks you can achieve, and so many different projects you can make. Even so, it can be good to really change up your favourite crating techniques every once in a while, just to keep things interesting. That’s how I started doing material decoupage, but recently I found a way to take that even a step further! Lace decoupaging has stolen my crafter’s heart and I’m barely restraining myself from pasting it on every surface in my home.

Check out these 14 fun, pretty lace decoupage projects that will have you reaching for your supplies by the end of the list!

1. Lace flower pot

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY lace flower pot

Few things look as cute on a sunny window sill as some fresh, colourful flowers in a crisp, white flower pot. At least, that’s what I thought until I saw this idea for a delicately decoupaged lace pot! The technique is the same as all of your other decoupage crafts, you’re just working with slightly different tools. Check the idea out in more detail on Urban Comfort.

2. Vintage weathered lace pot

VIEW IN GALLERYVintage weathered lace pot

Lace decoupage projects don’t always have to be pretty and delicate! Sometimes it’s nice to build up a bit of a vintage aesthetic that looks weathered in a stylish way. This project on Pinterest shows you how to trim the top of a flower pot with a length of lace that you’ve purposely distressed and painted to look as though it’s been in the family and filled with new flowers periodically for many years.

3. Lace storage jar

VIEW IN GALLERYLace storage jar

Storage jars might not exactly be a very key aspect of your decor, but that doesn’t mean they have to be totally boring either! It can add a little bit of cute personality and pizazz to your space if you use lace decoupage to on the outside of simple glass jars for your bathroom, vanity, or crafting areas. Store things like cotton swabs, paper clips, or makeup brushes. Modpodge Rocks shows you how it’s done.

4. Purple lace decoupage lamps

VIEW IN GALLERYPurple lace decoupage lamps

Do you love the idea of lace decoupage on glass, but your style is a little more bright and wild than just pretty white lace? Try using coloured lace instead! Purple is my absolute favourite, so naturally these little coloured mason jar lamps caught my eye immediately. See how they’re made on Candice1015.

5. Lace side table

VIEW IN GALLERYLace side table

Perhaps you’re so into lace decoupage that you’d like to make more of a statement piece than just some pretty trinkets for the bathroom or the sideboard? Find some very thin, fine lace and try edging a table, just like Patioelf did here! The smaller the lace is, the less likely you are to catch edges and make them come unglued when you use the table. I love the texture it adds to the room.

6. Lace wine bottles

VIEW IN GALLERYLace wine bottles

While you’re making your pretty lace crafts, why not upcycle some things too? Wine bottles are one of my absolute favourite things to upcycle because they’re so versatile and they make amazing vases that cost you nearly nothing beyond what you’re already be spending. Check out how Studio M made different patterns with little paper lace doilies!

7. Black lace pumpkins

VIEW IN GALLERYBlack lace pumpkins

Are you a huge Halloween fan, but not very big on the idea of gutting and cutting up a slimy pumpkin? You can still get into the spirit of things even if your aesthetic is a little bit more feminine and delicate than some! I love the way Positively Splendid chose to paint and decoupage these pumpkins instead, letting the lace stand out starkly against the white. You could also reverse this colour scheme for a neat shadowed effect!

8. Lace keepsake box

VIEW IN GALLERYLace keepsake box

Are you the kind of person who loves to keep little trinkets and keepsakes so you can look back at them when you’re feeling nostalgic? Then you’ll obviously need a special place to put things! I love the idea of taking some care to craft yourself a lovely keepsake box rather than just throwing everything into a random shoe box. As you might guess, then, I also love the way Craft Tutorials embellished this cute little box with coloured lace decoupage.

9. Lace lamp shade

VIEW IN GALLERYLace lamp shade

Have you ever thought of decoupaging lace in layers? I hadn’t, but then I saw this colourful tiered lamp shade design from Jaderbomb and now all of the lights in my house might be getting a makeover. Consider doing this in an ombre of shades in the same colour to create a pretty gradient that matches your current decor scheme!

10. Lace pumps



Do you have a spare pair of pumps that fits well and is in good condition, but are a little too plain for your tastes? Lace is a simple way to give them a new lease on life! It adds just a touch of class and personality without taking away from the beauty of simplicity. See how these ones were made on How Does She.

11. Lace doily wall art

VIEW IN GALLERYLace doily wall art

Perhaps you’re just feeling crafty and looking to do some simple canvas wall art to fill some blank wall space in your bedroom? Then this lace paper doily decoupage by Sew Woodsy is the perfect craft for you! Paint the background whatever colour suits or contrasts nicely with your existing decor scheme and add a little or a lot of textured lace, depending on what you think looks best!

12. Lace pieces pumpkin

VIEW IN GALLERYLace pieces pumpkin

Did you like the look of the lace pumpkin idea we talked about earlier on this list, but solid strips aren’t really your style? Try this more delicate design from Kelly Elko instead! Choose a background colour that you think will stand out nicely when you set the pumpkin on your porch and then cut out lace pieces and shapes however you please. Create a pattern or dot them all over and decoupage them right on!

13. Lace wall plates

VIEW IN GALLERYLace wall plates

If you’ve done material decoupage with other fabrics before then you’ve probably seen this plate technique. I can tell you, however, that even though I’d done this with bright fabrics before, I’d never thought about using lace instead! It’s so gorgeous that now I’m tempted to make up for lost time and lace decoupage the underside of every plate I own. Check the technique out on DIY Enthusiasts.

14. Lacy flats


Did you very much enjoy the idea of using lace decoupage to jazz up a pair of pumps, but heels aren’t really your style? Well, you’re not out of luck yet! Mom Spark guides you through the process of transforming a pair of plan flats into an extra pretty footwear option instead.