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Finding Your Style: Awesome DIY Christmas Tree Alternatives

If you’re a person who is particularly busy around the holidays, who lives in a very small space, who does your best to be co friendly at all times, or who simply likes to get a little more creative then the standard, then you’re also someone who might enjoy our latest holiday obsession: homemade alternatives to Christmas trees! We came across the idea earlier this month and, honestly, we’ve been pouring over Internet tutorials and inspiration photos ever since. We just can’t get enough of the concept of putting a creative twist on the traditional idea of setting up a Christmas tree and we also can’t believe just how many creative options there are out there.

Just in case you love the idea as much as we do, here are 15 ideas, designs, and tutorials for making your very own crafty Christmas tree alternative!

1. Tomato cage and lights tree


If you’re a gardener looking for a quick concept that you can set up in under an hour, then we’ve definitely found the best idea for you already! Check out how NEDC simply set up a peaked wire tomato cage, which already resembles the shape of a classic fir tree, and wound twinkling lights around it to give it a festive glow.

2. 3D cardboard box Christmas tree


Have you actually been looking for different ways to make your Christmas decor scheme a little more mod and minimalist then usual? Perhaps you’d just like to give your kids an additional holiday canvas to get creative on without having to worry about them breaking any glass ornaments that might be family heirlooms. Either way, we’d definitely suggest checking out how Instructables made this fantastic 3D cardboard Christmas tree!

3. Christmas ornament tree


What if you’ve actually already decorated your Christmas tree for the year and discovered that you have lots of cute ornamental balls left over that won’t fit comfortably, but you still want to display them creatively? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how In My Own Style created this adorable stacked ornament tree instead! It makes a great centrepiece, depending on the size.

4. Rosemary Christmas tree wall hanging


Maybe you’re looking for something very minimalist and space efficient that won’t take up any floor room at all but will still be a reminder of the classic Christmas spirit during your extremely busy holiday season? Then perhaps you’d get along a little better with something like this horizontal branches outline! Almost Makes Perfect shows you how to make it happen using rosemary (which actually means it’ll help make your home smell great too).

5. Tissue paper wall tree


Maybe you love the idea of making a flat wall tree because you do live in a very small space but you’re just not sure that the rosemary idea is quite crafty enough for you? In that case, we think perhaps something like this fringed tissue paper tree craft outlined step by step on Curbly might be a little more up your alley.

6. Mini tulle trees


Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to come across something a little more whimsical looking? Maybe you just prefer working with softer materials like fabrics rather than using paper or hard tools. In any case, we can’t get over just how stunning and fantasy-like these lovely little white tulle Christmas trees featured on Girl in The Garage look! We love the idea of making them in all different colours of tulle as well.

7. Paperback Christmas trees


Just in case paper crafts are actually your favourite kind but you’re also always on the lookout for ways to add an upcycling or recycling element to your DIY process, here’s an idea from Kayla Aimee Writes for the avid reader who can’t bear to see damaged books go to waste! Check out how they made decorative miniature Christmas trees from book pages. We adore the way they glittered the outside edges for some extra sparkle.

8. Easy decorated pallet and string tree


Does your home have a distinctive upcycled or rustic chic aesthetic that you’ve been trying to work with while you also consider your limited space this year? Well, that doesn’t have to mean that you must miss out on the fun of hanging Christmas ornaments and lights! Check out how Redhead Can Decorate used theirs to create an abstract Christmas tree on a reclaimed wooden pallet.

9. Disco ball Christmas tree


Were you feeling pretty intrigued indeed by the idea of making a Christmas tree from stacked spherical ornaments but your sense of personal style is also a little bit flashier than the average person? Then maybe you’d prefer to get really modern with things and make something like this multi-sized disco ball Christmas tree instead! We’re completely in love with this design from Studio DIY.

10. Foam and sheet music tree


Maybe we caught your attention when we started talking about readers turning pieces of their favourite thing into Christmas decor to save them from being thrown out, but your passion is actually music? Then here’s a sheet music version of a similar idea for you to try instead! Instead of being fringed by page, this tutorial from Twig Decor uses crafting foam as a base.

11. Ruffled brown packing paper Christmas tree


Just in case you’re still thinking about how you can make something that’s simultaneously both rustic and alternative, here’s an awesome design from Crafts a la Mode that will help you upcycle all that brown paper from your last move! We love the way they waved and pinched the paper to make it look ruffled from top to bottom within each layer.

12. Modern dowel and ornaments tree hanging


Are you still thinking about how much you liked the flat wall hanging Christmas tree ideas but you think you’d rather make a version that still has a pop of colour? In that case, reach for some simple wooden dowels and a pack of bright baubles (or plain ones that you can paint) and check out how Jenny Batt made this lovely Christmas tree alternative!

13. Paper pom pom and balloon tree


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about alternative ideas that are a little brighter and more eclectic than the average design but you’re not sure the disco ball concept we showed you has quite enough bright pops of colour for your tastes? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Sugar and Cloth created this wonderful rainbow tree replacement using colourful balloons and expanding paper pom poms!

14. Yarn pom pom and felt balls tree hanger


Paper pom poms aren’t the only kind you can use to make a Christmas tree alternative. For those who prefer working with softer materials, here’s a lovely homemade design from Pillar Box Blue that uses DIY yarn pom poms for great texture, just like a real tree! We adore the way they used hand felted balls to make their tree look like it has been decorated in ornaments as well.

15. PVC pipe and ornament tree canvas


Just in case you’re still not decided on a specific idea but you’re convinced that something with mod looking visuals is the way to go, here’s a concept that’s a little more rounded around the edges! Check out how Home Depot fastened cut sections of PVC pipe to a canvas, arranged to look like a peaked tree. Make the tree look decorated for the holidays by setting Christmas ornaments right inside the sections of pipe!